Timeless – The Lost Generation

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By: Jessica Wolff


We pick up moments after Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) confronts her father, Benjamin Cahill (John Getz), about his involvement with Rittenhouse. Lucy listens to him talk about his struggle to accept his Rittenhouse destiny. Cahill is confident that she will come around someday and remarks that it’s good to finally talk to her. Lucy calls him out on never making contact with her during her entire life. He tries to apologize for Lucy’s loss of her sister, but she gets mad at him for speaking her name. He asks her what she knows about Rittenhouse and Lucy tells him that he met David Rittenhouse during her travels. Cahill assures her that Rittenhouse has evolved since then, and offers to show her the good that Rittenhouse does. She refuses to work with him, promising to stop him. He is confident that she will join him eventually, as Rittenhouse is in her blood.


Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) is handcuffed to a table in a dark room and Agent Denise Christopher (Sakina Jaffrey) tells him that he can’t put him in a normal jail for stealing a time machine. Agent Christopher tells him that she called a good lawyer, but Wyatt believes he deserves the punishment. Lucy asks her mother, Carol Preston (Susanna Thompson), for more information about her father and she says that he was stubborn and opinionated like Lucy.


In a warehouse, Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett) is shocked by the news that Cahill is Lucy’s father. Agent Christopher thinks that Lucy talking to her father is risky while Rufus is angry that her father threatened to kill his family. He apologizes for his outburst and assures Lucy that they’ll figure it out. Agent Christopher tells them that Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) has taken the mother ship back to 1927 and Lucy recognizes the date of Charles Lindbergh (Jesse Luken) landing in Paris. Agent Christopher tells them that Wyatt will not be joining them for the mission and Lucy suggests allowing Flynn to destroy Rittenhouse. Rufus tells her that he’s going on the mission, as Flynn is just as bad as Rittenhouse. Lucy agrees to go and Agent Christopher tells them that they will be traveling with Wyatt’s replacement, Dave Baumgardner (Victor Zinck Jr.).


Lucy and Rufus meet Dave and they climb into the lifeboat together. Dave is amazed by the reality of time travel and Lucy tells him not to pull any crazy stunts. In 1927, Karl (Chad Rook) sets up an anti-aircraft gun as Flynn and Emma Whitmore (Annie Wersching) wait for Lindbergh to arrive. Flynn looks at Lucy’s journal and dodge’s Emma’s questions about it. Lindbergh’s plane flies overhead and Flynn shoots him down. The plane lands not too far from Flynn and Lindbergh crawls out of the wreckage towards Flynn.


Lucy, Rufus and Dave walk through the woods looking for Lindbergh’s landing site. Lucy fills them in on the story of Lindbergh and his journey from famous pilot to Nazi sympathizer. A couple of bikers tell them where Lindbergh crashed and they rush to the wreckage. A crowd has gathered there, but there is no sign of Lindbergh. Dave figures out that Lindbergh that the plane was able to make a complete landing, and Lucy speculates that Flynn kidnapped Lindbergh. A reporter asks about the speculation and introduces himself as Ernest Hemingway (Brandon Barash). Lucy tells him that she’s read all of his books, but corrects herself to say that she’s read his one book. Dave finds a cigarette butt and Hemingway deduces the origin of the cigarette. He offers his help in exchange for a scoop.


Hemingway takes them to a nightclub where famous people of the time sit and watch Josephine Baker (Tiffany Daniels) perform. Rufus is excited about meeting Baker, as her music helped him through some lonely nights. Dave asks who Josephine Baker is and Lucy explains that she is the Beyonce of the time period and she eventually became a spy for the allies in World War II. Back in the present, Agent Christopher is surprised to see so many men in suits standing around. Jiya (Claudia Doumit) has no idea who they are, but tells Agent Christopher that they said that they were in charge now. Connor Mason (Paterson Joseph) discusses the case with NSA agent, Jake Neville (Jim Beaver), and Agent Christopher comes in demanding an explanation. After Mason leaves, Neville shows her his credentials and tells her that he’s been assigned command of the mission. He tells her that she will be reassigned.


Baker looks at Flynn and Emma’s photos, but has not seen either of them. Rufus talks to her and she comes on to him. Hemingway and Baker leave to show the photos to the other patrons and Rufus asks Lucy not to tell Jiya about what just happened. Flynn has Lindbergh locked up and asks Karl to get some absinthe for Lindbergh’s pain. Emma goes with him, as she wants to rub shoulders with the famous people of the time. Baker sees Lucy ogling Pablo Picasso sitting with Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald and tells her that they call themselves “The Lost Generation.” Lucy admits that she understands feeling lost herself and she talks about how much her life has changed. Baker tells her that they call themselves “The Lost Generation” because they are broken down, but ready to stand back up.


Agent Christopher tells Wyatt that she’s off the mission and Wyatt asks her questions about what happened. He deduces that this shift has been planned for a while and that it is a coup. Rufus and Lucy ask Hemingway why he isn’t helping them find Flynn, but he says that he needs “lubrication” as he drinks. Baker comes over to tell them that a friend saw Flynn go into an old chateau earlier that day. Dave sees Emma at the bar and the three travelers chase after them. Karl shoots at them and Dave shoots back with a period appropriate gun. Lucy tells him that he should have brought a modern gun. Dave runs out of bullets and Karl shoots him dead.


