The Flash – Elongated Journey Into Night

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By: Stacy Miller



The episode begins with Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) kissing.  Cisco tells Gypsy that he thinks they are in a place in their relationship where a guy says those three magic words. No, not “I love you” more like “What is your name,” because Cisco refuses to believe that when she was born someone decided to name her Gypsy. But Gypsy isn’t disclosing; she tells Cisco that she likes being called Gypsy because it is mysterious.  She doesn’t want to talk about her name anymore as she’d rather he be naked by the time she returns from the bathroom. While Cisco is happily awaiting Gypsy’s return, a breach opens in his room and an angry man pops out.  This guy vows that Cisco is dead before attacking Ramon. “Dad?” Gypsy asks surprised to see her papa.

Meanwhile, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Barry (Grant Gustin) are watching Mayor Bellows (Vito D’Ambrosio) praising the police of Central City.  Bellows used to be a cop and his speech is part of a bid for re-election.  It’s obvious that Joe doesn’t like Bellows. They return to Star Labs when they are surprised by man they’ve never seen before who says, “This place is poorly guarded.” Joe starts to pull his gun, but Cisco stops him introducing Joe and Barry to Breacher (Danny Trejo), Gypsy’s dad.  Cisco tells them that Breacher is also his daughter’s boss. Breacher thinks that Barry is Cisco’s personal assistant as that is what Cisco told him in order to impress his girlfriend’s father. Breacher respects fellow lawman Joe and says that Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) looks like someone “I once sent my daughter to kill.” Wells responds, “I get that a lotWhile Joe and Barry are giving Breacher a tour of the facility, Cisco tells Harry that he wants to impress is girlfriend’s dad.  Harry assures Cisco that any dad would be happy to have him (Cisco) date his daughter.  Except of course Harry, reminding Cisco that he can never date his daughter Jessie (Violett Beane).

Iris (Candice Patton) shows Joe and Barry information on another passenger that was on the bus that was exposed to dark matter: Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer), a Private Investigator who has a history with Barry. Joe and Barry arrive at Dibney’s office.  They tell Ralph that he was exposed to something dangerous on the 501 bus he rode three weeks ago.  They found Ralph’s I.O.U. in the pocket of the dead bus driver.  Ralph denies being on the bus so Joe and Barry leave his office.  That’s when two goons enter and dangle Ralph from the roof over the side of the building.  Suddenly, Ralph’s legs become rubber band like and stretch until he is on the ground. “I guess he was on that bus,” Joe says to Barry as they witness the scene from outside.

At Star Labs, Iris screams when she sees Ralph’s extended rubber limbs leading from the hallway to an exam room. Harry announces that the dark matter has seemed to have made it into Ralph’s cells.  “What the Hell is dark matter and why is it in my cells?!” Ralph demands. Simply put, Ralph’s cells can be stretched and stretched, making him like silly putty. “Four years of seeing this stuff I finally puked,” Joe says after seeing Ralph’s face become elongated.

Meanwhile at Jitters, Gypsy is trying to get her dad to accept Cisco as her boyfriend. Cisco returns with coffee.  Breacher tells Cisco that he doesn’t drink coffee because the crops were destroyed on his world by a vile creature from the multiverse. “I’ll never drink coffee again.” While Gypsy leaves to get her dad some tea instead, Cisco assures Breacher that he understands how important his daughter is to him and once Breacher gets to know him, he’ll love him. “I’m going to hunt you, you’re not worthy,” is Breacher’s stone-faced reply. Gypsy’s dad tells Cisco that he has hunted some of the worst creatures in breach history.  Breacher starts counting; for the next twenty-four hours he plans to hunt Cisco. And the catch is, neither of them can use their powers. Breacher tells Cisco that he hunted Gypsy’s last boyfriend. “Where is he now?” Cisco asks. “I don’t know,” Breacher answers.  “He got away?” asks Cisco. “I don’t know what happens when you die,” replies Breacher. Gypsy returns to the empty table and realizes that her dad is hunting Cisco.

Caitin (Danielle Panabaker) tells Joe, Iris and Barry that she may be able to make a stabilizing cure if she had some of Ralph’s DNA prior to the bus dark matter incident.  Barry calls Ralph a bad guy and doesn’t know whether Ralph Dibny is worth saving.

