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WHAT?  Circa: 1981


BY: Skeleton Key Films. The series is produced by Kat Inokai (exec), Sheila Allen (assoc), Kisha Tapangan (assoc) and Jason Armstrong (exec).



From the creator who brought you Swerve comes a new series Circa: 1981. This web series has not been released yet, but Jason Armstrong and everyone at Skeleton Key Films were kind enough to send me an advanced screener of the pilot episode.

Do you remember what you were doing in the remaining minutes of 1980 or the first moments of 1981? Well, if your 1980 ended like Iris (Alexandra Bayer), Jani (Gabriel Meacher) and Desiree’s (Makayla Moore) then you would never forget it.

From the very first episode, Armstrong will leave the viewers wanting more and having even more questions than they started with.  Each episode is certain to answer some questions while at the same time creating so many more.

I had the privilege to ask the creator, Jason Armstrong for some more information to share with you on his new web series and here is what he had to say: “Some episodes were written & directed by myself and some by Mike Klassen. This first one is mine. It’s an anthology with vignettes/moments from various lives, usually contained within two episodes per story, with an over-arching storyline involving one character. It takes place in 1981 at the Coast Motel in Akron, Ohio. Some of the stories depicted are connected with real people and events while others are connected to… well you’ll see”.


For those die-hard Swervers, might I recommend a Season 2 of Swerve rewatch? Who knows? It just may help shed a little more light for you on Circa: 1981.


Stay tuned to Starry Constellation Magazine for the latest news and updates on Circa: 1981! The first episode will premiere on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 9 pm EST. New episodes will be released every Tuesday and Thursday thereafter until all ten episodes have aired.




LINK FOR TRAILER:           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_iJ4hYhUW4

WEBSITE:                 www.CircaSeries.com

SKELETON KEY FILMS     www.skgfilms.com

SNAPCHAT              SKGFilms


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