The Flash – Girls Night Out

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By: Stacy Miller



Barry (Grant Gustin), Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Harry (Tom Cavanagh) are running tests on elongated man Ralph Dibney (Hartley Sawyer) and talking about Allen’s newest foe named DeVoe.  Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) arrives at Star Labs.  She comments how they have no security, enabling her to just walk in.  Felicity is in town for Iris’ (Candice Patton) bachelorette party.  She says that she needed a break from everything that is going on in Star City with Team Arrow.  Besides, you only get married once, not counting the statistics on divorce rates.  Felicity makes a quick exit when she catches a glimpse of Ralph stretching away.

Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) is looking at airline flights when Iris and Felicity enter. “Are you ready for a ladies’ night to end all ladies’ nights?” Felicity asks Caitlin. Assuring that it will be a low-key celebration, Iris convinces Caitlin to come as even though they work together, they never get the chance for a girls’ night out.

Meanwhile at the West house, Cecile’s (Danielle Nicolet) daughter Joanie (Riley Jade) is happy that after years of asking for a little sibling, her mom finally came through. The ladies leave when Barry, Cisco and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) arrive; the West house is the venue for part of Barry’s celebration. The second part includes going to a fancy restaurant for a fifty dollar steak dinner. The men watch old home movies of Barry, including the first Iris/Barry wedding as children.  Joe comments about how young they were and how young he was before glancing down at Cecile’s sonogram photo. Ralph enters.  He says that when Barry said “see you later” he took it literal. Ralph thinks a bachelor party watching old movies and spending too much for steak is no bachelor party and he has a better option.

At the girls’ night out, Felicity offers a toast to the future Mrs. West-Allen saying, “Although your life with Barry may be fast paced, I hope you take the time to enjoy the special moments.” Cecile offers her glass of champagne to one of the other ladies because she can’t drink being pregnant. A weird looking guy approaches their table and orders Caitlin to come with him. Felicity thinks that the guy is a stripper and says they should have told her that they were ordering a stripper as she would have brought her singles. When his conversation goes on with Caitlin longer than it should, Felicity orders the guy to “take it off.” With that, his eyeball falls in one of the champagne glasses! “I meant your pants, not your eye,” Felicity says disgusted. From out of the empty eye socket, a nasty looking tentacle pops out. All hell breaks loose at the restaurant and Felicity ushers Cecile to take cover saying, “We got this baby mama.”  Ms. Smoak hits tentacle eye with a chair, but he pushes her to the floor. Next, Iris hits him with a drink tray.  But he pushes her down, too. Caitlin begs him not to do this before she turns into Killer Frost, promising to give him another scar.  Killer Frost blasts him through the window. “I hate pink,” Killer Frost says before gulping down the bottle of champagne.

Joe, Barry, Cisco, Harry and Ralph arrive at a strip club called The Golden Booty.  As part of The Golden Booty’s policy, which includes keeping hands off the strippers and not taking pictures of them, they must relinquish their cell phones. Because being The Flash makes him not able to drink alcohol due to his metabolism, Barry is given a special elixir created by Cisco.

Back at Star Labs, Iris doesn’t know why the guys aren’t answering their cell phones. She is also surprised to see Killer Frost is back because they thought Caitlin was cured. Killer Frost tells the group that Caitlin has been keeping secrets from them so she reveals that their friend was planning to leave town. Iris, Cecile and Felicity leave the room and have a debate about Caitlin still being in there underneath Killer Frost’s exterior.  Iris doesn’t want to abandon their friend. After Killer Frost leaves, Felicity says that she’ll track Killer Frost’s cold signature. Meanwhile, Killer Frost confronts a woman named Amunet Black (Katee Sackhoff) about sending her henchman after her.

Iris and Felicity are able to track Killer Frost’s cold signature to the club where the Ice Queen met with Amunet Black. In another area of the club, Amunet Black shows Killer Frost a new Meta that she (Amunet Black) has chained up.  She calls him the Weeper (Matt Alfonso), who’s tears make an addictive drug. Amunet Black hopes to get the city hooked on this drug, but she needs Killer Frost to protect this hot commodity.  And for Killer Frost’s service, Amunet Black offers to cut her in for ten percent. But Killer Frost doesn’t want to work for Amunet Black and would rather have a Meta fight, confident that she (Killer Frost) is the bigger badass. Iris appears just in time to stop the battle of the Meta Human women.  She tells Killer Frost to come with her. Amunet Black lets the women walk out saying to her henchman that she wants them to believe that they can just walk away.

