The Voice – Season 13: Battles Night Three

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By: Jamie Steinberg



Q) Anthony, you won your battle and I’d just like you to talk a little bit about the challenges you faced during rehearsal, how your coach helped you overcome those challenges, and why you ultimately think you won.


Anthony Alexander:   Well, one thing is during the battle, struggles that I really faced was really staying in that pocket and really relaxing.  I just felt that during the battle I was very – definitely in a state of kind of like nerves.  I was definitely, like, nervous for my battle honestly because I just felt that just being the youngest one on the team was kind of something that kind of got into my head a little bit.  And just thinking there’s a bunch of — like everybody on my team is older than I.  And so they’re more experienced than I am and it kind of got in my head a little bit, which caused a little bit of struggling during some of the rehearsals, that sort of thing. But then Adam helped me relax, Adam and Joe.  They both helped me.  They had both said that in this that everyone is all new to this and everyone is at the same age right now, which really helped me relax and everything.  And I believe that what really helped me win the battle was just being relaxed and going with the flow.


Q) Karli, you won your battle on Team Miley but the competition — the outcome was a really close call.  So I guess could you talk about what was going through your mind when listening to the feedback from the coaches and were you surprised when you learned you had won?


Karli Webster:  Well, neither me or Addison.  We were very honest with each other from the beginning because we’re very close friends and so we were very honest with each other and we gave each other really good honest feedback when it came to the song.  And we would try to ask each other what do you think is going to happen.  But truthfully, neither one of us had any idea what Miley was going to do and we were both very just clear about the fact that it wasn’t about who is more talented because we felt as though it was literally a level playing field when it came to our talent, that it was all going to be up to what kind of style Miley wanted on her team. So we really had no idea what she was going to do.  So we were both very shocked.  We were both shocked when she called my name but we had planned and worked so hard for the outcome that one of us would get stolen.  And so we were pretty confident that Adam was going to steal whoever didn’t win the battle.  So thankfully that happened, but we were both very shocked I think by the result just because it could have easily gone either way.  So it was very shocking but we were both very happy that it worked out the way that we wanted.


Q) Stephan, I just wanted to talk to you about your experience being a stolen artist.  Were you surprised or disappointed at all that your original coach didn’t choose to keep you?  And how do you feel your experience on the show will be enhanced by working with a new coach?


Stephan Marcellus:      I’m not surprised or disappointed.  Of course, I think naturally you would be disappointed because you want your coach to keep you, especially the way that I came in.  She actually saw something in me that was pretty amazing and so I wanted to commit to everything that I was doing and really evoke all the emotion that I can to make sure that people around the world, everybody watching it can actually see that I can prove myself and I can actually be here. And so I think when Miley pressed her button – and I know that Miley is somebody who really cared about emotion.  I know we’ve all been watching the show and so all the songs that she’s chosen have been very emotion based.  So it’s kind of like I feel like working with her would greatly enhance that skill or that superpower, if you will, in me and I’m just excited. As I was thinking the whole entire time it was like it’s more than just being grateful.  I just honestly feel super blessed to continue this experience.


Q) Stephan, I guess, do you feel it’s an advantage or disadvantage being the only male member of Team Miley at this point in the competition?  Did you think you would have to work harder to convince Miley to keep a guy on her team?  Or I guess were you feeling pretty secure thinking that you were special to her?


Stephan Marcellus:      No, I think first of all, everybody on Team Miley has an impeccable voice.  So I would have to work my butt off to stay there.  No, she was pretty adamant about her for a really long time.  So for her to choose me out of all that, first of all, as I said, that’s just a blessing.  So I’m definitely going to work my butt off to make sure that I prove myself to her too because she took another chance and I appreciate it.


Q) Anna and Emily, your battles obviously weren’t shown very much in last night’s episode.  They were kind of shown during a brief montage of performances.  So I was wondering if you guys could tell me more about it, what the rehearsals were like the viewers didn’t see and what type of feedback you got from the coaches afterwards, things like that.  And we could start with Anna.


Anna Catherine DeHart:  Our rehearsals, mine and Kristi’s voice is very similar.  So it was definitely I think the main point of any rehearsals with Blake and with Rascal Flatts that we both made it individualized and that we told the story that this song kind of allows.  And I think in the end, a lot of the advice that we got from Blake and from Rascal Flatts was really taking it and making it our own and I think that we both did that and hopefully did it justice.


Q) And how about you, Emily?


Emily Luther:  Gary was actually the first friend that I had made on The Voice.  We had the same flight together for our initial audition and so when we were paired together and Adam paired us up, I think we were a little bit nervous just because we are friends.  But we just — we knew that we wanted to give an amazing performance regardless of the outcome.   And when we were given an Adele song, I think there was definitely pressure put on both of us just for an artist like Adele just because she has such an amazing voice, and incredible performer all around. So those are some of the challenges that we had.  It’s just making a unique performance to the song and paying our respect to the artist as well and keeping that in the back of our minds as well.  And so we just had a great time together and again, it was just one of those things where two artists were trying to make an original sound for the performance and that’s what we tried to do.




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