The Flash – Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3

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By: Stacy Miller


It was supposed to be joyous occasion, the wedding of Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry (Grant Gustin) with all their friends traveling from National City, Star City and in the Waverider to attend.  However, things turned deadly when Nazis from the fifty-third Earth, Earth X crashed the celebration. Look-a-likes of Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Oliver (Grant Gustin) known as Overgirl and Dark Arrow led the charge.  They were aided by Earth X’s Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh) known as Dark Flash wearing Harrison Wells’ face. These Nazis wanted to enslave the people under Earth X’s rule and also wanted to put Kara’s heart in the dying Overgirl’s body. The superheroes weren’t going to stand for their world to be invaded and fought back.  Now, they found themselves held captive on Earth X’s detention camp.

“So this crap hole is Earth X,” Sara says annoyed.  “It’s hard to believe that a place like this exist on any Earth,” adds Alex. Stein (Victor Garber) comments that it’s not surprising to him as throughout history man’s ability for hatred over differences has been universal. And unfortunately, Barry can’t vibe them out as they are wearing power dampening collars. Alex is worried that Kara is going to be killed, but Sara assures that they won’t let that happen.

Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) finds himself locked in one of the Meta Human power dampening cells in the pipeline at Star Labs along with Harrison, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy). Cisco is getting annoyed because Harrison is throwing a ball in order to pass the time and the sound is grating.

Kara wakes up in the lab at Star Labs and finds Thawne there.  He talks about how he built Star Labs with his own hands and called it home for fifty years.  “And I hated every minute of it,” says Thawne. When Kara asks where her friends are, Thawne taunts that she shouldn’t worry about them because they will be dead soon. Overgirl appears and tells Kara that they have created a red sun that is why Kara is feeling weak. Thawne says that once Kara is soften up, he’ll take her healthy heart and put it in Overgirl. From their hiding place, Iris and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) have overheard the conversation. Felicity wonders how she and Iris will able to save everybody from evil Nazis, one of whom looks like the man she loves. Iris tells her that they won’t have to as long as they can get to the pipeline and free Cisco then he can cut off the power. “Can you get to the pipeline from here?” Felicity asks.  “I think so,” Iris answers.

Back on Earth X, the prisoners are rounded up and Sara comes face-to-face with a commandant who resembles her father, Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne). He says that with her blonde hair and blue eyes she is the image of perfection and asks why she has aligned herself with such people. “Because I like men and I like women,” is Sara’s response.  This makes the commandant angry. He tells Sara that he once had a daughter that looked like her and wiped her from his family’s bloodline for her perversion. The prisoners (including a man who was imprisoned for “loving the wrong person”) are brought forward to face execution. As they are being marched to their deaths, Stein tells the group that they need to get a plan soon. They make valiant attempt at escaping, but they are shocked by their power dampening collars. They are told to continue walking. “I know you’re not him, but I can’t stomach the sight,” the commandant tells Oliver as he covers Queen’s face with a black cloth. “I’m sorry Kara,” Alex says as the soldiers prepare to shoot. “Ready, aim…” Suddenly, the soldiers are blasted with cold air. “I hate fire,” says Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller), who is known as Citizen Cold on Earth X. He tells the superheroes that they can call him Leo. He tells Barry that he likes his (The Flash) suit. Leo removes the man who was imprisoned for loving the wrong person’s collar and the man tells the group “You might want to close your eyes.” Suddenly, the man glows like the sun as he takes to the sky. The superheroes want to know who this man is, but Leo says that have to tell all at their base.

Meanwhile at Star Labs, Overgirl continues to taunt Supergirl as Kara is getting weaker and weaker due to the simulated red sun. Kara can’t believe that with Overgirl’s powers, she hasn’t tried to help people. Overgirl calls herself a God that people should fear. “The world isn’t made better by helping the weak, it’s made better by getting rid of them,” Overgirl tells Kara. Overgirl laughs at how lonely Kara is that she couldn’t even find a date to a wedding. “Why do you care if I take your heart, you’re not using it,” Overgirl says. “At least I have one,” is Kara’s response.

