The Fosters – Too Fast, Too Furious

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By: Taylor Gates

Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) looks in the trophy case and sees that Anchor Beach won an engineering award at the robotics world championship. She congratulates the team and Emma (Amanda Leighton) tells her that they’re going to continue doing STEAM off campus despite Drew’s (Jared Ward) ban and that she’s definitely not invited to join them.


Callie (Maia Mitchell) spies AJ (Tom Williamson) getting cuddly with his new girlfriend in the hallway. He approaches her, congratulating her on Troy’s confession, but Callie responds coldly. Emma finds Brandon (David Lambert), asking if Jesus (Noah Centineo) smashed his door with a baseball bat.


The doctor shows Jesus, Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum) scans of Jesus’ brain, announcing that he has to stay on his anti-seizure medication. Jesus is upset, as it affects his sex drive, and the doctor assures him he can try different brands that might not inhibit his libido. The moms also inform the doctor they’re concerned about his aggression so the doctor prescribes a lower dose of his ADHD pills. When Jesus leaves the room to get blood work done, Lena tears up, saying she wants their sweet boy back. The doctor gently says that brain injuries are unpredictable and that he won’t ever be exactly the same as he was before.


Mariana brings donuts and cookies to her first roller derby practice, trying to win over her teammates. Poppy (Nandy Martin) begs Ximena (Lisseth Chavez) to let her practice with the jammers, but she shuts her down saying they need blockers instead. Ximena hands Mariana a butt pad, assuring her she’s going to want it. She does fall a lot throughout the practice, but she improves quickly. After practice, Poppy tells Mariana not to give up and that nobody is great when they’re first starting out. She invites her to see a movie that weekend and Mariana happily agrees.


Callie and Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) are making out on her bed when Stef comes in, telling Callie she saw Cole (Tom Phelan). Cole expressed interest in catching up so Callie promises to give him a call. Stef makes sure to leave the door open as she walks out and Aaron invites Callie over to his place so they can be alone.


Emma video chats Jesus at school. She says she’s not sure if she can see him that night, as she’s still messed up from the timezones and she has a ton of homework. Jesus confronts her, asking if everything is okay between them and she admits she’s scared of him because of what he did to Brandon’s door.


Grace (Meg DeLacy) and Brandon look at the Coachella lineup and plan to go together. Jesus interrupts them, yelling at Brandon for telling Emma about Jesus destroying his room. Jesus shoves him and Brandon shoves back. Lena rushes out, furious at Brandon for shoving Jesus since he could have fallen and gotten injured even worse because of his TBI.


Brandon is hanging out at Mike’s (Danny Nucci) apartment when Grace calls and asks if he wants to spend a few days at his place. He confirms, thinking his moms will be okay with it. That night at dinner Mike acts strange towards Ana (Alexandra Barreto) and Brandon throws shade at AJ for not being exclusive with new girlfriend Dawn (Kara Royster). Dawn and AJ and Mike and Ana are split on the issue—Ana and AJ don’t think all girls want a committed relationship; Brandon and Mike are old-fashioned, monogamous guys. Brandon asks Mike if he can stay at his apartment for a few days before texting Grace, lying and saying his moms aren’t cool with him staying at her place. Brandon’s ex-girlfriend Cortney (Denyse Tontz) gives him a call, saying she needs his help.


Cole visits Callie’s house and the two chat. Cole shares that he has a girlfriend and Callie breaks the news that she’s dating Aaron. Cole gets somewhat upset by this, as it was easier to think Callie just didn’t like to date trans guys rather than just not wanting to date him in particular. He quickly gets over it though and agrees to be just friends, asking Callie to spill the details of her relationship with Aaron. She asks Cole for sex advice and Cole tells her it always turns her on when his girlfriend tells him how masculine he is in bed.


