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By: Lisa Steinberg


Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on?


A) Flock of Four. It’s about a group of guys who end up going to a late night adventure and getting more than what they bargain for. It was really cool to do a period piece. I made some really good friends from that.



Q) Please tell the premise for your film Enter The Warriors Gate and about your character.


A) Jack Bronson, a regular North American kid who is just ordinary, gets thrust into an extraordinary experience once he receives a chest from his employer. His chest turns out to be not so ordinary. He ends up getting transported through to an ancient empire, having to battle barbarians, fight off all kinds of people (giants and witches) and ends up saving the princess. It’s a movie about learning your true potential. Jack needed the final push to get him to get his life moving forward. He has been terrified of bullying and all he wanted to do is stay home and play video games. As soon as he got the real initiative from going to China and saving something and doing something heroic and incredible that gave him the pickup to get his own life going. Coming back from China, he ended up developing a video game software about his experiences that ends up saving him and his mom’s house.


Q) What was the most challenging aspect of filming?


A) The challenging part is moving to all the locations. It was shot in a bunch of different locations in China and Canada. So, that was the most difficult part.

Training was tough, but it was also enjoyable. I didn’t consider it that it was hard and unenjoyable. It was difficult. I loved every part of it. I loved every part of filming this movie. I can’t complain one bit.


Q) What kind of guidance did director Matthias Hoene provide during filming?


A) Matthias was great. The great thing about Matthias is that he is very young, but he knows what he likes and very good about getting it. His direction is very natural. He wouldn’t tell you how to say a line but he would try to figure out the root of why that character was saying that line and help you understand that. It was just great. He would outsource when it came to stunts. He would outsource all his stunt coordinators. He had no problem. There was no ego that came along with it. It worked out well for him. I’m really proud of him. I’m really happy to see this movie.


Q) What was your favorite moment from filming “13 Reasons Why?”


A) I didn’t film too much of it. I was in a couple of scenes in the whole season. I didn’t have too many moments. I just filmed it and came back. I will say is it was great to being able to hang out and meet the cast. When you are in a situation where you get a lot of cast members and you have people come in as recurring who get shuffled around, everybody was very, very welcoming. They were really amazing.


Q) What do you hope viewers take away from the show?


A) As of stuff that I have taken away from the show, I don’t think anybody expected it to be as big it would be. I mean, at least I didn’t. I didn’t expect it to be such a big show and have such a big impact. What I have taken away from the show is how people care about issues like this I thought people didn’t understand how important they were – bullying, suicide, depression and it is really nice seeing story like this to have such an impact on people and that they understand and identify with it and connect with it. I think that is the greatest thing that I have taken away from it that it restores your faith in humanity that people care so much.



ENTER THE WARRIORS GATE is currently in theaters and available On Demand and Digital HD!

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