The Walking Dead – New Best Friends

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By: Jennifer Vintzileos


This last episode was quite exciting with a potential new group that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) can negotiate with while Daryl (Norman Reedus) has been adjusting to life outside of the Sanctuary. Ezekiel (Khary Payton) still hasn’t agreed to joining the fight, but Richard (Karl Makinen) is ready to change that. And all the while, Morgan (Lemmie James) continues to wrestle with keeping the peace. Luckily, this episode features a new agreement, building frustration and a tearful reunion.


At The Kingdom, it is time for the Saviors to collect for produce week. As the familiar trucks pull up and Gavin’s (Jayson Warner Smith) group collects their goods, it is time for Savior Jared (Joshua Mikel) and Richard to have their second go-around. Unfortunately, the fight only causes more problems as Morgan and Benjamin (Logan Miller) get involved, costing Morgan his fighting staff that had been given to him from Eastman (John Carroll Lynch). Once back inside the walls Ezekiel shows his displeasure towards Richard’s actions, but Richard is adamant that something needs to be done. As the group disperses, Daryl emerges and continues trying to convince Morgan that fighting is the only way; even Carol (Melissa McBride) knew that.


As he walks away, Daryl comes upon Richard working on his archery. Richard convinces Daryl that something needs to be done about the Saviors and enlists Daryl’s help. In that moment, Daryl spots the crossbow on the table of weapons, agreeing to help Richard in his mission. They go to Richard’s secret stash of weapons in the forest and armed with Molotov cocktails and guns they make their way to the highway. Setting up their trap, Richard starts to talk about the woman who lives outside of the gates and how their plan might harm her. Daryl finally deduces that the woman in question is Carol and puts a halt on the attack, grabs his gear and sets off towards Carol’s location.


Meanwhile at the compound where Rick, Michonne (Danai Gurira), Aaron (Ross Marquand), Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Tara (Alanna Masterson) were last seen, the group has found new potential recruits. But first, they need to find out where Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) has been taken. When Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) emerges, Rick tries to bargain with her to work with him in defeating Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Jadis is not easily swayed by Rick, explaining that his group needs to bargain for their lives. Gabriel steps in and assures Jadis that Rick can do anything, which she gladly tests as Rick is led to the top of one of the garbage heaps in the compound and promptly pushed off of it into a pit with one tricked-out spiky walker.


In a fight for his life, Rick first finds difficulty as his hand and leg are injured by the walker’s spikes. Through a small cubbyhole in the debris, Michonne convinces Rick to use the walls of garbage around him to his advantage, smothering the walker in enough debris so that he could procure a shard of glass and kill the walker. Jadis is mildly impressed by Rick’s win, offering him a rope to climb back up onto the top of the garbage heap.


Ultimately, Jadis agrees to have her group join the fight with him against Negan only if he can provide her group with guns. Both parties come to an agreement and are given back their weapons, food and Father Gabriel.  Before they leave, Rick tells Gabriel that he smiled upon seeing the group because someone showed him that “enemies can become friends,” alluding to his relationship with Gabriel. The group has found a renewed sense of purpose to scavenge, ready to fight.


Carol has started to grow weary of her constant visits from Ezekiel, as she just wants to be left alone. While alone in her cabin reading she hears a knock. Assuming it is the King yet again, she opens the door to find Daryl there, spurring on one of the most tearful reunions between these two friends. It is clear that Carol’s departure has affected Daryl more than she knew. When inside, Carol explains that she needed to leave, as having to kill any more for her family would have made her lose whatever humanity she had left. She inquires about the group and whether The Saviors harmed anyone in their community. Daryl decides to shoulder the burden rather than speak the truth, assuring Carol that everyone is okay.


That night, Daryl leaves to head back to the Kingdom. He is seen spending time with Shiva when Morgan walks in. But Daryl is having none of Morgan, as he tells him to wake up and realize that the fight is just beginning. Shiva takes this moment to nuzzle Daryl’s hand, showing her trust in him. Later that day, Daryl sets off back to the Hilltop ready to start the fight.


Join me next time as we head on back to the Sanctuary and finally see what Negan has done with Eugene (Josh McDermitt). And will Dwight (Austin Amelio) ever switch to the good side? Stay tuned for Sunday!

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