The Originals – High Water and a Devil’s Daughter

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By: Stacy Miller

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is determined that his daughter Hope (Summer Fontana) will not know the monster that he is until she is old enough to be told the truth. So, he drinks blood from a blood bag instead of a victim and tells Elijah (Daniel Gillies) that he won’t have blood spilled in the home where his daughter plays and sleeps. Elijah says that they need to find out who has replaced Dominic (Darri Ingolfsson) as High Priest of The Hollow. Klaus reminds that if Elijah hadn’t been so quick to kill Dominic, they wouldn’t have to worry about a disciple replacement because they would be dealing with the devil they knew (Dominic). Elijah tells Klaus that Freya (Riley Voelkel) will be placing a protection spell around the compound. Klaus is rather annoyed that he is has to stay inside while Elijah gets to leave.

Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) listens as Hope is reading a book of rhymes. Klaus later finds his daughter reading the book and Hope asks her father whether a little boy used to live there.  Klaus response a long time ago. She picks up a toy soldier from the floor as the camera pans to a chest labeled Marcellus.

Freya is working on the boundary spell.  Keelin (Christina Moses) enters and tells her that she has a job interview at a clinic downtown. Keelin has decided to stay in New Orleans because unlike Austin, she doesn’t have to hide her secrets and can be who she is. Keelin wants Freya to join her on Bourbon Street, but Ms. Mickaelson declines as she has to complete the protection spell.  Keelin is understanding that Freya’s family comes first and she must make sure that they are safe.  They will get together for a drink around midnight.

Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) gets the pleasure of Elijah’s company.  Talk about the devil you know! Ever since The Hollow’s appearance, Elijah has been like Vincent’s new best friend showing up constantly to talk with Griffin.  This time it’s about the witch Ancestors. Elijah says that the Ancestors are powerful but since they are gone, they can’t rely on their help.  Vincent tells Elijah that the link to the Ancestors may be gone, but not the witch spirits themselves as you can’t kill what’s already dead.  Vincent wants to use the Harvest Ritual to summon the power of the Ancestors.  But as the last one cost the lives of several girls, they may not get the cooperation they need from the witches to get the required sacrifices. Vincent again reminds Elijah that they are only working together in order to defeat The Hollow and he has no intention of starting a war with the French Quarter coven witches.  When Vincent leaves the room, Elijah pockets the dagger he was using.

Klaus talks with Hayley about Hope being in the attic, going through the old treasures there. Hayley thinks that their daughter is restless because she needs to be in school with children her own age so she can make some friends. Klaus scoffs that once Hope is able to control her magic, she won’t need friends because everyone will worship her.  But Klaus admits that he hates the idea that Hope is confined inside a house with boundary spells to protect her.

Freya visits Josh (Steven Krueger) as she needs a vampire for the boundary spell. She knows that he likes Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and tells him that Dominic isn’t just after Elijah and Klaus, but Gerard as well. “Are you helping or are you whining?” Freya asks Josh, full of sarcasm.

At the abandoned house where the children being sacrificed were kept, Sofya (Taylor Cole) meets with Dominic.  He is annoyed that there is a protection spell on the Mikaelson house. Sofya tells him that Marcel is being held prisoner in the tunnels. She is annoyed that Dominic went after Marcel as they had a deal that he would go after the Mikaelsons, but Marcel was off limits. Dominic stabs Sofya with the bone dagger; he is breaking their deal.

As Marcel is pacing around his tunnel prison, Hope enters. She gives him the toy soldier that she found and tells him that she thinks it belonged to him. The little girl asks Marcel whether her dad is right when he said that he wanted to kill him. Marcel offers to tell Hope anything she wants to know if she will give him some of her dad’s stash of blood. “I’m seven, not stupid,” is Hope’s response. Cute kid. Marcel comments that Hope is a brave little girl to come down and talk to him. Hope tells Marcel she is not afraid because she is a Mikaleson witch. Marcel asks whether they can start over.