Iris and Barry go to Ralph’s office to get the DNA that Caitlin needs. Iris asks Barry why he hates Ralph so much.  Barry tells the story of his first case as a Forensic CSI in which Ralph Dibny was the lead officer.  Apparently, Dibney planted a knife in at the scene and Barry knew it and busted him for it.  Ralph was thrown off the force and the hatred between Allen and Dibney was born. Barry thinks that Ralph Dibney was dirty then and is now. While looking for the DNA, Iris discovers a bomb.  It’s fortunate that Barry is The Flash because he is able to speed that out of the building before the bomb goes off. “I guess there is someone else who hates Dibney as much as you do,” Iris says.

Back at Star Labs, Barry questions Caitlin about why she is defending Ralph.  Caitlin reminds Barry that they both know how it is to wake up with powers and know that their lives would never be the same.  Phone records reveal that Ralph made fifteen calls to Mayor Bellows. Barry asks Ralph why he is calling the mayor.  Ralph says that he was thanking Bellows for a job well done and at least twelve of the other calls were butt dials.

Cisco tells Harry that Gypsy’s dad is hunting him and he (Cisco) can’t use his powers.  Harry says that Cisco has a power that Breacher is not anticipating: His brain.  Harry urges Cisco to use his smarts while Breacher thinks he’s weak.

Caitlin gives Ralph a chemical cure that will help set his cells back to normal; it’s like muscle memory.  All Ralph needs to do is think about the shape he wants to be.

Joe and Barry go to see Mayor Bellows to find out why Ralph Dibney has been calling him.  Joe reminds Bellows that they are three cops and what’s said between cops, stays between cops. Mayor Bellows admits to cheating on his wife and Ralph has photos and is blackmailing him.  Barry assures Mayor Bellows that he won’t have to pay Dibney as they will take care of it. Returning back to Star Labs, Barry confronts Ralph about blackmailing the mayor.  Ralph reminds that if Barry hadn’t gotten him thrown off the force he wouldn’t have to resort to blackmail.  Ralph says that he was a good cop who planted evidence on a guilty suspect who was going to get off for killing his wife.  Barry cost him his pension and the mayor has enough money. Barry knew that Ralph would never change.

Back at Star Labs, Cisco uses a hologram and a force field to trap Breacher.  But Gypsy’s dad is not easy to keep captive.

Meanwhile, Joe and Barry are having a drink and talking about Ralph.  Barry reminds how they’ve captured Meta Humans and held them without a trial.  They’ve bent the rules doing what they thought was right; maybe Ralph was doing the same. Joe tells Barry that he didn’t force Dibney to break the law.  Two of the mayor’s police detail arrive at the West house and try to kill Joe and Barry. Allen realizes that Ralph is next on Mayor Bellow’s hit list.

Cisco continues playing Breacher’s prey and hunter game.  However, Breacher seems to change his mind about hunting Cisco.

Ralph meets with Mayor Bellows. He hands over the blackmail photos, but doesn’t accept the payoff and takes back the blackmail. Ralph tells Mayor Bellows that if he doesn’t walk away, Dibney will go to the police with evidence that Mayor Bellows is responsible for the bombing of Ralph’s office. Mayor Bellow shoots Ralph, but the bullet goes through Dibney’s rubber head and comes out his nose. The Flash stops Mayor Bellows from trying to kill Ralph again and Bellow takes off. Soon, Breacher arrives and tries to kill Ralph.  But Vibe/Cisco says that if Breacher has a problem with Ralph because of his power, he has to go through him. Breacher stands down. But The Flash, Cisco, Ralph and Breacher see a helicopter overhead. Mayor Bellow is in the copter and has taken Joe. When The Flash can’t run up a building fast enough to catch the helicopter and Cisco can’t vibe him, he asks Ralph to stretch him. The Flash reveals himself to be Barry Allen.  “Are you kidding me?! Most people get struck by lighting and die but you get superpowers?” Ralph says annoyed. But Dibney shows he’s a good cop after all and stretches his arm and grabs the copter.  The Flash runs up Ralph’s arm and takes Mayor Bellows’ gun from him. “Cecile is pregnant,” Joe says, obviously relieved he didn’t die.

At Star Labs, Breacher tells Cisco that although he hates him, he respects that he is a strong warrior that would risk his life for his friends and his (Breacher) daughter. Cisco learns that Gypsy’s real name is Cynthia and Breacher’s is Josh before father and daughter have to return to their world.

Barry makes Ralph a job offer – let Team Flash study Ralph’s powers and Barry will train Dibney. Ralph accepts and tells Barry that a client named DeVoe paid him to investigate Mayor Bellows.  Barry remembers the name DeVoe.

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