Iris and Felicity are crawling through the ceiling to get to the pipeline. They arrive at the control panel and attempt to unlock the cell doors. Felicia laments that the last time she saw Oliver, she said she didn’t want to marry him and now she may never see them again. Suddenly, some Nazis appear and order Iris and Felicity to put their hands up. Iris is able to pull a lever to get smoke to go into the Nazis’ faces so she and Felicity can grabs their guns.  Yes, Iris and Felicity are badass! Unfortunately, Felicity can’t get the door to the pipeline opened and needs to send an SOS to The Legends.  Will they get there in time?

On Earth X, Alex, Sara, Barry, Oliver, Jackson and Stein arrive at Leo’s base. The man who lit up like the sun is Ray Terrill, known as The Ray.  Leo asks the group what Earth they are from and learn that they are from Earth One.  Ray is also from Earth One and explains that they got there through a temporal gateway, which is like a breach but much larger. Barry asks where the temporal gateway is located and learns that it is in a zone heavenly guarded by Nazis. Ray tells Barry that he can’t take them there. Then Freedom Fighter General Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) of Earth X appears and announces that they are blowing the temporal gateway up. Alex and the others beg General Schott to reconsider as they have friends on the other side of that gateway. And since she and the Winn Schott on her Earth are like family, Alex decides to try to change General Schott’s mind.  But the general tells Alex that on his Earth he and his men are fighting for the same causes in which their grandfathers did.  And the Nazis are building a Doomsday weapon that needs to be destroyed. Alex tells General Schott that on her Earth, he and her sister Kara are like family who would die to save the other.  General Schott says that he is truly sorry for her sister and what’s happening on her Earth, but today he has to think about his Earth.

Stein and Jackson talk through their issues with Jackson wanting the professor to stay aboard the Waverider while Stein wants to retire. Stein tells Jackson that before he (Stein) got a daughter, he already had a son in Jackson.

Alex wants to take a knife or some sort of weapon and fight her way through the Nazis in order to get to that temporal gateway and back to Kara.  But Sara tells her that is the fear talking as there’s no way Alex could fight a hoard of Nazis. Sara knows how it is to feels helpless and scared about losing her sister because she’s been where Alex is now. Sara vows that she won’t let what happened to her sister Laurel happen to Kara.

Leo talks with Ray about getting General Schott to change his orders, reminding him that his (Ray) family is still on Earth One and if the temporal gateway is destroyed, Ray will never see them again. Then, Leo and Ray share a kiss. Ray manages to convince General Schott to give them one hour to get to the temporal gateway. And in order to fool the Nazis, Oliver pretends to be Dark Arrow.

Inside the Nazi headquarters, Oliver learns that the Nazis have a Waverider too and intend to use it in their plot to enslave the Earth.

Meanwhile at Star Labs just as Thawne is ready to begin the surgery, the power goes off. Dark Arrow doesn’t know how the power could have been turned off as everyone inside has been captured, where could they be hiding? Thawne super speeds off the check a theory. Iris and Felicity get inside the lab after Dark Arrow has left, knock out the guards and lets a weak Kara free. Unfortunately as they try to get to safety, Metallo blasts Kara with Kryptonite from his heart and tells her Thawne is not finished with her yet.

On Earth X, Oliver blows his cover when he refuses to execute a prisoner who gave her food to starving children. He then gives Barry bad news that the temporal gateway can’t be opened from the control room.

Back on Earth One, Thawne threatens to kill Felicity unless she gives him the lockdown code. Kara begs Thawne not to hurt anyone else and tells Felicity to give him the code.

On Earth X, the superheroes storm the location of the temporal gateway while Ray and The Flash try to stop the Nazi’s Doomsday weapon The Red Tornado. And Stein is shot trying to get to the switch to activate the temporal gateway.

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