The Originals – Phantomesque

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By: Stacy Miller

As the episode opens, we see a nightclub on the French Rivera where Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) are partying. Kol is biting people on the dance floor. Suddenly, all those Kol has bitten fall dead to the floor. Rebekah comments that vampires dying like that hasn’t happened since Kol was killed and his sire line died. They realize that something must have happened with Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and decide that they need to return to New Orleans immediately.

At the Mikaelson estate, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) informs Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) that Kol and Rebekah will be there. So, Freya needs to restore Elijah back to life because he’d hate to be made a liar to his siblings. Freya explains that she doesn’t want to bring Elijah back until she is sure that she is bringing him back in his right mind because when the pendant was broken into pieces so was Elijah’s mind.  And their brother may have gone into a safe place in the back of his consciousness. Freya needs to make sure Elijah’s mind is whole before she fixes the pendant and places his soul inside.  She assures Hayley that Elijah is her (Freya’s) brother and she’ll do everything to make sure he’s whole again.

Meanwhile, Josh (Steven Krueger) tells Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) that Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) may be able to make Sofya (Taylor Cole) better if Vincent can get The Hollow’s (Blu Hunt) blood.  It involves taking the magic that is from The Hollow’s blood and then doing a process of reverse engineering on Sofya to make her back to normal. Marcel refuses to sit around and wait while Sofya’s life slips away.  Josh reminds him that as he is battling an ancient evil, Marcel should have asked for the help of more powerful people than Josh – people like the Mikaelsons. But Marcel says that he came to him because Josh is the only one he trusts. Meanwhile, as The Hollow walks down the French Quarter, all the plants she passes wither and die.

Back at the Mikaelsons, Klaus stands over Elijah’s coffin and shares a touching sentiment with his brother about how important Elijah is to him even when they were rivals.  Klaus acknowledges that Elijah was the glue that held the Mikaelson family together and promises him that this won’t be Elijah’s end. Klaus vows that he will not rest until Elijah is back with the Mikaelsons again, no matter who or what he has to kill. Rebekah hears the end of the conversation and tells Klaus that she’s in for the fun and mayhem. Klaus hugs his sister, but worries that maybe Rebekah shouldn’t have come back. Rebekah says that she probably shouldn’t have left. Klaus tells Rebekah that there are many weapons out there that can kill them and they must destroy them first “Lethal thorns, resurrected witches. What could possibly go wrong?”

Freya has decided that she will travel inside Elijah’s mind and will find out what corner he is hiding. She lays inside a salt circle and the journey begins. Freya walks down a white hallway filled with many doors.

Marcel finds The Hollow among a pile of witches she has killed. He says he can’t believe that she killed all that were following her. The Hollow says that all of them who have sacrificed their blood to her await great reward.  The question is Marcel one of them? The Hollow tells Marcel that Sofya was a great soldier to her cause, but now Sofya’s magic has infected her (The Hollow) body. Still, The Hollow promises Marcel that she will give Sofya back to him if Girard serves her. Marcel’s answer is to bite her, but The Hollow’s blood burns his mouth and then she knocks him unconscious.

Kol, Klaus and Rebekah get three of the weapons. Meanwhile, at the Mikaelson estate, Hayley looks at Freya’s unconscious body. Freya sees some of her brother’s murderous past.  But when she calls to Elijah, he doesn’t hear and walks pass her. How can Freya reach Elijah?

While Kol, Klaus and Rebekah are out terrorizing to get more weapons, one of their victims just laughs that his death doesn’t matter as long as it brings The Hollow some power. When he starts to mention The Ancestors, Klaus stakes him.  Kol throws his brother against a wall as he knows Klaus did something that will cost him (Kol) the chance of seeing Davina (Danielle Campbell) again.  Klaus tells Kol that it was Elijah that killed the four Harvest girls.