Ximena tells Mariana that she’s looking good on her skates and that she definitely has jammer potential—considering that’s the only position who can score, that’s a huge honor. Mariana has a minor setback later in practice, telling Ximena she doesn’t know if she’s tough enough for this sport. Ximena tells her not to get in her own head and try again. Poppy does an illegal move, pushing Mariana to the ground. It has its intended effect, as Mariana gets mad and pushes through, successfully completing the move. Ximena; however, isn’t happy. She tells Poppy if she ever does anything like that again then she’s off the team.


AJ walks in on Ana looking through Mike’s room. She explains that she saw him hide something the previous night and was worried it could’ve been alcohol. What she found instead though was an engagement ring.


Graces goes to Brandon’s house to find him babysitting Mason. The three of them play together, shooting nerf guns, impersonating animals and making blanket forts. Stef walks in, asking Brandon if Cortney is at the house too. Grace is surprised, not knowing that Mason is Cortney’s son. Mason makes it worse by asking Brandon when he’s moving back in with him and his mom.


Grace calls Brandon out, pointing out the fact that his moms were cool with him living with Cortney but not spending the night with her doesn’t seem to add up. Brandon admits he never asked him moms but was just worried the two of them were moving too fast. He doesn’t want to make the same mistakes in their relationship as he did with Cortney.


Jesus shows up to Anchor Beach after Emma’s wrestling practice to talk about her abortion. Jesus says he thinks maybe she had it without talking to him not because of his TBI, but because she wouldn’t want to hear what he had to say. She tells him she would have done it no matter what she said since it’s her body and her choice—she wasn’t ready to raise a child or give one up. She can’t be with him if he’s mad at her for that or keeps tormenting Brandon for just trying to help.


Mike helps Stef get some boxes from the attic and talk about how things are going with Brandon. They eventually get on the subject of Ana and Mike shares his plans to propose to her. Stef thinks this is all a little soon considering they’re not even technically living together. Stef tells Mike that women are great at dropping hints when they’re ready to get married.


Callie tries out Cole’s advice, telling Aaron how manly and sexy he is while they’re kissing. Aaron is weirded out, wondering why Callie is chatty all the sudden. She admits she talked to Cole and thought he might like it. Aaron freaks out, irritated that Callie would go to Cole instead of straight to him. He tells her he didn’t even invite her over to have sex—he just wanted to be alone with her. Sex is a vulnerable thing and he needs to make sure he can trust her. AJ broke up with her and he wants to make sure things aren’t still complicated between them. Callie says she’s sick of boys telling her how she feels and how complicated she is.


Callie goes to AJ’s house, confronting him about cheating and blaming her for it. He doesn’t understand why she wants to rehash everything and she says she wants a clean break. He’s not surprised when she reveals she’s dating Aaron, as she’s been into him since day one, even kissing him on the beach. AJ says it was a two-way street—they both made it hard and they both made it end.


Callie then goes back to Aaron’s place, promising their relationship isn’t just a rebound to her. She also isn’t ready to have sex and was rushing things so he didn’t think she was freaked out by him being trans. She warns him that she’s going to have questions once they are ready and he says that’s okay. He won’t get mad, he just asks that she come to him directly; he needs to be able to trust her too.


Jesus goes into Brandon’s room while he’s packing for his dad’s house. He apologizes for being so awful to him, just wanting things to be the same as they used to be. Brandon tells him things will never be the same, but they can still be good. Just like playing music after his hand injury, Jesus is going to have to learn some news ways of doing things. The two hug and make up.


Lena spots a bruise on Mariana’s leg. Mariana lies and says it’s from falling at school and Lena fetches her some cream and tells her to be more careful. Cortney picks Mason up, thanking Brandon for being a lifesaver. She says that she’s going to get a hotel room and couch surf until they can find an affordable place to stay. Brandon tells her she and Mason can stay in the garage until Gabe gets back.


Stef and Lena talk to Jesus about going back to school. It’s going to require assessments and a paraprofessional. Jesus is adamantly opposed to having an educational aide, wanting to drop out, get his GED and work construction with Gabe (Brandon Quinn) instead. Stef and Lena are very much against this plan.


Mike and Ana come home from dinner and Ana shows off her new ring to AJ—Mike officially proposed and she said yes.

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