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By: Jamie Steinberg


Q) What made you originally want to be a part of “The Mick?”

A) I had a few scripts and offers, but “The Mick” was the funniest one I read. The minute I found out Kaitlin Olson was attached that kind of sealed the deal for me since I’m a big fan of hers and the writers and producers. And they all come from “It’s Always Sunny” and that’s my favorite show.

Q) How was Chip initially described to you and did he evolve at all since then?

A) Chip was described as “an entitled jerk with a punchable face.” He thinks money can buy him all the answers and I definitely think Chip is evolving and growing as a character. He is super misunderstood at the beginning and he is trying so hard to be the man of the house, but really he’s not. Through the episodes we see him maturing. He still has his moments. I think he is a jerk at times, but I think everyone sees he has a good heart and tries to please everyone.

Q) Where do you and Chip connect, if at all?

A) Maybe just the good heart part. [laughs] I don’t’ think I have much in common with Chip other than we are the same age. And I would hope I don’t have a punchable face, even though we’re the same person.

Q) What can you tease is in store for the season finale of “The Mick?”

A) There are definitely lots of surprises, especially with the parents coming back. But the biggest surprise no one will see is coming and it’s going to change everything for next season.

Q) The cast has such great chemistry. Who do you enjoy filming scenes with the most and why?

A) I really love filming with everyone. Kaitlin is a lot of fun to work with. She teaches me a lot and she is just brilliant. Scott [MacArthur] is awesome. He definitely makes me break all the time because he is hysterically funny and his improve skills are ridiculous. Carla [Jimenez] is amazing. Sophia [Black-D’Elia] is a lot of fun to work with. She’s like another sister to me and Ben [Jack Stanton] is just like my little brother. If I had to pick one it would have to be Kaitlin just because she is one of my favorite actresses for such a long time.

Q) Who breaks the most during takes?

A) [laughs] Me! I break every single day. Just incredibly unprofessional.

Q) You have great comedic timing. Is it something that comes naturally to you or have you had to work at it?

A) I think it has always been a natural thing. My dad is really funny and he has great comedic timing so I just think I kind of picked it up along from him. And my mom, too!

Q) You mentioned to me you’d like to have Sam Lerner guest star. What made you choose him?

A) [laughs] He is literally the funniest kid I’ve ever seen. My sister showed me his Instagram page and I literally died. He just comes up with these skits and all the stuff he writes is just hilarious. I saw an episode of “The Goldbergs” and I thought he would be perfect for one of our episodes.

Q) If you could write a storyline for Chip what would it be?

A) It would have to be with Sam Lerner. [laughs] I would want a storyline with him. Maybe I steal the family car or something. I don’t know, that’s a hard one. There is so much funny stuff.

Q) What have you learned from working with Kaitlin Olson?

A) Her comedic timing is impeccable. She’s a genius. I pretty much learn something new from her each time we work together. Not specifically, but there is some little thing in her acting that I just pick up and it’s really helpful too.

Q) What have been some of your most memorable moments from filming the show?

A) Definitely the fight scene for the master bedroom between Sabrina and I. That one was pretty memorable. We had a blast filming that. We really went all out for it. [laughs] We had three days of training for it and then that day she definitely took some real punches at me.

Q) Fans recognize you from your commercial work for Geico and Old Navy. Now you’re the lead in a series. What does that mean to you?

A) People still stop for commercials, especially the Geico Peter Pan commercial. It’s totally awesome. Now they stop me because they are fans of the show and I’m just happy people love it. I’m really proud of it.

Q) What was it like working with Amy Schumer for Old Navy?

A) We never actually met. But she was really funny in that commercial and I would have love to have met her.

Q) What do you think it is that has made “The Mick” such a fast fan favorite show?

A) I think The Mick is just a different kind of comedy. It pushes the envelope for network TV and it’s so different. I’m so grateful for the fans and everybody that watches it.

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