Back inside the dark mind of Elijah, Freya opens another door to find the Mikaelsons enjoying a civil family dinner.  This is one of the few times where accusations aren’t being hurled with the threat of daggering mentioned. She tries to get through to her brother, but again, even though Elijah makes eye contact with her he vanishes before Freya’s eyes. After that, Freya returns back to the conscious world and tells Hayley that reaching Elijah and doing the spell can’t be done simultaneously.  Freya suggests that Hope (Summer Fontana) do it, but Hayley shoots down that suggestion; there’s no way she’s putting her young daughter in that kind of danger.  Freya assures Hayley that she would never do anything to hurt Hope.

Klaus and Rebekah find an unconscious Marcel. When he wakes up, of course Marcel argues with Klaus, demanding his sire give him back the thorny dagger. Marcel assures Klaus that he doesn’t plan on using it against him but won’t tell Mikaelson why he needs the weapon. Rebekah tells Marcel that they need to work together to find all the weapons in order to defeat The Hollow.

Haley decides to let Hope do the spell so she removes her daughter’s bracelet and takes Freya’s former place in the circle. Freya is given by Hayley some of her (Hayley) blood and Ms. Mikaelson tells Hayley to think of a place in which Elijah might seek refuge in his mind; it will be a place that is speaks to who Elijah is. Hayley walks down the same white hallway in which Freya did. She approaches a red door and hears screams but continues on. She ends up at the time when Elijah came to her when she had changed to a wolf after the Mikaelsons have been asleep for years (this season’s premiere). Hayley calls Elijah’s name, but he ends up vanishing like he did with Freya.

Klaus accuses Rebekah of allowing her old feelings for Marcel to take away her focus on what they need to do to get Elijah back. Klaus won’t be swayed; he’ll kill everyone and everything in the city if need be to save his brother. Rebekah says that if Klaus becomes his old, murderous self then Elijah’s death would have for nothing.

Hayley goes back to the red door. When she opens it, she sees the floor riddled with bodies. Elijah is in a corner of the room and upon seeing her, walks towards. His eyes display a beast ready to continue on his killing spree. Hayley tells Elijah to stop, but has to run and he starts chasing her.

Kol goes to the cemetery and asks the Harvest Girls about the weapons he needs to find and also about them arranging so he can see Davina. He reminds that his brother Elijah was the one who killed them and he’s not his brother. He encourages them to cooperate with him saying that he makes a better friend than foe. Their response is to render him unconscious on the ground.

When Marcel finds the final dagger, Rebekah orders him to give it to her. Klaus tells Marcel that if he insists upon having a weapon that can kill an Original, he is their enemy. Marcel explains that he needs the magic that is in the thorns to save the life of someone he cares about. Rebekah realizes that Marcel is fighting for love; once upon a time he used to go through any lengths to save her.

Meanwhile, inside Elijah’s mind, Hayley is running for her life but Elijah’s catches up.  He starts becoming violent. In the real world, Hope sees her mother having spasms inside the circle. Freya is able to help Hope reach Hayley and walk the white hall. She holds out her arms and screams for her mommy. The magically powerful little witch is able to reach Elijah who stops hurting Hayley. Elijah tells Hayley it’s really him. Now, Freya can fix the pendant and bring Elijah back. Later, Rebekah congratulates Freya and asks whether she could put Elijah in another body. Freya tells her sister that it would be risky; she needs to return Elijah to his own body and to do so they need a sacrifice like killing The Hollow.

Klaus talks to Hayley about her mind walk through Elijah’s mind. She talks about all the terrible things she saw. Klaus reminds that they are all monsters, but at least the things Elijah did, he did for family.

Rebekah tells Kol on the phone that she’s decided to stay in New Orleans for a while. As the episode closes, Kol puts a rose on Davina’s tomb. The Hollow shows up and offers to bring Davina back. Then, The Hollow cuts open her hand and tells Kol that she’s now linked to Davina so in order to keep his love out of harm, he must do what she says.

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