The Voice – Blind Auditions/Battles

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Q) Katie, I’m wondering, were you watching the show, first of all last night?


Katie Basden:   I was. I watched it with 150 other people at my church.


Q) Ok. So presumably a lot of the people didn’t know the results, right?


Katie Basden:       Yes.


Q) So for those keeping score, you were on the show, then you were off the show, then you were on the show again all in the same episode. hat was it like? What kind of responses were you getting from people? Were they disappointed and then elated? Or, what was the experience was that like for you last night?


Katie Basden: It was very funny because they aired Blake’s last person right before me. And so people were already very frustrated before my audition even aired, because they all wanted me to be on Team Blake. So once I got on a team, everyone was obviously very excited.  And then my and Ryan’s battle showed immediately after, which was crazy. And when Ryan won, the air like went out of the room. Like everyone was so excited, they thought the battle was great. And like you can imagine, like it’s a church gym, like people are just hollering and immediately like the room went silent. And then, I mean it felt like an hour but it was only 30 seconds until he was like, Katie’s available to steal and Christina pushed her button and then Blake pushed his button. So it was just kind of like the very definition of a rollercoaster. Everyone was like emotional. Everyone was crying. And it was just a very cool experience to experience it with a lot of my hometown.


Q) Malik and Bryan, you two were paired together for the battle last night, and that was definitely I have to say that was the highlight of the episode last night. So what was that like going against each other? And especially since before Christina had even made her decision the other coaches were trying to pitch you onto their teams. So what was that all like?


Bryan Bautista:  Leading up to the battle I didn’t know what to expect. But as we kept on practicing and practicing together, I felt like I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way because Malik is dope and he made me bring my A game and his work ethic is crazy. So I feel like it was a perfect match and yes, like I said I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


Malik Heard:   It was just a cool experience, just working with Bryan. It was crazy that they were already pitching to us and hearing that was one of the greatest like battles in history is like mind blowing because I mean at first it was like crazy because we had this huge song that’s legendary and you can either fail or you can either kill it. And I’m just happy that we got the chance to work together.


Q) Moushumi, I wanted to know what were some of your musical influences?


Moushumi:  Yes. I actually have a lot. I’m really kind of drawn to more indie alternative music. Some of my biggest inspirations are Damien Rice, Radiohead, actually Melanie Martinez from season three is a pretty big influence. Yes, just things that are very mellow, I think.


Q) Katie, you have a career and you did a release late last year. What are you hoping to get from The Voice that would add to your career, your songwriting career even?


Katie Basden:  I am, let’s see. I’m actually just really excited about this exposure. I’m advancing and it’s so great. And it really, last night just felt extremely validating. There are a lot of people who support me, but I think they were just sort of, it’s kind of aloof in their mind that there’s a girl in Durham who’s really trying hard to be an artist. And so this was just something that sort of kind of put this down in ink for everybody that it was like we should get on board now because if we don’t, we’re going to miss it. And that was just very validating for me because I’ve been working hard. And the release I think for this is just going to only boost that previous record and push me into a different spot to continue making more music. So thanks for calling.


Bryan Bautista: I didn’t have any releases or anything like that before coming on the show. But I just feel like the exposure would be great and in addition to all the fans that you can make from being on the show, I’d also like my talent to resonate with people in that creative minds and other creative artists and musicians would want to collaborate by seeing my potential and my talent on TV. So I feel like I’m very excited about that, too.


Q) Moushumi, I just wanted to know how you decided which coach to pick.


Moushumi: Well, I think definitely kind of you know in the moment it was an incredibly difficult decision because everyone was saying something that really drew me in. But since I started doing music, one of my biggest influences — not just, you know, musically but just everything that he stands for — was Pharrell. And he really kind of brings up indie artists and shows them to the world and I think that that was probably one of the biggest reasons why I had to choose Pharrell.


Q) Malik, I wanted to know what’s the number one thing that you’re going to take away from having Christina being your coach in the past?


Malik Heard: One thing that I’m going to take away is don’t be afraid  put falsetto into a song. And also, don’t be afraid to just put my just grit in like beat and attack it like she does with her vocals. And I just won’t forget just working with her in general because she was just fun to work with.


Q) Ryan, you were up against Katie last night in the battle round. So kind of as you were going through rehearsals and getting ready, kind of what did you think your chances were of staying or going or being stolen or any of that?


Ryan Quinn:  God I loved rehearing with Katie. We had so much fun together, and Katie was actually sick and we still managed to have fun rehearsing together. And I just, I didn’t even really think about my odds or anything. I just was really focusing — and so was she — on making it the very best performance we could because I mean, I’m absolutely – I love Paul McCartney, and we both just love singing so much. And we just wanted to complement each other the best that we could.



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