The Originals – Voodoo Child

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By: Stacy Miller

As the episode opens, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) is working a spell which gives him a vision of a forest where a baby is in a hut crying.  An acolyte of The Hollow shows up to take the spell book away from Vincent, but Griffith says that the acolyte will have to kill him first if he wants the book.  Vincent ends up getting knocked unconscious and the acolyte takes the book.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is in a bad mood and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) knows why. It seems that Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) hasn’t exactly been celebrating Elijah’s return. Klaus assures his brother that Hayley will come around.  There is one person who wants to celebrate and that is Rebekah (Claire Holt), who asks Elijah to take her out to listen to jazz. Klaus reminds that Rebekah won’t have too much longer to enjoy New Orleans’ jazz as he and Elijah have to meet with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and discuss the Mikaelsons’ departure.  Rebekah tells her brothers to let her handle it.  She is confident that she and Marcel can come to some sort of agreement. Translation: We kissed and Marcel is still in love with me so I’m sure that I can get him to let us stay!

Freya (Riley Voelkel) surprises Keelin (Christina Moses) by showing up as her girlfriend is leaving work.  Freya tells Keelin about The Hollow getting inside her (Freya) head by showing her an image of Keelin dead. This is Freya’s worst fear and The Hollow was using it against her to throw Ms. Mikaelson off her game.  But they killed The Hollow so Freya should be able to relax.  And that she does once she and Keelin return home.  They give into their feelings for each other and make love for the first time.

As she promised Elijah and Klaus, Rebekah goes to see Marcel to talk with him about the Mikaelsons leaving New Orleans. She hints that if he insists that they honor their agreement to depart, Marcel could be missing out on some opportunities; one of which is mending a broken relationship (hers and Marcel). But Marcel disagrees, if the Mikaelsons stay in New Orleans he’s sure that it’s only a matter of time before her brothers will abuse his hospitality. And as for mending their broken relationship, Marcel tells Rebecca that the kiss they shared was a mistake.  Vincent is on his way over to help wake Sofya (Taylor Cole) who is the woman that Marcel now cares for, not Rebekah.

At the Mikaelson estate, Hayley wants to talk with Klaus about what’s best for their daughter Hope’s (Summer Fontana) future.  She thinks that after all the disheveled in the little girl’s life, Hayley thinks it’s time for normalcy.  Elijah enters the room and wants to talk with Hayley.  But again, Ms. Marshall walks away from him and goes upstairs. She finds her daughter sitting on the bed and begins brushing Hope’s hair.  From the way her daughter is acting, Hayley asks Hope whether she’s okay; reasoning that everything that happened with The Hollow has taken its toll on Hope.  But Hope says that she wants to get back to her drawing.

Vincent arrives at Marcel’s and gives him a vial containing the cure that should awake Sofya. Marcel sticks the needle in her neck and Sofya wakes up from her coma. She asks Marcel what happens as she doesn’t remember much. Sofya explains that once The Hollow took over her body, it was like she (Sofya) retreated into a dark corner in the back of her own mind.  She was lost and wasn’t sure she’d ever make it back again. Then, Sofya tells Marcel that she can still feel The Hollow so she doesn’t think she’s gone.

Marcel meets up with Elijah, Klaus and Vincent who tells them that The Hollow’s acolytes took the book that contains the spell that could trap her.  Klaus reminds that he has a library full of grimoires that could also do the trick, but Vincent says that they won’t work; the book is an extension of The Hollow’s power. Once he has worked out the kinks, Vincent found a spell that could lock The Hollow inside the book permanently.  So, all they need to do is get the book back. Vincent managed to rip a page out of the book before it was taken. They can use it to track down the rest of the book.

Back at the Mikaelsons, Rebekah knows that Hayley has been keeping her distance because of what she saw when she walked Elijah’s mind. Hayley explains that what she saw threw her.  And it’s not just because of Elijah’s murderous past.  She believes it’s in his nature to be a violent animal even when he tries to be a good man.  Hayley doesn’t want Hope to grown up thinking that violence is right; she wants Hope to follow a different example.  Hayley doesn’t want her daughter to grow up and become a monster.