Returning to Star Labs, Cecile knows Amunet Black is a criminal that deals in black market technology. Killer Frost fills in the blanks: Caitlin realized that she (Killer Frost) was emerging and sought out Amunet Black for technology to control her. But the use of that technology came with a price, Killer Frost had to become Amunet Black’s muscle, which involved breaking a few fingers. Killer Frost tells Iris, Cecile and Felicity that she is leaving because the reason why they didn’t know that Amunet Black was living in their city for three years is because she’s too powerful. Killer Frost explains that while Caitlin sleeps at night, she emerges. So, Killer Frost plans to “get out of Dodge.” No problem. Iris thinks that they (she, Cecile and Felicity) got this. Iris tells Cecile to find out everything she can about Amunet Black while Felicity pulls up the black prints for the club so they can rescue Weeper before Amunet Black can use his drug tears on the city. “Hashtag feminism,” Iris says with Cecile and Felicity repeating in unison. Later, Iris finds Killer Frost preparing to leave. Killer Frost says that she knows someone who can open a breach for her and plans to start a new life on another Earth.  Iris knows the look Caitlin gets when she’s scared and Killer Frost has that same look. “You’re as afraid of being Caitlin as Caitlin is of becoming Killer Frost,” Iris says.

At The Golden Booty, Joe is shocked to see Cecile’s daughter Joanie as one of the strippers.  Joanie explains that it is a research for a book she’s writing on feminism. Soon, a brawl breaks out there.

Amunet Black corners Killer Frost as she (Killer Frost) is attempting to breach to another Earth.  Amunet Black reminds Killer Frost that she owes her life to her so there’s no way she’d allow her to just leave without repaying her debt. The battle of the female Meta Humans Round Two is interrupted by the police. Amunet Black isn’t impressed by the Central City cops. “Kill you later Caitee,” Amunet Black says before leaving.

At Star Labs, Caitlin is back and asks Iris what happened because she doesn’t remember when Killer Frost is in charge.  Iris tells Caitlin about the altercation with snake guy. Caitlin tells Iris how the cure didn’t work fully and that’s why she left and didn’t return for six months later. But when Cisco came to her with the plan to release Barry from The Speed Force, Caitlin thought if she returned she could undo some of the damage she caused as Killer Frost.

Joe, Barry, Cisco and Ralph are in jail because of the brawl at The Golden Booty. Joe tells Barry watching the home movies tonight made him realize that at almost fifty, he’s too old to raise a family again. Barry reminds Joe that the first time with Iris that he (Joe) was alone was after Iris’ mother died.  But now, Joe has all of them to help. Harry arrives and bails Joe, Barry, Cisco and Ralph out of jail.

Meanwhile, after an analysis of Weeper’s tears, Felicity tells Iris and Caitlin that the dark matter in the tears acts like opium. Caitlin tells them that she can’t go with them to rescue Weeper because she’ll be more of a liability. But when Iris and Felicity go to rescue him, they are captured by Amunet Black.  Caitlin appears and promises to work for Amunet Black again if she lets her friends go.  But it’s too late for that.  Amunet Black says that there’s never been anyone to testify against her because they’re all dead. She then orders her henchmen to kill Caitlin, Iris and Felicity.  Killer Frost emerges again and saves her friends.  Killer Frost wants to kill Amunet Black, but Iris says she doesn’t have to be a killer. Amunet Black vows revenge against Killer Frost before leaving.  And Weeper runs off when he is unchained.

Joe, Barry, Cisco and Ralph return to Star Labs.  Barry has a huge hangover. He asks Iris why she called seventeen times. Both try to pretend that their nights were uneventful.  Cisco is surprised to see Killer Frost, but Ralph thinks, “Chicks with white hair are so hot.” He’s disappointed when she changes back into Caitlin.  Iris say that Caitlin has something to tell them.

Returning home, Joe tells Cecile how much he loves her, but also admits his fears on becoming a dad to a baby again.

As the episode closes, The Thinker corners Weeper in the alley.

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