The Fosters – Who Knows

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By: Taylor Gates


Callie (Maia Mitchell) is brushing her teeth when she gets a text meant for Diamond. Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) inquires about her trip with Aaron (Elliot Fletcher), and she admits that they kissed. However, she’s not sure what’s going to become of their relationship. Jude (Hayden Byerly) wants to tell Mariana a secret, but she doesn’t want to hear it—she’s done with those.


Because Stef (Teri Polo) found Emma’s (Amanda Leighton) letter in Brandon’s (David Lambert) pocket, he is forced to tell her and Lena (Sherri Saum) about her abortion. They thank Brandon for being there for Emma, saying they don’t think it’s their place to tell her parents or Jesus (Noah Centineo).


Brandon and Callie talk in the kitchen. Brandon tries to calm Callie down about her trial, reminding her that all the prosecutors have is circumstantial evidence. Brandon reflects that the two of them barely talk anymore, and Callie says she misses them as friends.


Ana (Alexandra Barreto) drops by with Isabella while Gabe (Brandon Quinn) is making plans for the treehouse with Mariana and Jesus. It’s the first time Gabe has met Isabella. Ana tells Gabe her brother is willing to give him another chance with a big commercial construction job, and Gabe promises to give him a call. Jesus asks Gabe if he’s getting help for his depression. Gabe says he was seeing a doctor, but they gave him pills and he didn’t like the side effects.


Stef, Lena, and Callie meet with Callie’s lawyers. They dress Callie up in an ultra-modest outfit and tell her to wear her hair in a ponytail and go makeup-free on the day of the trial. They want her looking as young and innocent as possible, but Callie hates the make-under. Her lawyers advise Callie to convince the jury she was naive and manipulated by Kyle (Adam Irigoyen). They want her to say that she now realizes Kyle is guilty and apologize for any pain she caused Troy, but Callie refuses. She says they have Troy’s DNA on the murder weapon. Callie’s lawyers leave the room, and Stef reminds Callie that the DNA could lead them back to Doug Harvey (Hugh Scott), who in turn could tell the court she broke into his house. Callie wants to lie and say she found Doug’s toothbrush in his trashcan outside, which wouldn’t have been breaking the law.


Mariana asks Jesus if seeing Ana be a good mom to Isabella bothers him. They talk about how, when they were babies, Ana would sometimes leave them in their cribs for a day or more. Jesus defends her, reminding Mariana that Ana was young and an addict and never should have been a mother. Mariana asks what he would have done in Gabe’s situation, and he surprises her by saying he would have stepped up and been a dad.


Diamond (Hope Olaide Wilson) overhears Callie and Daphne (Daffany McGaray Clark) talking about Callie’s case. Callie assures Diamond that Stef will help her break free from her pimp, but she pointedly tells Callie that she’s still in trouble and she’s Stef’s daughter. Diamond talks to another Girls United girl, Megan (Briana McLean), trying to convince her to join her and her pimp. She tells her she could get a record deal as long as she turns a few tricks for him.


Stef’s coworker (Mercedes Colon) shows her Diamond’s pimp, Russell’s, Facebook account. They’re all on social media these days, as that’s where they recruit pimps and girls. Russell also makes his girls deal for him and has two prior drug-related charges. Her coworker shows her pictures of a beaten 14-year-old girl: one of Russell’s old girls that he possibly murdered.


Emma accuses Mariana of ignoring her, but Mariana shoots back that it’s Emma who hasn’t been talking to her. Mariana tells her she knows she had an abortion without asking Jesus what he wanted. Emma says that, even if Jesus wanted to be a dad, it wasn’t his choice. Mariana agrees but is angry she didn’t take the fact they’re adopted into consideration.


Diamond tells Stef that Russell told them the 14-year-old girl went home to Fresno. Stef reveals that’s a lie, as nobody has seen or heard from her in months. Diamond admits that she’s the one who beat her up—it was her job to keep the girls in line, and she was letting another pimp interfere with her and Russell. Stef tells her that Russell is a coward and if she testifies against him, they can put him away for life. She promises her a whole new identity and life that Russell knows nothing about so he can never hurt her again. Diamond spies Callie and Brandon hugging outside the window and questions whether they’re dating.


