The Originals – A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken

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By: Stacy Miller

Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) comes to see Davina (Danielle Campbell).  They talk about how she is alive because The Hollow (Blu Hunt) was powerful enough to bring her back, but reminds that if they kill The Hollow then Davina herself dies, too. Kol vows to find a way to save her. Losing her once was enough for him, Kol won’t lose her again. Davina tells Kol that saving her means he betrays his family and she can’t let him do that.  Kol says that he has a history of betraying his family.  In fact, it’s his specialty. He leaves Davina and meets with The Hollow in the church. The Hollow is enjoying being mortal again; she’s waited centuries for it. However, the Mikaelsons will stop at nothing to kill her and she won’t let that happen. The Hollow tells Kol that she has a protection spell inside a totem and he is to protect the totem.  If he fails to do so, Davina will suffer the consequences.

The next morning at the Mikaelson estate, Hope (Summer Fontana) tells her father Klaus (Joseph Morgan) that she can sense The Hollow gaining strength. Hope explains that it’s like The Hollow is draining the life out of the city. Hope is afraid that The Hollow will drain the life out of them, too.  Klaus assures his daughter that The Hollow is like the many foes he’s defeated in the past and will be taken down. Hope disagrees as The Hollow is different.

Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is over Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) coffin and sees that the pendant is starting to crack.  Freya tells her that unless they kill The Hollow tonight, they lose Elijah because the pendant will be unable to hold his soul. Freya tells Hayley that she (Hayley) needs to stab The Hollow with the weapon covered in Hope’s blood as the little girl is part of The Hollow’s line. Both Hayley and Klaus don’t want their daughter involved.  Having no choice though, Hayley says that she needs to talk with Hope.

Josh (Steven Krueger) visits his friend Davina’s grave where he’s met by Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). Marcel is looking for Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) because the witch can cure Sofya (Taylor Cole), buut Josh hasn’t seen Vincent.

Meanwhile, Freya is working on a locator spell in which to find The Hollow when Rebekah (Claire Holt) arrives. Freya explains that the spell appears to be working as it looks like The Hollow may have taken refuge at a house in the middle of the garden district where a high society doctor killed the members of the household and insisted that something evil caused him to do it.  The house has been empty ever since, making it the perfect place for an entity as evil as The Hollow. However, Freya also senses that The Hollow may be using a totem to intensify her power which will make her difficult to kill.  They will need to destroy the totem before they can kill The Hollow.  Freya hands Rebekah a map, but tells her not to go off to face The Hollow herself.  Rebekah decides to call their brother Kol to help her, but neither Mikaelson sister knows that Kol may betray them to save Davina.

When Rebekah arrives at the abandoned house, Marcel is there and offers to accompany her.  Rebekah tells him that Kol will be helping her. Nonetheless, Marcel enters that house with her.  Kol is already inside and greets them. He says that he checked the house and the totem isn’t there. Suddenly, Marcel and Rebekah are trapped by a dark object.  Kol says that he is sorry, but won’t tell them why he appears to be helping The Hollow.

Hayley talks with Hope.  The little girl doesn’t want her mother to face The Hollow because she is afraid Hayley will be hurt.  Hayley tells Hope that she knows how she feels because when Hayley was little, her mother was hurt too. Unfortunately, there are things that we have to do that are dangerous and people we live get hurt.  So, the brave little girl holds out her finger and Hayley takes her daughter’s blood.

Freya urges her brother Klaus to find Rebekah and the totem before the pendant cracks any further, making them unable to save Elijah.  Freya tells him to “Be fast, be brutal. Or we are all dead.”  Klaus gives Freya the weapons that are dipped in Hope’s blood.  These will serve them well against The Hollow.

When Kol goes back to Davina, she says that he must destroy the totem.  She won’t be the reason that a little girl loses her mother.  Davina has a spell Kol’s mother Esther gave her that will help break a magical link, but they will need the help of a coven in order to complete the spell. Kol knows the spell in which Davina is referring, but tells her that they don’t need a coven to perform it.  Just one powerful little witch like his niece Hope.

