The Flash – When Harry Met Harry

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By: Stacy Miller


Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) thanks Barry (Grant Gustin) for paying for his coffee at Jitters as Ralph left his wallet at home. This makes the fifth time in a row…either Ralph is extremely forgetful or this is his way of scoring free coffee!  He appreciates “rookie” buying him the java. Barry points out that he hates when Ralph calls him rookie.  But for Ralph, old habits die hard as this is what he called Barry back from the days when Ralph was a cop and Barry’s supervisor.  That is, before Barry cost Ralph his job.  Barry reminds that he also helped turn Ralph into a stretchy blob.  Ralph’s not mad about that…it’s the one good thing Allen did.  As they leave Jitters, Barry and Ralph are approached by a mugger who demands they turn over their wallets.  Barry asks the gun-toting criminal to give them a second.  Because usually when someone is pointing a gun at you with the intention of robbing and possibly shooting you, they will be respectful and allow you a few seconds to talk! “Muggers are like Superhero 101,” Barry tells Ralph, seeing this as a teachable moment. Ralph suggests that he turn into a giant slingshot.  Barry considers it.  The mugger gets impatient. “I’m still robbing you,” he reminds. “We will be right with you sir,” is Ralph’s reply. Perhaps a giant slinky, Ralph thinks would be a cool way subdue the robber. Whatever they decide, they should do it quick reasons Barry. Ralph is not worried, he’s seen a lot of muggers and this guy doesn’t appear to be the shooter type.  Bad call as the mugger shoots Ralph in the chest. But Ralph is rubber and the mugger is glue, the shot bounces off Ralph and hits the mugger in the leg.  A second shot to Ralph’s hand caps the mugger in the ass! Barry tells Ralph to stop shooting the mugger which Ralph technically points out that the mugger shot himself. Barry tells Ralph that the first rule of being a superhero is that they don’t hurt anyone. “What’s the second rule, long winded lectures before noon?” Ralph asks sarcastically. Barry tells Ralph he’ll take the mugger to the hospital and reminds him that he owes him five coffees. After Barry leaves with the mugger, Ralph picks up the criminal’s weapon. “Hey he left his gun…he’s reformed already.”

At the lair of DeVoe/The Thinker, his henchwoman The Mechanic (Kim Engelbrecht) angrily reminds that he was discovered quicker than predicted and they must be accurate to the millisecond in their calculations in order for the plan to succeed.  DeVoe/The Thinker is not worried, he calculated the identity discovery and knows that this will end in only one way with his victory.

At Star Labs, everyone is tired and it doesn’t appear that their search for discovering DeVoe’s true identity is progressing. Harry (Tom Cavanagh) suggests he called his friends for assistance.  Cisco (Carlos Valdes) sarcastically comments that lack of sleep has made Harry forget that all his friends are there with him in this room. Harry tells Cisco that he took his advice and made friends and they can help them with their DeVoe problem. Barry says that they also need to track down the other Meta Humans that were on that bus and exposed to the dark matter.  He asks Ralph what he remembers about the other passengers. Ralph doesn’t remember much because he was mostly hungover at the time. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) suggests hypnosis to help undercover Ralph’s memories.

Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry take Ralph to Dr. Sharon Finkel (Donna Pescow).  Iris explains that they need her (Dr. Finkel) help in unlocking their friend’s memories for a case they’re working on. Of course, Ralph insists he is one of those strong willed people who can’t be hypnotized but is soon under. He remembers seeing Weeper (Matt Afonso) crying which bummed him out. There were a few women on the bus but Ralph couldn’t see their faces but remembers their measurements.  And then, he saw a bison. Dr. Finkel asks Iris and Barry whether that means anything to them.

Later that night, a woman wearing a bison jacket attacks a security guard. Barry and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) investigate the crime scene. It looks like the security guard, who is also missing a hand, was attacked by a large animal that doesn’t exist.  Barry notices a stone statue and since they live in a strange universe now due to Meta Humans, swabs its mouth and finds blood.

Back at Star Labs, Harry introduces Cisco to his friends from the multiverse Earths (all played by Cavanagh): Harrison Wolgang Wells from Earth 12, H. Lothario Wells from Earth 47 and a Wells from a post-apocalyptic Earth, Wells 2.0. As they all resemble Harry, Cisco reminds that when he told him to make friends, he didn’t mean with himself. And all the Harrison Wells seem as though they prefer to work alone. Cisco dubs them The Council of Wells.

