The Flash – Luck Be a Lady

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By: Stacy Miller


The episode begins with The Thinker (Neil Sandilands) reviewing a video of one of the new Meta Humans. Subject Two is Rebecca Sharpe (Sugar Lyn Beard) a/k/a Becky, a young woman prone to having bad luck – from getting coffee with milk (she is lactose intolerant) to finding her live in boyfriend cheating on her and losing her job as a black jack dealer. “Subject believes that no matter what she does, the universe is out to get her.  Or as she writes on her MySpace page ‘I am jinxed.’”  When Becky loses her job and finds her car with a boot on it from having unpaid parking tickets, she has to take a city bus.  On this bus, we see Ramsey Deacon (Kilgore from the last episode “Mixed Signals”) and then a strange flash of light.

Team Flash are having a rare moment of fun playing paint ball in the park. Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) talks about the leaky ceiling in the West house, which Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) know very well.

Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) is surprised by a visit from Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) who tells Wally that Jesse (Violett Beane) sent a breakup cube explaining that although Wally is a great guy that she’ll never forget, they are in different places literally and figuratively. They live on separate Earths and have their own responsibilities. Wells and Wally’s conversation is interrupted by Star Labs’ notification of a new Meta Human causing chaos in the city.  It is Becky, who now has a turn of good luck.  Unfortunately, the opposite holds true for those around her.  Becky steals some money from a Central City bank. The Flash speeds towards Becky’s car, but a mishap causes a barrel of marbles to spill. The Flash slips on them, flies through the air and Barry crashes to the ground.

Back at Star Labs, Team Flash pull up the Central City PD data base. Although Becky has no priors, she’s in the systems for incidents of being rear ended four times. But Becky’s former bad luck is now good.  The team believes that she has the ability to manipulate particles in a positive way and everyone around her gets the negative outcome. This means any good luck for Becky means bad luck for others. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) gets a call from Cecile and has to leave.  Traces on Barry’s suit from his encounter with Becky reveals dark matter so they know that she is definitely a Meta Human.  But as Becky has only been in Central City for three years, she couldn’t have been hit by the particle accelerator. So, how could she be a Meta Human? Team Flash is reminded of Kilgore, which means the question is: Where are these new Meta Humans coming from?

Joe learns that Cecile called a plumber because she couldn’t deal with the leaking any longer, but the repair work to the ceiling will cost fifteen thousand dollars! This is more than the price of the house when it was new.  Cecile suggests that instead of paying the large amount on a repair, they could save it towards a new house.  She adds that two empty nesters like themselves don’t need such a large house. Joe considers it.

Barry comes home and catches Iris in her wedding dress.  Iris laments that they will now have bad luck. It begins when they lose their wedding venue due to a fire. Later, Barry is with Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Harrison where traces of dark matter is found on the street.  Barry realizes that the street is the same one where he came out of The Speed Force.  And with that exit, Barry brings a wave of dark matter. Simply put, Barry Allen created the new Meta Humans. “My best guess, a bus load,” Cisco says when a bus goes past them.  This would explain how so many Meta Humans could have been created in such a short amount of time.

Back at Star Labs, Team Flash feels guilty for having created all the new Meta Humans.  They feel that they are cursed.  “Maybe we should burn some sage,” Iris adds. But Harrison doesn’t think they are cursed, he thinks they should be cursed at.  Harrison is especially hard on Cisco for using the calculations to open The Speed Force without contacting him (Harrison) first. Cisco is really annoyed that Wells is blaming him.  In fact, Ramon is really annoyed by Wells in general and thinks he (Cisco) should open a breach and send Harrison back to his own Earth!  Angry, Harrison walks out of the room. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) knows that Harrison has a bad bedside manner that can use some work, but Team Flash has more important things to worry about, like stopping Becky.  Barry notes that Becky isn’t their typical Meta Human as she doesn’t seem evil. Joe gets a call from Cecile and asks Barry to run him over to the house.  At the West house, Joe and Barry find Cecile holding bowls to catch the water leaking from the ceiling.  Joe tells Barry how Cecile thinks they should buy a new house, but Joe tells Barry that all his memories of Iris and Barry are tied to the house.  “How could I give that up?” Joe asks.  “You’ll always have those memories no matter where you live,” Barry tells Joe. “It doesn’t matter where you live as long as you have people who love you.” He tells Joe that they are not cursed because Cisco has located Becky at Jitters.

