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By: Taylor Gates

Drew (Jared Ward) wants to call the police to forcibly remove the protesting students, but Lena (Sherri Saum) convinces him to let her try and reason with them first. Drew reluctantly agrees not to get the cops involved yet, but goes outside to confront the crowd. He stands on a table and yells that they need to disperse or else they will face consequences. The group, led by Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), refuses to budge even despite Lena’s pleading. Nick’s dad (Mark Totty) finally gets fed up and loses it, yelling that they lost and that the school is being privatized regardless. He then attempts to leave the circle that the protestors are making by holding hands, but they refuse to let him out. Eventually, a security guard resorts to pepper spraying Jude (Hayden Byerly).


Lena yells at Drew for letting things get out of hand, but he replies that it was her kids that wouldn’t back down. Lena disagrees, blaming Craig Stratos for prematurely and rudely telling them what was happening as well as putting his hands on Mariana. Lena is disappointed, as she truly believed that—although misguided—Drew thought he was helping kids by privatizing. Drew says that as principal you have to make tough decisions, which causes Monte (Annika Marks) to have the revelation that technically shes still the principal. She hasn’t resigned yet and now she’s not going to.


Brandon (David Lambert) chases Jesus (Noah Centineo), who has sprinted away after seeing him and Emma together. Brandon and Emma (Amanda Leighton) decide to drive around together and try to find him. Brandon angrily tells Emma he wishes she would have left him out of everything. Emma tells Brandon to take her back to school so she can head home, but Brandon apologizes for blowing up. He’s glad he was there with her and he thinks eventually Jesus will come around and be happy, too.


Callie (Maia Mitchell), Cherisa (Malia Pyles) and Diamond (Hope Olaide Wilson) are still in the motel. Diamond tells D-Man (Scotty Tovar) about Russell handing off the drugs while Callie continues singing to Russell. Callie says she wants to leave, but Russell refuses to let her, telling her he’s going to make her a star since he knows an influential music producer. He tells Diamond and Cherisa do Callie’s makeup.


While Cherisa does Callie’s eyeshadow, Diamond steals Cherisa’s phone. D-Man goes outside to talk to Menchie on the phone about Russell’s doings and Menchie tells D-Man not to let Russell leave. Russell comes outside to yell at D-Man for not keeping an eye on the girls.


Stef (Teri Polo) speeds down the highway, following the GPS on Callie’s phone to a liquor store, which unfortunately Callie is not in. Stef knocks and whispers on the trunks of the cars in a laundromat parking lot, worried that Callie could have been abducted. She sees Callie’s dot begin to move on the app and chases after the car she thinks Callie is in.


Meanwhile, Diamond slips out of the room while Cherisa does Callie’s makeup. She enters the number from Stef’s business card and sends her a picture with an All Star sign, successfully sharing her location and wiping all evidence of their correspondence right before Russell walks in and takes the phone from her.


Unfortunately, Stef doesn’t see the message before pulling over the car she’s chasing. She interrogates the driver about Callie’s whereabouts, pulling out Callie’s phone from a gym bag in the trunk. He promises he was just a drug delivery guy, telling her he met Russell on the street in a white van.


Ana (Alexandra Barreto) visits Gabe (Brandon Quinn) in the Adams Foster’s garage, which he is now living in. Gabe expresses his worry over his situation, as Jesus is already angry at him for telling his moms about him not taking his seizure medication. The two bond over their frustration and difficulty with trying to be part of the twins’ lives. Ana wonders how much and what kind of involvement she should have in Mariana and Jesus’ lives, but Gabe personally doesn’t think he should have much at all—after all, he didn’t raise them and doesn’t see himself as fit to be a father. He says he’s considering taking a job offer in Tahoe before are interrupted by the sound of Jesus storming in the house.


Jesus trashes Brandon’s room, taking a baseball bat to his shelves and lamps. Gabe eventually gets him to stop, wrapping his arms around him and saying calming words. Jesus spills everything to Ana and Gabe, including the fact that Emma got an abortion and didn’t tell him.


Brandon and Emma arrive at the house and they all sit in the living room to talk. Brandon and Emma promise that nothing is or ever has been going on with them. Jesus misinterpreted their looks as flirty when really they were just trying to figure out how to best help him. Gabe thinks Jesus’ dream about the two hooking up might have been just his subconscious trying to process how much the two care about him.


Russell tells Callie to take her jacket off and Callie tells him to back off, saying that her mom is a cop and she’s on her way. Callie tells him she’s tracking her phone in the back of the van and Russell decides to look for himself. Russell doesn’t find anything, but threatens that if there is a phone in there he’ll kill both Callie and Diamond. Diamond takes a gun from the table and points it at Russell.


Callie tries to reason with Diamond, telling her to put the gun down, but they are interrupted by Munchie (Roger Hornback) kicking at the door. Callie and Diamond go hide in the bathroom. Stef finally sees the text from Diamond and calls for backup, rushing to the motel.


Callie and Diamond make a break for it and sprint out of the building. The police surround them outside, yelling at Diamond to drop her weapon. Callie steps in front of her, begging the authorities not to shoot. Stef arrives at the scene, telling her fellow officers to hold their fire. Stef finally gets Diamond to hand over her weapon, ordering them to run away from the All Star Inn.


On the porch, Emma and Jesus wait for Emma’s mom to pick her up. Emma apologizes for not telling Jesus about her pregnancy and Jesus apologizes for yelling at her. Gabe and Ana tell Lena about Jesus destroying Brandon’s room. Lena snaps but quickly apologizes—she knows it’s a symptom of his TBI. Brandon overhears their conversation and goes to investigate his now wrecked room. Gabe tells Ana he doesn’t plan on going to Tahoe anymore, as Jesus needs him.


Lena tends to Jude’s eye. Jude is discouraged that the protest didn’t do anything, but Lena shares the good news that the vote was invalid. There’s still hope.


Ana apologizes to Mariana for storming out of therapy. She finally takes responsibility for leaving the twins alone overnight to score drugs. Mariana assures her that she’s not bringing these things up to make Ana feel bad—she just needed to know that she knew. She says the way Ana can make it up to her is by taking good care of Isabella.


Stef, Callie and Diamond watch Russell get taken away in an ambulance. Diamond apologizes to Stef for getting Callie wrapped up in everything. Stef tells Diamond they got her a bed at a girls’ home and hopes she’ll give it a chance.


Stef and Callie climb into Stef’s car. Stef tells Callie that Troy Johnson confessed to Martha’s murder, which will likely get her case dismissed. Stef tells Callie she almost didn’t stay alive long enough to find out, wondering what it’s going to take for her to start valuing her own life. One day, she warns, she won’t be able to just take her home because they’ll be taking her body to the morgue.


Jesus tries to talk to Brandon as he’s cleaning up his room, but Brandon shuts the door in his face. Mariana shares the news that the fight for Anchor Beach isn’t over via her anonymous Twitter, encouraging everyone to resist.

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  1. Jennifer Swider

    October 24, 2017 at 11:18 pm

    They need to get Drew off this show. I am just about done with it because of him. He’s a disgusting, backstabbing pig. And he just adds to much negativity to this once enjoyable show.

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