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Q) Tell us about the Hallmark TV movie A Harvest Wedding you just completed.


Victor: The reason that I love these Hallmark movies in general and A Harvest Wedding is no different is because it’s something for the whole family to watch. I have done a lot of things that my god daughter and my grandparents could never watch or don’t want to watch – action and things with explosions and guns. The Hallmark movies, there’s always the happy ending. Everyone’s life is fantastic and I think we need that right now. There’s so much negativity going on in the world that it’s nice to be able to tune in and watch something to see nothing but positivity and happiness. It gives us hope. A Harvest Wedding is like that. It’s about two people that used to be in love. Life got in the way. Chance and fate have them meet up together again and they rekindle this love that they lost. That’s something that’s beautiful and I think that’s something that everybody can connect to.


Q) How do you relate to your character David Nichols?


Victor: He’s a farmer. He works with his hands. He drives tractors and builds barns. That’s something that we connect very strongly together. I like building and fixing things with my hands. My character David is also a person who believes in love. He believes that there is somebody out there for us. He wants to get married and have kids. He is a family man waiting to meet his wife. He will give himself a hundred percent to that. I believe that is how were similar.


Q) So, a true optimistic and a romantic?


Victor: Yeah, I’m a hopeless romantic. Absolutely! It’s hard in Los Angeles, in the city which I live. It has a way of crushing your hopes and dreams. [laughs] When it comes to love or other things, but I have never given up. I have hope. I believe that all of our dreams come true if we just work hard and stay optimistic.


Q) You have done previous work with Hallmark, do you see more in the future?


Victor: I love working with them. They are fantastic. They treat everyone that they work with very well. They make great movies. Like I said, they are something that everyone can watch and I need to do those every once in a while. Everyone from their mom to their grandmom to their grandchild can watch it. You’d be surprised at how many people come up to me. People I would never suspect just to tell me that they love my Hallmark movies. They watch all of my movies. It is really great to know that they are one of the only companies out there putting this type of programming out there and there is a place for people who love these positive and happy movies.


Q) What was your favorite scene with your costar Jill Wagner?


Victor: I love working with Jill. All of the scenes with her were really fun. She’s just a really down-to-earth person and got has a great sense of humor. She is like one of the boys, but still very much a woman. My favorite scene, there were a couple. I think there was one scene that stood out. We were in a kitchen and we are bantering back and forth. She asks me about this experiment that I have been doing. She finds this slime in the fridge and asks me about it. There is this great part in the beginning where we are having this witty banter going on in the kitchen where we are joking with each other and then it turns into something serious. She kinda encourages me to go after this experiment and this kind of dream that I don’t believe that I can achieve.


Q) What is your most memorable moment from this movie?


Victor: The most memorable part of the movie has nothing to do with what you’ll see on screen. I think it was the director Steven [R. Monroe], myself, Jill and the producers constantly joking around and having fun. I think that was the most memorable moment/experience from this movie. It is stuff that you’ll never see on screen, but hopefully you’ll see it in the chemistry in the movie. We had such a great time working on this movie.


Q) What do you think it is about the film that will make it a Hallmark classic?


Victor: That’s a hard question. There are so many good movies out there. I haven’t seen the whole movie, but I think one of the special things about this is that it has somebody finding love again. It has somebody chasing after their dreams. People will laugh. It has such a different mix of emotions. The movie is going to take people on a fun ride. I think that’s what people will enjoy about it. I don’t know if that will make it a classic, but I think it’s gonna make it a real enjoyable movie.


Q) What do you enjoy most about working with Hallmark?


Victor: They are really easy to work with. They are very accommodating. It’s a well-oiled machine. They know what they want. They know what they need. There’s a formula for it all. There’s not a lot of questions and when you get to work, you know really what’s gonna happen. They treat you really, really well. Like I said before, they make really great family friendly movies and they make them well.


Q) Can you tell your fans if they can expect to see you on the next season of “Chesapeake Shores” being it looks like you are giving the bedroom eyes to Abby O’Brien whose love life with Trace Riley seems shaky now?


Victor: That is a good question. If there is a next season of “Chesapeake Shores,” which I haven’t heard if there is, I would assume. And you know how assumptions are that she would have to come back for at least one more episode to make anything happen. I can’t imagine that they would set that all up and he just disappears. I haven’t heard anything either way myself and if I did I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But let me put it this way, they wouldn’t just introduce somebody and let it all go and never come back to them again.


Q) Do you have other projects going on?


Victor:  I have some things in the mix now. I’m doing a lot of photography. I have been travelling extensively and taking lots of pictures. That’s been my main focus right now and then there are somethings that are about ninety-five percent done now, but they are things I can’t really talk about yet.


Q) What would you like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter of your work?


Victor: I am very, very appreciative. I’m giving them a variety of things to watch and not just one type of entertainment. I love seeing the fans on social media and I love it when they reach out and tell me what’s on their minds. Good or bad. I love meeting people so if you ever see me walking down the street or in the park, come say hi. I was recently in New York shooting some stuff and I had somebody come up and we had like a fifteen to twenty minute conversation about the shows, things I worked on, things they loved and hated. It was really great to connect with somebody.


Q) Going back to the past and I know that your fans would appreciate this question. Do you have a memorable experience from working on “Melrose Place?”


Victor: Meeting Heather Locklear. That was really fun. I remember what a troublemaker she was on the original “Melrose Place” and I remember watching the first “Melrose” back in the day. I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone that day. I literally turned around and bumped into her. I’m not very tall and she isn’t very tall. I remember looking down and seen the top of her head and then she picked up her head and looked at me. I was like (whispers) “It’s Heather Locklear.” So cool. I got to tell her what a great fan I was of her work and then we went and did our scenes. That was a real great surprise.


Q) In experience wise, how different is it from working on a soap opera like “Days of Our Lives” to doing a Hallmark film?


Victor: It’s a lot different. Hallmark films are twelve-hour days. Soap operas are six to eight maybe. We do an episode a day in soap opera. At Hallmark you shoot a movie in three weeks. Sometimes I will have thirty-five pages of dialogue. My last day at “Days of Our Lives” I shot five episodes in one day – thirty something scenes and seventy-five pages of dialogue in one day. A Hallmark movie, we will do ten pages of dialogue a day so that’s all the technical aspects of it. You have four cameras working at once, microphones hanging from the ceiling. At Hallmark, you can go far. Sometimes you’re driving in a car. It’s just more real life. You get to travel. Soap operas can be very challenging. When it comes to dialogue, sometimes you have to fight to make it real. You have to fight to make it not too dramatic. So, it requires you to really dig in as an actor. The Hallmark movies are really well written and they flow, but you gotta find the nuances. You bring life to the characters. You have more time to play with the actual character in a Hallmark movie then just try to get the dialogue out in soap operas.

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