The Walking Dead – Something They Need

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By: Jennifer Vintzileos


I would definitely say that as of last week things really started to heat up! With Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Sasha’s (Sonequa Martin-Green) suicide mission ending in a one-woman show, we’re curious to know whether the creeper in the shadows was Daryl (Norman Reedus) or Dwight (Austin Amelio). We’ll also learn what happened when Tara (Alanna Masterson) finally told Rick (Andrew Lincoln) about the Oceanside community, which is where the episode starts. 


As we hear Tara explain to Rick her own hesitations about telling him about Oceanside, the group readies themselves to go and take the lot of weapons at the women’s camp. With a good portion of the Alexandrians accompanying them, Rick and the group are prepared to take the guns by force if necessary. Back on the beach at Oceanside we see a potential impending problem: a ship has made its way ashore and from it a whole shipload of passenger walkers.  


While it was not initially clear as to whether Sasha had succeeded in her mission it becomes obvious she failed as Savior David (Martinez) opens the cell to reveal her tied up. When Sasha asks David for water he will only grant her request in exchange for sexual favor, but is stopped when Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) arrives. Even though we know Negan has no qualms about killing, his disgust for rape results in David’s immediate end with a knife through his throat followed by asking one of his other Saviors to bring Sasha a new t-shirt. With David’s soon-to-be reanimated body on the floor Negan begins to compliment Sasha for her “beach ball sized lady nuts” and offers her the opportunity to try out for as a Savior. Negan leaves her with a knife and David’s body. 


Eugene (Josh McDermitt) comes to visit Sasha, providing her with comfort, light and water. Sasha asks Eugene why he defected to Negan’s side, to which we learn that Abraham’s (Michael Cudlitz) death affected his decision greatly. He had viewed his fallen friend as the epitome of bravery and watching Negan destroy him made Eugene realize that he needed to adapt to the new ways of the world. As Eugene leaves, Sasha continues to sit in silence watching David turn. 


At the Hilltop, Gregory (Xander Berkeley) continues to try and find any way possible to undermine Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and remove her as a figure of influence over the community. When she goes outside the walls to collect a wild blueberry bush that could be vital towards crop production, Gregory sees his chance. Wielding a knife and a false sense of bravado Gregory assures Maggie protection under false pretenses while waiting for the right moment. Unfortunately, a nearby walker hinders that opportunity and despite his offer to take care of it Maggie has the situation under control. That is until Gregory is found to be attacked by a second walker that has come out of nowhere. Maggie not only dispatches her walker, but saves Gregory as well. Hilltop community members witness part of the exchange and start to see that Gregory has lied to them about his own ability to take out the undead. Later on that day Gregory prepares to set out, whereabouts unknown.  


Rick’s group has arrived at the Oceanside community. With Michonne (Danai Gurira) perched at a location in a nearby tree their plan begins. When Natania (Deborah May) enters her quarters Tara is waiting for her, gun in hand and unwilling to compromise until the Alexandrians take their weapons. Cyndie (Sydney Park) enters and both women are angered by Tara’s return. Yet Tara’s explanation of how her group plans to take out Negan may sway Cyndie, it seems that Natania is not moved one bit. Unfortunately, the time to negotiate is up as Rick and the group have now put their plan in motion to ambush the Oceanside community.  


With explosions all around, the women make their way over to their armory only to be stopped by Daryl and Jesus (Tom Payne), ordering everyone to get on the ground. They comply and Rick appears ready to negotiate. Unfortunately, back at Natania’s residence, Tara has lost her upper hand and has been taken semi-hostage by Natania. She heads out with her community held hostage and continues to refuse to give their guns to Rick’s group.  


While Rick continues to explain his plan to fight Negan and the Saviors the community members seem to agree in wanting to join the cause. Cyndie believes that the community should listen to Rick and that they should fight with them, as they share a common enemy. Unfortunately, the walkers from the ship have now found the group, resulting in both Alexandrians and Oceanside coming together in fighting off the undead. Ultimately, Natania refuses to let the group fight, but gives over the guns to Rick as the motto of the Oceanside community being that either all of them of fight or none of them do. The Alexandrians box up all the weapons and leave with the ammo they needed to fight.  


Back at the Sanctuary Negan enters Sasha’s cell to find that she had taken care of killing walker David, but that the test is not over yet. Negan tells Sasha that he is aware of the fight that’s coming and knows that having her on his side will result in a “win, win” situation for him. Taking back the knife he had left Sasha, Negan leaves the cell. Later on, Eugene comes to visit and while he would like to have Sasha as an ally she is ready to die, unwilling to fight her friends. She pleads with Eugene to offer her a way to kill herself and he does, in the form of the pills that he had originally made for Negan’s wives. Despite wanting her on his side, Eugene still shows compassion and caring for his friend.  


When Rick and the gang return to Alexandria they find Rosita waiting there for them. They ask about Sasha’s whereabouts, but Rosita is adamant in showing them who she brought back with her. Heading down to the cell that Morgan (Lennie James) had built, Rick is surprised to find Dwight there. It is clear that Dwight was the shadow that Rosita had seen in the prior episode. Upon first sight, Daryl lunges for Dwight but is held back. Rick asks Dwight if it’s true that he wants to help. Upon confirmation of Dwight’s promise to help, Rick pulls out his gun and points it at Dwight, asking him to get down on his knees. 


So here we are with one final episode for Season Seven. Are Dwight’s intentions honorable or is he Negan’s rat? How many are willing to join Rick in the fight? Will Sasha decide to fight or die? All our answers should be hopefully answered in the extended season finale of The Walking Dead! 

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