Becky is enjoying her winning lottery scratch off tickets and her cup of coffee when Barry approaches her.  “Today’s my lucky day, but you’re not my type,” Becky says when Barry asks whether he can sit and talk with her. Barry explains that he works for the Central City PD and knows that she was exposed to some dark matter three weeks ago on a Central City bus. He says that getting powers is sometimes hard to understand and control. “Do you really want to test your luck?” Becky asks. “Bad things happen to people who get in my way.”  Becky tells Barry that her entire life has been a series of bad luck, but when she got on that bus “Lady Luck smiled on me.”  She doesn’t feel guilty about everything that has been happening in Central City. In fact, Becky believes that it’s about time that people feel what she has felt her entire life. “Anyway, there’s nothing you can do to stop me,” Becky tells Barry before leaving.

Back at Star Labs, Barry tells Team Flash that he can’t stop Becky without getting close to her and if he does so, he’ll be hit with bad luck. “That girl’s a hazard,” Barry says.  So, Cisco has a new Meta Human name for Becky: Hazard. Barry gets a call from Iris and has to leave.

Barry is surprised when he finds her at a church that is having a funeral.  Iris tells Barry that they are getting married there and today.  She says that with all the bad luck they’ve had and now being cursed, she doesn’t think they should wait. Then, Iris tells the minister that they are there to get married.  She doesn’t even wait for him to reset the altar, but instead turns the framed photo of the deceased over. As the minister is about to join Bartholomew Henry Allen and Iris Ann West in holy matrimony, he develops an allergic reaction to the cinnamon incense that the altar boy used.  So, no wedding for Iris and Barry today.

Cisco comes to see Harrison. Wells tells him that he spent months assembling a team for Jesse, but then the team fired him because they said he had too many rules and trainings.  So, now Harrison feels that he doesn’t have an Earth to go back to as he can’t return home. They are interrupted by a quantum field surge around Becky. It seems she’s experiencing a large amount of good luck, which means the world is having a large amount of bad luck.  And if they don’t stop her, the world will be destroyed! Havoc is on overload as Becky is winning big at a casino:  Joe and Cecile are trapped in the flooding house, a goose flies into a plane engine and it is about to crash and Barry cuffs himself, which limits his powers. He then has a casino sign fall on him. Becky sits at a slot machine and continues her winning streak, but working together Cisco and Harrison are able to reverse Becky’s quantum field. Instead of getting three cherries, the slot machine displays two cherries and a star…Becky has lost, winning streak is over.  “Is there any chance that you’re not going to arrest me?” Becky asks The Flash, who shakes his head no.

Harrison apologizes to Cisco, who tells him that he doesn’t have to go back to Earth 2. “You saved the day, that’s your Get out of Jackass jail free card,” Cisco says. “Plus your family, you always have a home here.”  Cisco encourages Harrison to stay and make a home there.

Becky is locked up in the Meta Human wing of Iron Heights. Team Flash reviews the bus footage of the dark matter surge.  It reveals twelve heat signatures, meaning there are twelve Meta Humans and they’ve already caught two (Ramsey Deacon and Becky Sharpe).  Wally is there and comments that no one knew he was gone.  He went to Earth 2 to talk with Jesse.  She said that she needed to focus on herself so that’s what Wally has decided to do.  He is going to Blue Valley for a while. Harrison reasons that the person who sent the samurai wanted them to open The Speed Force and create the Meta Humans. The Thinker comments that Team Flash may be smart for identifying the Meta Humans quicker than he thought they would, but he’s smarter.

As the episode ends, Joe tells Cecile that he’s decided he agrees with her about selling the house.  But Cecile changed her mind and thinks the house would be a great place to raise kids. She shocks Joe by telling him that she is pregnant.

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