The Flash – Borrowing Problems From The Future

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By: Stacy Miller


As the episode opens, Barry (Grant Gustin) is dreaming about Savitar killing Iris (Candice Patton). He jumps up from his nightmare to find Iris alive and in bed next to him in their new home. Barry doesn’t tell Iris about his dream. He leaves to go help Wally, (Keiynan Lonsdale) who he’s training. At the police station to see his dad, Wally overhears Detective Tom Patterson (Greg Grunberg) talking about how useless Kid Flash is and that the so called superhero can’t save the city from threats. He remarks that Kid Flash is a cheap imitation of The Flash.

At STAR Labs, HR (Tom Cavanagh) is excited for the opening of the STAR Labs Museum. He brings Team Flash to the museum, which has a Cisco (Carlos Valdes) hologram that welcomes the visitors yet the hologram doesn’t appear to be working. It will need to be fixed before the museum opening.

Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) is worried about turning into Killer Frost completely, with no turning back. She’s obviously shaken by her recent attack on her friends. Caitlin is determined not to let this be her destiny. She goes to Julian (Tom Felton) and asks his assistance in finding a way to cure her of the Killer Frost abilities. Julian himself has his own issues to come to terms with as he was manipulated to do Savitar’s bidding. He’s full of guilt over his actions during this time. Caitlin thinks Julian would be a great addition to Team Flash and invites him to join the team.

Barry continues to worry about the future and not being able to stop Savitar from murdering Iris. His fear worsens when he goes to a jewelry store being robbed and sees that the robber is Jared Morillo (Stephen Huszar) a/k/a Plunder. Plunder is the robber that he saw in the new story from the future, the same future where Savitar killed Iris. Barry’s momentary distraction gives Plunder the chance to escape. Wally offers to help Barry find Plunder, but Barry declines saying that they need to get more information before proceeding. He goes to talk with HR and asks whether it’s possible to change the future. Their conversation is interrupted when they learn that Plunder is robbing a hotel. Barry goes to stop the criminal, but hesitates as he briefly wonders that if he allows Plunder to escape that it will change the future and thus save Iris’ life. Wally arrives and saves Barry from being killed by Plunder. But Barry isn’t grateful. He’s angry and accuses Wally of disobeying his orders, reminding that if Wally wants him to train him he’ll need to listen to him.

HR interrupts to bring Team Flash upstairs as it is the Grand Opening of the STAR Labs Museum. Even though the museum offers a complimentary cup of coffee, that doesn’t exactly pull in the crowd. In fact, the only museum patrons that show up came because they thought admission was free. Julian arrives. He has decided to accept Caitlin’s offer to join the team, but they are skeptical and unsure if he can be trusted. Caitlin wants the group to reconsider as they need all the help they can get. She tells them Julian could be an asset. Besides, Julian needs friends. Caitlin’s words make Barry decide to tell Iris the truth about Savitar killing her in the future. Barry tells Iris that he can save her by changing the future by letting Plunder get away. Iris tearfully reminds Barry that he is a hero and can’t stop saving people even if it means not saving her. Barry tells Team Flash about Savitar killing Iris in the future “The future isn’t set. There’s still hope,” Barry says.

Cisco and Barry vibe to the future. HR tells them to read the headlines. These include Central City getting attacked by gorillas and Killer Frost still being at large. So, Caitlin’s fear of becoming Killer Frost does happen and she’s a menace in the future. Barry and Cisco then see Savitar killing Iris. However, the scene is different from when Barry had seen it before. This time, Barry notices HR on a rooftop across the way with a rifle. Barry realizes that telling HR in the past about Savitar killing Iris did in fact change the future. This gives Barry renewed hope that he can save Iris’ life. After the vibing is over, Barry realizes that Plunder is planning to rob Central City Museum. He decides to allow Wally to come with him and help capture Plunder. If Wally is the one to capture Plunder, then this will change the future. Wally is successful and captures Plunder. The civilians who witness his heroism praise Kid Flash and Wally is happy as he now is acknowledged as a superhero. Kid Flash loves the media attention! Caitlin realizes that Barry’s future isn’t the only one that needs to be changed in order to save Iris’ life.

Team Flash enjoy Iris and Barry’s housewarming party and Julian is welcomed into the group. Meanwhile, a villain named Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) arrives on Earth through a portal and is looking for HR.

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