After Caitlin analyses the blood from the statue, she tells Team Flash that it looks like that are dealing with a Meta Human with the ability to leave a psychic imprint on inanimate objects in order to get them to kill for them. Team Flash learn that the security guard killed was in the process of transporting a Native American artifact to an auction house. And the item stolen was a bison necklace. Since Iris recalls Ralph seeing a bison while under hypnosis, she thinks this can’t be a coincidence. Cisco presents Ralph with his new superhero suit, which stretches and conforms to his body.  Ralph thinks it’s ugly and rather fight crime naked than wear it!

The woman who killed the security guard is Mina Chaytan/Black Bison (Chelsea Kurtz), who is of Lakota heritage and confronts auction house owner Christopher Banks (Matthew J. Dowden) over what she feels is his disrespect for her culture. She makes knight armor come to life to attack Banks but fortunately Ralph and The Flash arrive just in time. But Black Bison gets away.

Back at Star Labs, Caitlin identifies the Meta Human as Professor Mina Chaytan, who was fired from her job after she became an activist and was repeatedly arrested.

Harry realizes that The Council of Wells was a bad idea as none of the Harrison Welles can agree with each other and it hasn’t helped them learn DeVoe’s identity.

Black Bison has gotten a caveman statute to steal another bison artifact. Ralph and The Flash confront Mina but Chaytan tells The Flash that she no longer has to listen to men like him because something has changed inside her. “I am the Black Bison,” Mina Chaytan says. Soon, Black Bison is causing havoc in the street. Barry urges Ralph to protect the people, but Ralph thinks he can catch the Meta Human. Ralph uses his stretch ability to try to stop Mina’s getaway.  But in doing so, the car she is driving hits a powerline and a little girl is injured. Ralph just violated a rule of being a superhero:  Protect the civilians first.  At the Medical Center, the doctor tells Barry and Ralph that the little girl will be fine.  All things concerned, she’s lucky to be alive. Ralph feels guilty for the little girl being hurt.

At Star Labs, Harry tells Cisco that The Council of Wells was a bad idea; he hates all the Wells because they are stupid and arrogant. Cisco reminds Harry that he is essentially talking about himself. Cisco says that the reason why Harry has difficulty making friends is because he has low self-esteem. Harry calls all the Harry Wells together and suggests they used their strengths and resources to help with the DeVoe situation. Seeing how smart the Harrison Wells are, Cisco now knows why Harry thought they could help.

Ralph continues to blame himself for that little girl’s accident. He tells Barry that for five years he did his job as a PI and never worried about people getting hurt.  Now, this is something he thinks about.  Ralph asks Barry how he (Barry) does it.  Barry explains that although he has made mistakes, he has done a lot of good too.  And when he gets down on himself, he knows he has people he can call on for support.  Barry wants to be that person for Ralph.

Mina Chaytan is locked in a cell at the CCPD (Central City Police Department). But she uses her Meta Human ability to get a tactical dummy to come to life to aid her in her escape. She’s off to get what’s hers!

At Star Labs, Team Flash learn of Mina’s escape. Barry tells Ralph to suit up to stop her. Mina is at a museum to get another bison necklace when Barry and Ralph arrive. She angrily says that the artifacts don’t belong in a museum but with the Sioux, who are not a part of history as they are still here. Mina uses her Black Bison powers to bring the T-Rex to life.  Ralph battles it and protects the security guard while Barry is able to apprehend Mina by tricking her by throwing a Sioux bowl in the air knowing she try to catch it because it is important to her. He uses his super speed to slow time and restrains her with handcuffs that make her powerless. Barry jokes that Ralph almost let the villain get away. Ralph smiles that he kept hearing Barry’s voice tell him to save the innocent. Later, Ralph visits the little girl in the hospital and makes balloon animals for her with his body limbs.

As the episode ends, Team Flash is able to undercover Clifford DeVoe’s address.  Meanwhile, The Mechanic tells DeVoe/The Thinker they are about to have company. He says to make themselves ready to receive their guests. When Joe and Barry arrive at the door and introduce themselves as members of the Central City PD there to speak with Clifford DeVoe, the woman calls for her husband. Joe and Barry are greeted by a man in a wheelchair, who asks how he can be of help.

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