Meanwhile Elijah, Klaus, Marcel and Vincent go to retrieve the book from The Hollow’s acolytes.  Klaus tells them that he has no problem with killing the lot of them to get the book back. An acolyte smirks that it doesn’t matter if Mikaelson kills them or not.  It won’t stop The Hollow because, as they speak, she’s locking her body inside the most powerful witch that ever lived.  Klaus doesn’t care what body The Hollow choses, he’ll kill every last one.  The acolyte doubts that as The Hollow’s newest body is someone Klaus holds dear. Klaus realizes that the acolyte is talking about Hope. Furious, the hybrid shows his fangs and bites the acolyte.

Vincent is trying to locate The Hollow without the book and needs Marcel’s help. Marcel is not so sure about what Vincent wants to do, but agrees to help and goes inside a salt circle. Vincent begins to chant and soon finds himself at a hut where he hears a crying baby.  Unfortunately, the spell doesn’t last long.  Vincent tells Marcel that he entered a place where the living aren’t permitted.  The only way for him to see more is if Vincent were to die.  Griffith shows Marcel how to kill him and bring him back in order for him to return to the hut to get the answers they seek to stop The Hollow. Marcel has to fight The Hollow’s acolytes to keep them away from Vincent’s body.

Rebekah finds her niece throwing her (Hope) protection bracelet into the fire.  Hope tells Rebekah that in order to protect her parents she has to be able to perform magic.  Rebekah assures Hope that nothing has been able to defeat the Mikaelsons in a thousand years.  Hope knows something that can.  And with that, she stakes Rebekah…Hope is The Hollow who intends to lock herself in the body of the youngest Mikaleson permanently.

Elijah asks Klaus to take Hope and Hayley far away when all of this is over. He says that until Hope came into their lives, they were all blood thirsty killers; she is the best thing that ever happened to them.  They need to do whatever is necessary to keep Hope safe.

Freya returns to the Mikaelson estate and is bursting to share her happy new with someone.  She notices the look on Hayley’s face and realizes something is wrong.  Hayley tells Freya that she doesn’t think that The Hollow linked herself to her (Hayley).  Then, Hayley gives Freya the hairbrush she took from Hope’s room and asks Freya to do a reading.  Freya does the reading and senses The Hollow’s dark energy: The Hollow has linked herself to Hope!  Freya and Hayley realizes that The Hollow must have done a spell in order to make sure that Hope’s blood wasn’t fatal to her.

Freya returns home and puts up a protection spell to keep Keelin safe.  But Keelin tells her girlfriend that if Freya is fighting, then so is she.

Hayley goes back upstairs to her daughter’s room and suggests they go play chess.  Or she can make her a snack.  When Hope just stares at her, Hayley can’t take it anymore and demands of The Hollow, “I want my daughter back.”  Freya arrives and does a spell which renders Hope unconscious while The Hollow’s black smoke hovers above her head.  Freya wants to put Hope’s soul inside the pendant so The Hollow can’t get to the child, but The Hollow appears and smashes the pendant.

Sofya saves Marcel just in time.  Marcel then brings Vincent back to life. When Elijah and Klaus arrive, Sofya tells them that the only way to stop The Hollow from taking over Hope is for Hope not to let go.  Sofya explains that it is hard having the mental will to fight The Hollow and although Hope is strong, she is still a child. Vincent does a spell to help Klaus reach his daughter’s mind. Hope tells her father how she tried to fight The Hollow when she came to her but couldn’t.  She tells Klaus that it’s so cold and dark and she’s tired.

Meanwhile Sofya, Elijah, Hayley and Marcel all battle The Hollow. They were just distractions so Vincent could trap her inside a circle.  He tells her that he’s been communicating with the Ancestors and has the power to destroy her.  He pulls out the book and says that it has a spell her (The Hollow) mother gave him in order to trap her inside the book forever. It looks like Vincent’s spell is working while Klaus is urging his daughter to stay awake.  But in the end, The Hollow proves to be the stronger of the two and destroys the book. The black smoke returns to Hope’s body.

Hayley rushes to find her daughter and doesn’t want Elijah’s help; she should have never brought Hope anywhere near his family.

The Hollow in Hope’s body goes to the church and faces her followers. As the episode concludes, Klaus says to his family “1000 years ago, we three made an eternal vow to protect each other, always and forever.” This vow now includes Hope and Freya. They will save his daughter.  Vincent tells the Mikaelsons he may have a way to do that.  But if they agree to it, it will be the end of always and forever.

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