Jesus helps Gabe carry some of his boxes into the garage. All of the sudden, his ears start ringing and he spaces out. Jesus experiences some confusion and short-term memory loss. He admits he’s stopped taking his medication since the pills would stunt his sex drive for the next five years. He tells Gabe he’s getting better, begging him not to tell him moms.


A guy comes by Girls United, trying to recruit them. He suggests they take the recycling bins in before they get fined, and Diamond does so. Callie spies her digging through the can in order to retrieve a phone the man planted. Callie informs Daphne, and they find the cell stashed by the garden. Callie calls Stef and asks what she should do. Stef commands Callie to call her on Diamond’s phone so she has the number then delete the history, wipe her prints, and return the phone to its hiding spot.


Mariana asks Jude what his big secret is, immediately going downstairs and leaking the news to Lena and Monte. Jude is irritated that Mariana squealed on him. Brandon is also mad at Mariana for telling Emma she knew about her pregnancy. Mariana shoots back that Jesus wanted to be a father, but Brandon brushes her off—Jesus wouldn’t be able to take care of a kid. Lena comes in, telling Mariana not to spread the news about Anchor Beach possibly coming a private institution. Mariana goes to her anonymous Twitter, deleting the tweet about the school.


Stef tells Callie her lawyers want to use the evidence but only for establishing her state of mind in the car. They still want her to say that she thinks Kyle was rightly convicted. Stef tells Callie that they found $200 and an ATM receipt from Martha’ account in Kyle’s pocket the morning of the murder. Callie demands to visit Kyle in jail before testifying against him. Stef gives Brandon permission to drive Callie up to jail but only if they promise not to do anything on the trip.


Lena watches Jesus take his pill before leaving to run an errand. Gabe walks in, and Jesus is livid that he betrayed him. Gabe defends himself, saying he was just worried about Jesus’ brain. Jesus shoots back that his own brain is messed up, telling him he should go to Tahoe after all. Gabe leaves, saying they’ll discuss everything later. Brandon is on team Gabe, but Jesus doesn’t want to hear it. Jesus breaks down, saying he can’t do anything on his medication. Jesus is worried Emma will leave him, but Brandon tells Jesus that he’s smart, kind, and can still take care of Emma.


Lena and Monte go full spy-mode, camping out in a car with some binoculars and a camera to document who’s attending Drew’s coup meeting. Among them is Nick’s dad. Though his son doesn’t go to Anchor Beach anymore, they suspect he has a score to settle financially.


Callie visits Kyle, who is now heavily and tattooed and in a gang. Kyle admits he took money from Martha the morning of the murder because she never paid him enough. He acts cold towards Callie, blaming her for using him for a cause. Callie yells that she could go to jail for trying to help him, but Kyle sneers that she’s a white girl with a rich daddy who will be fine. Callie is shaken from the experience, telling Brandon that Kyle has a teardrop tattoo under his eye: a symbol that you’ve killed someone.


Mariana brings Ana to therapy with her, but it doesn’t work out as well as she’d hoped. Ana refuses to own up to the fact that she used to neglect them when they were younger. The therapist suggests that maybe doesn’t remember because she was on drugs, and Ana freaks out. She says she’s not going to let Mariana make up horrible things about her, storming out.


Stef tracks the texts between Diamond and her pimp. Her coworker says that it’s likely Diamond is just scared; she doesn’t necessarily want to go back with Russell. Stef spies Detective Gray (Alex Skuby) bringing Doug Harvey into the station. Grey shows Stef video evidence of Callie breaking into Harvey’s house and stealing a toothbrush.


Jesus warns Emma that it might be awhile before he can have sex, and Emma assures him that’s not all she cares about. She shows Jesus a screenshot her friend sent her of an anonymous Twitter account about Anchor Beach possibly going private. Jesus goes onto the account and sees the tweet about a best friend being pregnant. Jesus starts putting two-and-two together, realizing this is likely Mariana’s account and Emma was likely pregnant.

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