The Flash – True Colors

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By: Stacy Miller



Warden Wolfe (Richard Brooks) brings Amunet Black (Katee Sackhoff) to his Meta block which was built on the ruins of the first Iron Heights and is being kept off the books. Wolfe introduces Amunet to Mina Chaytan (Chelsea Kurtz), who can bring inanimate objects to life, Sylbert Rundine (Derek Mears), who can shrink objects and then restore them to their original size, Ramsey Deacon (Dominic Burgess), who controls technology and Becky Sharpe (Sugar Lyn Beard), who can manipulate luck on the quantum level. Then Warden Wolfe brings Amunet to Barry (Grant Gustin), telling her that he is something that she’s been wanting for a longtime “A speedster.”  Wolfe asks Amunet who she’d like. A greedy Amunet Black replies “All of them” with a laugh.

Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) returns to his PI office to find Earl Cox (Paul McGillion) wanting for him. Cox wants Ralph to help him with a case. But Ralph tells Earl that he doesn’t do that anymore. “I have friends now, they helped me turn over a new leaf.” Earl doesn’t believe it. He tells Ralph that he knows him. Ralph lets people down and when he lets his know friend down, he can call his old ones.

Iris (Candice Patton) and Cecile (Danielle Horton) go to see Barry at Iron Heights to tell him about the upcoming appeal hearing. Warden Wolfe appears and tells Mrs. West-Allen that she’ll be unable to see her husband today because Barry was in a prison altercation.  Although he wasn’t injured in the fight, per Iron Heights’ protocol all the prisoners involved have to be put into isolation.  But Cecile is able to read Warden Wolfe’s thoughts and knows the truth.

Back at Star Labs, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) comments about Wolfe’s Meta Human trafficking.  As a prison warden, it’s not so difficult to make prisoners disappear.  Joe intends to go to Captain Singh before midnight when Barry and the other Meta Humans are sold to Amunet.  But he’s reminded that he can’t tell the captain that he found out because of Cecile’s gestational telepathy. And they don’t have Harry (Tom Cavanagh) to help them figure out what to do because he’s on Earth Two visiting Jessie. Ralph arrives. While he’s complaining about his old business partner Earl Cox, he managed to shape shift into Cox. It seems like elongate isn’t the only thing that his cells are capable of doing.  This gives Iris an idea of how to stop Warden Wolfe: Ralph can shape shift into Wolfe and meet Amunet Black and call off the whole deal before midnight.

At Iron Heights, Barry tells the other Meta Humans that if they are sold by Amunet their powers will be put in the wrong hands. The Meta Humans decide that they have to get out of prison but how? Meanwhile, Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht) asks Clifford (Kendrick Sampson) what they are going to do about Amunet. “It’s not about what we are going to do, it’s about what Barry Allen is going to do,” he answers.  At that moment, we see Barry working to clog the prison toilet. A plumber arrives to clear the clogged toilet.

At Star Labs, Ralph is trying to change into Warden Wolfe. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) reminds Ralph that his polarized cells are tied to his thoughts. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) tells Ralph how difficult it was for him when he first learned how to vibe. He had to clear his mind and tells Ralph that he must do the same; he can’t let Barry down. Ralph focuses and is able to turn into the “Big Bad Wolfe.” Caitlin comments that now they (she and Cisco) need to help Ralph coordinate, after Dibny falls flat on his face as he gets used to standing on his Warden Wolfe legs.

Barry is able to make an explosive device and blow off the cell door. He lets the other Meta Human prisoners out of their cells. But Ramsey Deacon says he’s not about to follow a cop on a prison break. Barry reminds that he’s not a copy but a prisoner like them and he’s not about to be turned into a weaponized slave.  Becky is hesitant about leaving as she hurt a lot of people and almost destroyed the entire city the last time. Barry urges her to trust him.  He tells his fellow Meta Humans that the Meta Human wing was built over the old Iron Heights and that the plumber talked about the pipes under the wing. Once they get to those pipes and away from the wing, they’ll get their powers back.  “And that’s how we escape,” Barry says.  He tells the Meta Humans that if they plan to go back to committing crimes they might as well turn around right now. “I’m reformed, I only commit legal crimes now,” Ramsey Deacon says. When they run into the plumber in the pipes, the other Meta Humans want to kill the man for fear that he will give them away.  But Barry says that they can hurt him.  Instead, Barry knocks him out.