Freya and Hayley go to the abandoned house to kill The Hollow.  Freya takes a moment to tell Hayley that although they haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on things, she respects her.  Freya is secretly worried that they will not make it out of this alive and she’ll never see Keelin (Christina Moses) again. Inside the house, Freya and Hayley see a pile of dead bodies.  When they try to go into a room, The Hollow tosses them both around.  Freya is knocked unconscious while Hayley finds herself back at the bayou where she is greeted by her late husband Jackson (Nathan Parsons). Hayley thinks that with everything she’s been thinking about trying to kill The Hollow, her mind must have snapped and the psychological break has caused her to see him (Jackson).  Jackson says that he would have thought that Elijah would have been the person to come to her mind.

Meanwhile at the Mikaelson estate, Kol has a twisted rope and tries to get Hope to do magic. She tells him that she’s not allowed to perform magic with strangers.  Kol tells Hope that he is not a stranger, he is family.  He explains that he had to go away because he was sad and didn’t want to make everyone else sad, too.

Freya wakes up and begins looking for Hayley, who The Hollow has tied to a chair while wolf bane is being extracting from her body. The Hollow wants to keep Hayley alive. Freya goes walking through the house and finds Keelin dead on the floor. Keelin wakes up and tells her that she’s not dead, but will be soon.

Marcel and Rebekah are trapped in the magical barrier.  He doesn’t want Rebekah talking about Sofya. Rebekah thinks they should burn the house down.  Klaus enters and make a comment about Marcel and Rebekah being trapped. Marcel tells Klaus that it wasn’t The Hollow that trapped them, it was Kol. And when he learns that Kol is at the Mikaelson estate, Klaus rushes off to protect his daughter.

Back at the bayou in Hayley’s mind, she is telling Jackson how good Elijah has been to her and how safe he has made her feel. When Jackson comments that Elijah has turned Hayley into a monster, she realizes that it isn’t Jackson but The Hollow. Jackson was a good man and The Hollow is undeserving to be wearing her late husband’s face. Hayley reaches into Faux Jackson’s chest and pulls out his heart.  She wakes up in a room, strapped to a chair. Faux Jackson taunts her and then stabs her with a blade! As it’s all mind games, Hayley is able to continuing fighting the nightmare Jackson.

Before they blow up the house, Marcel and Rebekah talk about Sofya, who hasn’t woken up since The Hollow took over her body.  Rebekah can’t feel sorry for Sofya since she shot her with an arrow several times. Then, the house goes boom in an explosion that lights up the skyline.

Back at the Mikaelson estate, while Hope is doing magic with the knotted rope, Kol hears a sound and goes to investigate. It is Klaus who is furious over his brother’s betrayal in working with The Hollow.  Klaus says Kol allowed The Hollow to use his (Kol) weakness to do her bidding.  Klaus will make Kol pay, but Kol begs for his brother’s mercy.  “Mercy is reserved for family,” Klaus says telling Kol which is he no longer.  Kol asks Klaus whether he would have done the same thing for Camille.  Klaus destroys the totem that allows both Freya and Hayley to escape The Hollow’s torment.

Meanwhile, The Hollow is performing a ritual that involves drinking Hayley’s wolf bane out of a bowl and Hope is doing the knotted rope magic. However, since the totem is broken Hayley gets into the room where The Hollow is and works together with Freya finally stabs The Hollow. The knotted rope falls to the floor and a blue light invades Hope’s room.

Josh is surprised to see Davina and has to save her life after The Hollow is stabbed. Josh quickly feeds Davina his blood.  He urges her to leave town to have the happiness she deserves. Kol appears and they go off together.

Walking away from the explosion, Rebekah reminds Marcel that she wanted to leave with him seven years ago, but he wouldn’t leave New Orleans then. They end up kissing.

Klaus tells Freya that Hayley said she had to take care of something and won’t be there when Elijah wakes up. Freya and Klaus link hands and perform the ritual to transfer Elijah’s soul from the pendant back into his body. In his coffin, Elijah awakens.

Hayley goes to the bayou and talks with Jackson.  She tells him that he is the man she should have loved fully, but couldn’t get Elijah out of her heart. She wants better for Hope.

As the episode concludes, Klaus is promising his daughter to show her New Orleans.  As Hope turns over to go asleep, her eyes turn bright blue.

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