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WHAT?         Brokers

BY: Brokers Web Show and Two Hearts, One Seoul


This series is created/written by Aaron Ballard and Dano Madden. Aaron Ballard also stars in this series.


Brokers is a comedic web series that in its own words examines “the underbelly of the underbelly of New York City real estate.” The main character Ellen (Ballard) had told her family and fiancé that she is merely going to New York City to talk to someone about publishing her book. In actuality she has now moved to New York City and has taken a job at Awesome Apartments as a New York City Real Estate Broker in order to earn money to support her writing habit.


From day one of working at Awesome Apartments, Ellen realizes that the apartments Awesome Apartments is trying to rent and sell are far from “awesome” and even farther from the apartments that she is used to in South Carolina. During her time on the job, Ellen meets and interacts with what is in fact “the underbelly of the underbelly.”  My favorite prospective client is a woman and her womanizing and S&M obsessed fish. Yup, that’s right, I said fish. Based on the conversations this woman has with the fish (whom she believes to be her recently departed husband or at least his soul trapped in a fish body), this is the most twisted fish I have ever seen depicted on screen. One example is the inquiry of whether the floor in the apartment can withstand gallons of water on it so that her fish husband can have is mermaid orgy fantasy come to life.


The writing is hilarious and each character is more interesting and zany than the next. After a long day at work, come home and watch Ellen take on the “underbelly of the underbelly of New York City real estate.”


WHERE CAN I WATCH?  Brokers can currently be found on YouTube and on their website at https://www.brokerswebshow.com/episodes

Website:        www.brokerswebshow.com

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/Brokers-825049510947138/

Twitter:           @brokerswebshow

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