Clifford assures Marlize that he hasn’t forgotten anything about their lives and once they complete the next phase of the plan, he’ll erase any doubts she has.

Meanwhile, Ralph goes to a bar to meet with Amunet Black’s contact. He says that he wants to arrange a meeting but is told that he’ll see her at the original time. Joe Reminds Ralph that Wolfe is the head of the toughest prison in the Midwest and wouldn’t take no for an answer.  And with that, Ralph as Warden Wolfe demands the meeting with Amunet Black. But Ralph’s ear begins to lose its Wolfe shape. He manages to get out of his head of self-doubt and becomes focused again. Amunet notices something different about Wolfe but Ralph as Wolfe insists that he is the same Warden Wolfe she’s always known.  Unfortunately at that moment, he turns back into Ralph Dibny and has to make a hasty retreat. When Amunet calls the prison, Warden Wolfe assures that her Meta Humans are safe and sound and ready for her to pick up. “Find them!” Wolfe shouts to a lackey.

At Star Labs, Iris says that their own option now is storming Iron Heights before the deal goes down. But Ralph decides not to join them for fear that he’ll let his friends down again.

At Iron Heights, Becky helps bandage Barry’s injured hand from punching the plumber. He asks what she plans to do once she is free; he hopes it’s not what she did that got her locked up in the first place. Becky assures that her life of crime is over. “Orange isn’t the new anything,” Becky says. Barry tells Becky that their powers don’t decide who they are, they do.

Caitlin follows Ralph back to his PI office. He tells her that if Cisco’s pep talk didn’t work, neither will hers. “Okay, then I’ll get someone else,” Caitlin says.  She breaks a bottle and uses the glass shard to cut her palm. The pain makes her angry and turns her into Killer Frost.  She calls Ralph pathetic and tells him to get over it. “You are scary, I’m not going to miss you when you’re gone,” Ralph tells Killer Frost. He says that every time he disappoints people they leave him but now the people who are his friends matter. Killer Frost says that’s stupid; she’s disappointed those people and even tried to kill them but they haven’t left her yet…she doesn’t know why. So, unless Ralph plans to do something worst she’s thinks he’s safe from abandonment. Ralph tells Killer Frost that wasn’t a bad pep talk. He suddenly gets an idea on what to do to fix this. “I’ve got to see a girl about a guy.  Thank you Frosty Oprah,” Ralph says then leaves.

Meanwhile, Ramsey Deacon manages to pick the lock of the old prison cell door. Once through, all the Meta Humans get the powers back. Becky thanks Barry for saving them. Suddenly, Meta Human dampeners are place on them. Warden Wolfe and his guard appear and put a power dampener on Barry’s ankle. The Meta Humans plan to kill Warden Wolfe. Wolfe says that he understands that they want revenge, maybe they should take it out of the one who put them in there in the first place. “Barry Allen is The Flash.” The Meta Humans turn on Barry. But Becky has decided who she wants to be and saves Barry from harm. Amunet arrives early.  She calls Warden Wolfe a liar and says that she’s there to clean up his mess. Suddenly, DeVoe appears. “They don’t pay me enough,” Amunet says before running off. He ends up putting his mind in Becky to take over her body then kills Warden Wolfe! Devoe now in Becky’s body leaves.  Cisco and Killer Frost arrive and asks Barry what happened. “DeVoe,” he answers. Barry refuses to leave with them; he tells his friends that he was only willing to break out because Amunet was going to sell them. But now he’ll stay until they can find a legal way to free him.

At the appeal hearing, the appeal is about to be denied. Suddenly, Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) appears. Well actually Ralph who has shape shifted into DeVoe. Marlize is shocked. Faux DeVoe tells the court that he was stabbed but heard someone talking about framing someone. Then he woke up in his home. Cecile adds that Central City is home to the impossible so why can’t a man return from the dead? The judge has no choice but to clear Barry Allen of all powers and order his immediate release from Iron Heights.

At the West house, Team Flash celebrate Barry’s release. Barry wonders what DeVoe is planning; he could have claimed all the powers of all Meta Humans in Iron Heights, but only appeared interested in the powers of the bus Metas…why? And they know one. When Ralph enters, everyone stares at him. “Why is everyone looking at me like I’m a dead man?” Ralph asks.

At their lair, DeVoe in Becky’s body and Marlize toast to “The Elightenment.”

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