The Fosters – Dream a Little Dream

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By: Taylor Gates


Jesus (Noah Centineo) has a terrible, warped nightmare in which he skateboards through the hospital halls to get away from Nick (Louis Hunter). The hospital turns into his home, wherein the realtor (Beth Littleford) informs Jesus that his family has moved without leaving a forwarding address—now they have one less mouth to feed. A young Mariana beckons him upstairs, warning him not to let the monster get him. Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum) keep vigil by his bedside.


Meanwhile, Detective Bruckner (John Marshall Jones) tells Joe (Alex Skuby) they can’t charge Callie (Maia Mitchell) with anything if she ran away because she was afraid of Troy (Levi Fiehler), but Joe doesn’t buy her story. Troy arrives at the precinct with his lawyer, confessing to his involvement in a hit and run. They claim he left the scene to get medical attention therefore he cannot be charged. He and Callie give differing statements: Callie says Troy was upset and accusing Kyle of murder; Troy says Callie was the one acting hostile, furious that Troy put an innocent man in jail. Callie does admit; however, that getting in the car with Troy was her own fault.


Bruckner believes this case is a he-said she said, but Joe brings up Callie’s criminal history. Mike (Danny Nucci) bursts in, demanding to know why they haven’t informed Stef of everything going on with Callie’s case. Joe tells Bruckner if this were his case, he would act fast before Stef gets involved. Bruckner tells him to back off. Mike calls Stef to warn her, but she and Lena are too busy dealing with Jesus, whose machines are beeping like crazy. The nurse says it’s nothing serious, but they may want to leave while they perform some tests. Bruckner gives Callie her statement, promising that the sooner she signs it, the sooner she will be out of there. Desperate, she quickly signs the form without reading it.


At home, Brandon (David Lambert) asks Jude (Hayden Byerly) to take out the trash while Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) loads the dishwasher. Jude complains that Callie is not there to help, opting to make mean-spirited jokes about Nick and Mariana’s pill popping instead. Mariana and Jude both storm upstairs, leaving Brandon alone in the kitchen. He spies the family chalkboard, a message congratulating him on Juilliard written on it. He erases it, still upset at the rejection.


Brandon goes to talk to Jude, who admits he and Noah (Kalama Epstein) were smoking pot and trespassing. He defends this, saying marijuana is legal in a lot of places and many people use it to treat medical problems. Brandon is still frustrated, saying he misses the nice kid Jude used to be.


Mat (Jordan Rodrigues) meets Mariana in the garage, questioning her about Nick. She admits she let him continue believing she was his girlfriend because she was afraid he would hurt himself. She didn’t tell Mat because she was afraid he would break up with her. Mat promises she won’t lose him and the two profess their love for each other before having sex.


Jesus has another dream. This time it involves Lena ignoring him, Emma (Amanda Leighton) and Brandon hooking up and young Mariana warning him not to let a Santa-suit clad Nick get him. In reality, he is getting more steroids injected while Lena plays him Christmas music—she read you’re supposed to play music for coma patients.


Stef finally listens to the messages Mike left on her phone. She frantically rushes into the station, ripping into Bruckner for questioning Callie without a parent present. Callie tearfully apologizes saying she didn’t want to bother Stef, and she didn’t think she would get in trouble. Stef pulls Bruckner aside, saying she knows Joe has something to do with this. Bruckner is resentful, telling Stef she can visit Callie in juvie. Stef tells Callie to keep her head down and do as she’s told—she’ll get her out of there by tomorrow. Her entry into the facility is tough but not unfamiliar. Once she’s checked out and given a uniform, she is moved into her bunk.


Lena calls Stef, giving her an update on Jesus. So far, there has been no change in his condition. When the two hang up, Lena collapses into tears on a hospital bench. A woman (Jenny O’Hara) asks to sit with her and begins comforting her. She reveals that she is the mother of Melanie—a young woman fighting for her life in the room next to Jesus’. Lena confides in this relative stranger saying her kids are good but they’re making bad choices. She confesses that she feels like she should be doing better. The lady says that one of her own daughters is a monster, but Melanie has a huge heart. From what she can tell, all of the children Lena is raising are kind. The nurse tells Lena that Jesus’ swelling has finally gone down.


The next morning, Brandon updates Jude on Jesus’ condition. All he has to do now is wake up. Jude, obviously having taken Brandon’s words from the previous night to heart, has finished doing the dishes. Mike brings the kids breakfast and Mariana asks about Callie’s whereabouts. Mike reveals that Callie is in juvie.


The doctor tells Stef and Lena that while Jesus’ swelling has gone down, he is now running a fever. They have to use a cooling blanket to try and bring it down before considering other options like pneumonia—if that is the case, they may have to put him back in a coma. Stef is irritated that all the doctors seem to be guessing and telling them to wait. Stef updates the kids on both Jesus and Callie. Callie’s detention hearing is that afternoon and it is likely she will get to come home soon. Jude doesn’t understand why Callie didn’t tell them she was in trouble, but Stef explains she didn’t know fleeing the scene as a passenger was a crime. She breaks it to Mariana that Callie was in the car in the first place because she was trying to locate her.


Jesus’ nightmares continue. This time, he is at Mariana’s funeral. Stef tells him her death is all his fault and Lena tells him they all wish it would have been him instead. Mariana says she died because Jesus didn’t save her, but he promises he always tried. In the real world, the nurse tells Stef and Lena to keep talking to Jesus—some say those in comas can hear outside voices. Stef and Lena see on the machine that his heart rate is changing and they try and coax him awake. It works and Jesus soon wakes up from his awful dream. He attempts to talk to them, but his words come out all jumbled. Lena spies Melanie’s husband and he reveals that she is going to make it. Lena asks him to thank his mother-in-law for their conversation the other night, but it turns out Melanie’s mother passed away a few years ago.


Mariana tells Emma that she was right about everything being her fault. She didn’t see Nick at the festival; she was just hallucinating. That’s why Jesus called Nick and why Nick cut off his ankle bracelet in the first place. She starts crying and Emma rubs her back. Brandon goes to the hallway to call Juilliard and see if there is anything he can do, but it’s no use. On his way back to the lobby, he spies Emma buying a pregnancy test at the hospital pharmacy. Later he sees her give it to Mariana.


A girl invites Callie to get high that night, but Callie refuses. She taking Stef’s advice, not waiting to mess up her chances of going home. However, the next day in court the judge (Tim Russ) orders Callie to await the next hearing in juvie. The prosecution also plans to schedule a fitness hearing—they want to try Callie as an adult.

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