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WHAT?  Anyone But Me


BY: Written and Executively Produced by Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward; Directed by Tina Cesa Ward



Before there was Barbelle and before there was Carmilla, there was Anyone But Me. The first episode of this coming of age drama aired in 2008. HAPPY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY to Anyone But Me! This series follows the story of two teenagers, Vivian (Rachael Hip-Flores) and Aster (Nicole Pacent), who are growing up and falling in and out of love in New York. The series starts with Vivian (who is already in love with and in a relationship with Aster) being forced to move out of New York City and move to the suburbs. Even though the two girls are only a twenty-nine minute commuter train apart, the differences in their comfort level with being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and their plans and hopes for their futures will serve to set them further apart and at odds with one another than the commuter train between their two homes.

It appears that when Vivian and Aster lived in NYC together that Vivian was much more at home with her own sexuality and her place under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. Once Vivian moves to a new home, in a less diverse community in the suburbs, she unfortunately initially goes back into the closet. As she focuses more on finding her place in her new school, Aster feels like less of a priority to Vivian and more like an outsider.

In the first episode, Vivian pulls away from Aster in a moving truck and for much of Season 1, in Aster’s eyes, Vivian continues to pull away. Neither girl is without her faults or strengths. As Shakespeare once said, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” Over the last three seasons of Anyone But Me there have been triumphs, tragedies, celebrations, heartaches, heartbreaks, growth, regression, love and loss. Anyone But Me teaches us that sometimes you need to hold on tight and other times you need to let go in order to move forward.

I recommend binging all three seasons as soon as possible so that you can join me at the Anyone But Me Reunion panel at ClexaCon this April! Both stars of the series will be there to answer questions about all things “Vivster” (their ship name)! The writers and producers Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward will also be present and participating in the panel.


WHERE CAN I WATCH?  Anyone But Me can be found on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/show/anyonebutme  and the series’ website: www.anyonebutmeseries.com.





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