Klaus tells Hayley about how trapped him felt when Marcel had him imprisoned. Meanwhile, Freya’s spell has Josh taking on the appearance of Marcel. Faux Marcel is to get in the circle that Freya will make and once Dominic is inside, get out.  But Dominic realizes that Josh is not Marcel. Freya manages to trap and lock Dominic in the circle.  He tells Freya she has no idea what she’s dealing with.

Vincent does a ritual to resurrect four French Quarter witches.  He tells Elijah that he doesn’t know if it will work because he isn’t an Elder.  Elijah reminds that he was once a Regent over the nine covens; he can make the magic needed for the ritual to work.

Hope and Marcel get to know each other.  Hope wonders why Marcel hates her father if he was the one who took care of him.  Marcel honestly replies to the child that he can’t fully hate Klaus because he has loved him for so long.

Freya asks Dominic the location of the bones; she puts her hands on his head to get the truth.  Dominic tells Freya that he knows about her wolf friend and has already sent some of his people to kill her.  Meanwhile, Keelin finds herself surrounded by Dominic’s men.  She turns into a wolf in order to defend herself.  Dominic taunts Freya that if she kills him, she’ll never find her wolf friend’s body. Freya breaks the circle imprisoning Dominic, who then uses his power on her.  Freya appears to be dead.

As Vincent performs the ritual, his and Elijah’s eyes bleed. It’s obvious that the Ancestors are angry with him for helping Elijah. Vincent rushes to Davina’s grave and offers his apology. The crypt opens and he gets Davina’s skull and puts it on the altar.

Keelin looks for Freya at Rousseau’s, asking Josh where she is. Dominic and his men storm into the Mikaelson compound where Dominic taunts Klaus that the protection spell only lasts as long as the witch who cast it. Hope hears the noise above and wants to go and help, but Marcel tells her that it is not safe. Keelin finds Freya unconscious at Josh’s and uses CPR to revive her. Klaus fights Dominic and his men, but one of them stakes him in the back. Then, Dominic tells his men to go to the tunnels and find Marcel Gerard. Marcel pleads with Hope to let him out so he can protect her, but Hope thinks she can protect them both. She then removes her bracelet.  Marcel says he knows that Hope is powerful but he wants her to trust him to keep them safe. Hope tells Marcel that family sticks together always and forever (spoken like a true Mikaelson). Then, she takes his hand.

Once Keelin gets her heart starting again, Freya tells Keelin that she has to go because if her heart stopped, the boundary spell stopped working too and her family is in danger. Meanwhile, Dominic continues to taunt Klaus by saying The Hollow will feast tonight on the Mikaelsons finally.  Klaus lets the beast out and stakes Dominic. Then, he rushes down to the tunnels where he finds Hope’s discarded bracelet among bloody bodies.

Vincent asks Davina’s help in restoring the link to the Ancestors. The skull begins to shake and then the four witches come back from the dead. Elijah says that he is glad that they now have an ally against The Hollow.

Klaus finds Hope sitting in the park with Marcel. Hope tells her father that Marcel took her away and told her to close her eyes and sing so she wouldn’t see anything. Later, Klaus comments how he used to tell Marcel to close his eyes and sing when Gerard was a boy.  Klaus will protect Hope and keep her from learning that he is a monster for as long as he can. He tells Marcel that the only way they can defeat The Hollow is to work together.

Freya tells Elijah that the guardians of the bone is the Pease wolf bloodline.  Ironically, the last wolf from that bloodline was The Vampire Diaries’ Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino).  Elijah realizes the bone must be in Mystic Falls.  Later, Freya meets with Keelin and they admit their feelings for each other before kissing.

Vincent tells Josh what happened at Davina’s grave and with the Ancestors. Now, Davina has all the Ancestral magic and will be a valuable ally against The Hollow.

As the episode ends, Sofya removes the blade from her chest and is overtaken by a black mist that tells her it needs to hide from the Ancestors.  It is The Hollow and goes inside Sofya’s body. Her eyes turn blue.

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