At Baker’s apartment, Lucy feels bad for leaving Dave in the alleyway. Baker tells her that she and Rufus would be in a lot of trouble if they did. Lucy blames herself for his death and Rufus tells her that it’s Flynn’s fault. They talk about how they miss Wyatt’s presence on the team and Lucy declares that they are now without a soldier. Hemingway offers his services as a soldier, but Lucy says that he’s too drunk to go on the mission. However, Hemingway won’t take no for an answer and they bring him to the chateau with them. They find the inside of the chateau deserted, but Hemingway assures them that Baker’s friend’s Intel is correct. Rufus takes Hemingway outside, leaving Lucy inside. Cahill marvels over Mason’s work on the time machine. Mason asks him why he’s so fixated on Lucy and he admits that she’s his daughter.


Rufus and Hemingway come back inside and find that Lucy is gone. Karl drags Lucy down to the catacombs and Flynn greets her. She yells at him for Dave’s death and confronts him about his knowledge of her connection to Rittenhouse. Flynn tells her that he didn’t tell her because she needed to see Rittenhouse’s workings for herself in order to bring them down and Lucy is frustrated with everyone knowing her future except her. Flynn tells her that she wrote in her journal that Lindbergh is a member of Rittenhouse, but Lucy insists that they can’t kill Lindbergh. She asks to talk to him and try to convince him to leave Rittenhouse. Flynn doesn’t believe he can be reasoned with, but lets her talk to him.


Inside Lucy tells Lindbergh that she knows that he is Rittenhouse and that she is as well. They talk about their mutual unwillingness to join their supposed legacy. He mentions that his father wants him to say horrible things about groups of people in order to distract people from the truth of Rittenhouse. Lucy tells him that he doesn’t have to do what his father says and tells him about her sister and her advice to make her own destiny.


Hemingway offers Rufus a drink and Rufus gets angry at him for causing them to lose Lucy in the first place. He tells him that he’s been through a lot. Hemingway tells him that he’s lost a lot of friends in his time in the war and that there are many people buried in the catacombs below them. He tells him that his mission is to live his life to the fullest for those who can’t and to be a man and fight back. Rufus calls Hemingway a world-class jerk and tells him that he’s fought many times. Hemingway is happy to see him stand up for himself and Rufus figures out that Lucy and Flynn must be in the catacombs below.


In the catacombs, Lindbergh doesn’t believe he’ll be able to walk away from his family, as blood is blood. He shares his dream of a simple life and Lucy encourages him to go for it. She tells him that the world, including his family, probably assumes that he died in the plane crash. Lindbergh tells her that he was instructed to contact a Charvet after he landed. Listening in on the conversation, Emma tells Flynn that Monsieur Charvet (Joseph Gallaccio) was an owner of a European car company. Lucy reiterates to Lindbergh that he can choose his own destiny.


Agent Christopher shows Wyatt pictures of Cahill and tells him that Rittenhouse is taking over Mason Industries and that Cahill is Lucy’s father. Agent Christopher puts a signed confession on the table. She tells him to think of Lucy and Rufus before he signs it. Wyatt admits that he let them down, as well as Jessica. He is angry that his wife is still dead, as it means that either Flynn lied about the identity of her killer or fate wanted her to die anyway. Agent Christopher suggests that he was meant to help Lucy and Wyatt and leaves the confession on the table along with a paperclip.


Flynn goes to visit Charvet and asks him to confirm his identity. He pulls out a gun and invites himself in, saying that he has a lot of questions. Rufus and Hemingway walk through the catacombs and Rufus tells him to be quieter. Karl hears them and approaches Rufus before Hemingway attacks him. They find Lucy and Lindbergh, but are stopped by Emma as they try to leave. Rufus tells her that she’s coming with them or she’s letting them pass. She lets them pass and Rufus warns her to be careful with Flynn.


Wyatt breaks free using the paper clip and short circuits the power. At Baker’s apartment, Lucy tells Lindbergh that Baker will help him choose a different life. Rufus tells Hemingway that he can’t publish the truth and Hemingway admits that the adventure was enough. A guard comes looking for Wyatt. Wyatt sneaks up and subdues the guard before stealing his gun and escaping.


Lucy and Rufus arrive back to the present and are shocked by the changes. Neville comes up to them and tells them that Agent Christopher has been reassigned. He interrogates them about the mission and then lets them leave. Lucy reads about Lindbergh and is disappointed that nothing about him changed. Her mother gives her a journal to write her feelings down and Lucy realizes that it’s the same as Flynn’s journal. Wyatt comes to the warehouse and Lucy and Rufus are happy to see him. Agent Christopher tells them that the replacement crew at Mason Industries is Rittenhouse. Rufus is worried about Jiya, but Agent Christopher believes that they can use her Intel from the inside. Wyatt tells Lucy and Rufus to continue on like nothing has changed. He admits that he has come to a realization that he is meant to protect them and help them and that they need to fight against Rittenhouse.

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