The Fosters – Insult to Injury

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By: Taylor Gates


Callie (Maia Mitchell) is driving in the car with Troy (Levi Fiehler) when Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) calls, telling her that the JJC concluded Harvey’s DNA wasn’t a match on the murder weapon. However, there were other matches on it – one of them belonging to a man related to Martha. Realizing there’s a good chance she’s in the car with said man, Callie pretends that Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) has been found and tells Troy to drop her off anywhere. Troy refuses, harshly interrogating Callie about why she’s so certain Kyle is innocent. As a result, he doesn’t pay much attention to the road. Though Callie attempts to be a hero and grab the wheel to dodge the oncoming cars, Troy regains control and swerves into another vehicle.


Callie gets out and calls the police, but Troy starts yelling at her again and she takes off sprinting down the street. Troy realizes the driver of the other car wasn’t as lucky as the two of them were and flees the scene. When she’s at a safe distance, Callie calls Aaron back, telling him what happened. Aaron meets up with her saying Callie should go to the police and make a statement about the accident as she did nothing wrong. He encourages her to avoid saying anything about the murder case because it could get them both in a lot of trouble.


Stef (Teri Polo) is riding with Jesus (Noah Centineo) in the back of an ambulance. He is joking around, telling Stef a hospital visit is overreacting. However, he starts to smell gasoline and shortly after begins seizing. Stef explains to the doctors that he has a nail in his head as they wheel him into the hospital. Jesus has another seizure, which sends Stef into hysterics.


Brandon (David Lambert) goes over to Cortney’s (Denyse Tontz) house, telling her he got in over his head with her. He cares about her, but he’s afraid if he stays he’s always going to feel obligated to provide for her and Mason. Cortney snaps back that she never asked him to do any of that and she never wanted to hold him back. He offers to help pay the rent, but Cortney refuses—she’s not helpless. She also doesn’t want him coming over to see Mason as she doesn’t want him getting any more attached to Brandon. She drops Mason off at daycare, but when she gets back Brandon is still waiting in her driveway. They start to say their goodbyes, but it quickly turns into breakup sex.


Jude (Hayden Byerly) and Noah (Kalama Epstein) lie to a security guard in order to get into a shipyard. They board one called the “Coconut Telegraph” before smoking a joint. They then steal some potato chips to munch on and start making out on one of the boat’s beds. They start taking articles of clothing off to go further, but they’re interrupted by the owner of the boat coming back. Luckily, then manage to get away and jump into the car Cortney and Brandon are driving.


Lena (Sherri Saum) ushers Mariana and Emma (Amanda Leighton) into the hospital. Lena asks Mariana to text Stef, but she is completely out of it. Much to Mariana’s dismay, Emma drops the bomb that Mariana has been taking Jesus’ ADHD pills. Mat (Jordan Rodrigues) comes to see Mariana, but their conversation is interrupted by Lena demanding that she get checked out. The nurse informs her that her blood pressure is high and she is dehydrated, but the phlebotomist will take her blood later and that should tell them even more about their condition. Lena is livid that Mariana would be so irresponsible.


Emma throws massive shade at Mariana by saying Jesus would never be in this situation if not for her being selfish and continuing to communicate with Nick. Mat hears this conversation, hurt that she was still talking to Nick all this time.


The moms reassure the kids that, considering Jesus is young and strong, he is in a good position. A few police officers tell Stef and Lena that they want to ask Jesus a few questions as technically according to Mariana’s statement he’s the one who assaulted Nick, not the other way around. Stef is furious, relaying Nick’s history of intimidating their family. Jesus wakes up and Stef goes with the officers to talk to him. While they’re interrogating him, he works himself up and eventually starts seizing again. A doctor (Ivar Brogger) explains to them that they’re going to put Jesus in a medically induced coma and insert a bolt into his head. This will monitor the pressure in the brain and let them know if further surgery will be necessary. However, it could be weeks until they can tell for sure.


Everyone is restless during the surgery and Lena decides she needs to go pray. She kneels down in the hospital chapel, telling God she can’t handle everything that is happening and demanding that he not take her son. Stef unexpectedly joins her, offering comfort and support.


Callie talks to a receptionist about the accident victim’s condition, but they won’t release any information to her since she’s not family. Aaron again pushes Callie to get either Stef or another cop involved, but Callie reasons that maybe Troy didn’t tell the authorities that she was there in the first place and it would be better for her to stay silent.


Cortney comes to the hospital, returning the phone Brandon left in her car. They go talk outside where she admits that what they did was a mistake. She feels like she’s Brandon’s consolation prize, reminding him again that he is the one who insisted that he could handle a relationship with her. She realizes now that she was right—he wasn’t ready and because of that he hurt both her and Mason. He comes back inside, devastated. He tells Callie that he and Cortney just broke up for real, explaining that he can’t go to Juilliard anymore because of the SATs. She promises she won’t tell anyone else in the family until he is ready.


Mike (Danny Nucci) and AJ (Tom Williamson) show up at the hospital, but AJ wants to stay in the car. He tells Mike about his fight with Callie. Mike suggests that maybe he is overreacting to Callie’s comment about dating Aaron if she and AJ weren’t together, which is enough to coax AJ out of the car. He and Callie both apologize to each other, making up quickly. AJ apologizes to Aaron for the comments he made about his size, saying he never would have said that had he known he was trans. Aaron accepts his apology and the two shake hands. To rub more unintentional salt in his wound, Mike gives Brandon a book of things they could do together in New York saying he bought it a year ago because he knew even then Brandon was Juilliard bound.


Callie walks Aaron out and he tells her she can’t go around telling people he’s trans—it’s not her story to tell and people literally get killed for that. Callie apologizes, thanking him for saying something about it. The hospital television shows a news story about the hit-in-run, reporting that there was another witness: one that could’ve seen Callie.


Lena tells the kids that Jesus’ surgery went as well as could be hoped. Stef says all they can do now is wait, get some sleep and stay out of trouble. Though they present an optimistic front, the two of them talk in secret about their fears—Jesus may have to relearn how to walk and talk and he could have anger and personality changes due to the brain injury.


Callie secretly goes to the police station to make a statement about the hit-and-run. An officer (John Marshall Jones) relays to Detective Gray (Alex Skuby) what Callie said, explaining that she mentioned both the car wreck and Martha’s murder case. Because Joe already has it out for her and Stef, he’s excited to take advantage of the fact that she committed a felony by leaving the scene of an accident and didn’t bring either of her parents to the station with her.

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