The Dreamers, Believers and Truth Seekers

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By: Brittany Dailey and Lisa Steinberg


With the current political climate, everything can seem overwhelming. Who should you follow? Who should you support? Whose work should you share and give your attention and energy to? And what is your part? Where do you fit in to all of this? How can you contribute and make a difference?


Every day we are reminded that even those prominent people on the front lines and with nationwide, or even worldwide platforms, need our attention. Our support. Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they wear thigh high or combat boots. Their work may stretch to thousands or even millions of people, and you may doubt that your like or retweet or reply doesn’t matter, but it does. Imagine how much negativity they see or deal with on a weekly basis. From being told that they are incompetent at their own job or even just as a person. Imagine facing that and still putting yourself, your voice and your work out there in the line of negativity fire.


So what are we doing here? We wanted to contribute in one of the only ways we felt we could, and shine a spotlight on those heroes out there who use their platform to make an impact. The people who are trying to make a difference, in whatever way and area may be, and show us that there will always be a beacon of light to help guide us that shines. It could be a showrunner that’s trying to bring better female representation or a creator bringing important issues to view and creating conversations that need to be had. It could be a writer or journalist trying to get you to give a show a chance or just doing their due diligence of reporting the facts of what’s going on in this nation. For any and all of those, and so many more…this one’s for you. We see you. We thank you for your dedication and hard work. And we support you.


Each month we will be highlighting one of these voices that lift us up as well enlightens and enriches our lives. If you have any suggestions of people you would like us to cover please reach out to us at @StarryMag!

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