The Fosters – Until Tomorrow

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By: Taylor Gates


Emma (Amanda Leighton) tells Jesus (Noah Centineo) that she won’t be able to afford private school, but Jesus’ focus is elsewhere. He tells Emma that he knows she’s pregnant, but he’s ready to raise this baby with her. Emma drops the bomb that she had an abortion and that the child was Brandon’s (David Lambert). Jesus wakes up, and it’s revealed his conversation with Emma was a dream.


Callie’s (Maia Mitchell) lawyers show her and Stef (Teri Polo) the video of Callie breaking into Doug’s (Hugh Scott) house. The jury is never going to see her as sympathetic or innocent, and Troy’s lawyers know it. They’re offering her a deal of three years in jail, which is the best she’s going to get. They have until the next day to decide. Callie breaks down, crying in the hallway. Stef promises they’ll find a way so she won’t have to go to jail, but Callie has given up hope. She makes Stef to keep the news between them and Lena (Sherri Saum) for now.


Emma finds Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) in the hallway, accusing her of tweeting about her. Mariana tells her the account was anonymous and she deleted everything on it—nobody, including Jesus, will ever know she was pregnant.


Lena rips into Drew (Jared Ward) for allowing Craig Stratos (Mark Totty) to fund the school. Not only did he terrorize Mariana and Anchor Beach, but he tried to blame the faculty. Drew is confident that Craig’s intentions are good here, but even if they’re not, the end result will at least be positive. Lena will be making more money, and they won’t have to deal with the politics of a charter school. Lena is concerned about the students who won’t be able to afford Anchor Beach if it switches. She declares she’ll be back to work full time the next day. Drew is fine with that as long as she continues to do her job and not stand in the way of his plans. The students are already planning a walk out, and he doesn’t need more trouble.


Stef looks at the video of Callie again, spying newspaper clippings about Martha’s murder on Doug’s wall. He said he had never heard of the murder, making her suspicious about what he’s hiding. She asks Mike (Danny Nucci) to look into it for her. Stef is worried that Diamond’s (Hope Olaide Wilson) pimp might hurt her since he knows she talked to the cops. Stef’s coworker wants to give it 24 hours before moving her from Girls United.


Lena spies Mariana, Callie, and Jude (Hayden Byerly) making protest signs. Lena pulls Mariana aside, telling her to keep things civil and under control. They can attend a board meeting the next night, but they can’t be walking out of class or anything in the meantime. She breaks the news that Nick’s dad is the one behind all of this.


Callie recruits Jude to take a walk with her to keep her mind off of everything. Callie admits she feels stupid about getting so involved with Kyle’s case. She tells Jude that he has every right to be pissed off about the tough hand he’s been dealt, but he shouldn’t be like her—he should use his hurt to motivate him to do good, not make stupid decisions. Jude tells Callie that she’s the one that taught and inspired him to be a good person; she’s his hero.


Mike brings Doug into the precinct, interrogating him about what he knows about Martha’s death. He admits he was with Martha that day she was killed, but so was somebody else. Somebody who isn’t Kyle. They take this news to their captain (David L. King), saying that Doug’s OCD causes his bookkeeping to be meticulous. He kept records of the day he painted Martha’s curb, afraid someone was going to try and pin it on him. Troy’s alibi is also shaky considering his boss-turned-girlfriend is the one giving it. It’s possible that Kyle is innocent.


Callie goes into Brandon’s room, asking if they can play music together. He plays the keyboard, she the guitar, and they sing a Great Big World song about how everything is going to be okay. Mariana invites Jesus and Emma to the protest. Emma agrees to come, but she acts coldly towards Mariana, which makes Jesus suspicious.


Jesus asks Brandon if he’s ever gotten anyone pregnant, telling him he thinks Mariana is the one behind the secret Twitter account. He tries to pull up the account to show him the tweet about the person’s “best friend” being pregnant, but the account is gone. Jesus calls Sharon, asking if she read him everything in the letter.


Stef and Lena crawl into bed, stressing about Callie’s future and court case. Jesus interrupts them to share the news about Emma’s abortion. He admits that Emma didn’t tell him face-to-face and that she doesn’t know that he knows. Jesus says he always thought that if he ever got into a situation like this he would try and raise the baby, but he understands and respects the fact it’s Emma’s body. He’s going to wait until she brings it up to talk about it. Meanwhile, Callie has trouble sleeping. She looks around her and Mariana’s room, worried she’ll end up in jail.


Mike and Stef watch their captain interrogate Vanessa (Kelly Albanese), but she still swears that Troy was at work the time of the murder. Stef gets a text, as she cloned Diamond’s phone. She sees that Diamond’s pimp is coming to pick up the meth he left with her and parks her car outside Girls United, hoping to catch him. Diamond plays them, calling 911 so officers are dispatched to the house so she can warn Russell and get away. The other Girls United members tell Stef that Diamond and Christina left—Diamond is bringing her pimp another girl.


At the protest, Jesus tells Mariana that he knows the Twitter account was hers. He’s angry she never told him Emma was pregnant, but she reminds him how he reacted when there was a pepperoni on his pizza. Drew informs the students that the board meeting is closed and they won’t be allowed to attend and have their voices heard. Mariana gets angry, confronting Craig about how Nick’s actions were his fault and that he never stood a chance with a horrible father like him. She’s determined not to let him take her school, but Craig sneers that she doesn’t have a say.


Callie and Daphne (Daffany McGaray Clark) are driving down the street when they spy Diamond and Christina on the side of the road. Daphne chastises them for running away, and Diamond freaks out, saying Russell is going to kill her if she doesn’t return with another girl. Christina wants to back out, and Callie offers to take her place. She’s going to jail the next day and has nothing to lose.


Lena is angry that Drew and the school board made the meeting closed. Craig makes a speech, saying he’s willing to raise and donate money in order to make Anchor Beach a prestigious school. In turn, Lena gives a passionate speech about how she was a founding member of Anchor Beach charter. It was created so the entire community could get a quality education, not just wealthy elites. A good education is not a privilege but a right—no new auditorium or computer lab is worth turning their back on less fortunate kids. The board votes to dissolve the charter anyway.


Mike interrogates Troy (Levi Fiehler). He tells him Vanessa admitted to falsifying evidence and encourages him to take responsibility now. If he doesn’t draw out the case, they promise not to put him on death row. Troy confesses to killing Martha after she refused to give him money.


Mike calls Stef, sharing the good news: there’s now a good chance the case will be dismissed. Daphne and Christina tell Stef that Callie has gone with Diamond and that she should track her phone. Unfortunately, Callie’s phone is taken away and put in another car so Stef will have no way of finding her.


It starts raining outside the board meeting. Brandon tells Emma that Jesus is getting suspicious. Jesus sees the two of them talking, yelling at Brandon for not telling him about Emma and taking her to the abortion clinic. Emma says she thought not telling Jesus was for the best, and Jesus accuses Brandon of knocking Emma up. He runs away, upset, and Brandon chases him.


Russell (J.J. Soria) hits Diamond on the head as she enters the house, accusing her of calling the cops and almost getting him caught. He’s angry that Callie is older than she told him she would be but still believes she’s a good catch. He demands that Callie call him daddy, forcing her to drink a soda and cough syrup concoction to loosen her up. He instructs her to sing something, and she sings the same song she performed with Brandon earlier. Stef drives past the motel, tracking Callie’s phone that is no longer with her.

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