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Drunk Lesbians Watch… is pretty self-explanatory. Every week the host is joined by a special guest and they drink, watch and comment on a lesbian movie. This is hilarious and, to be honest, even though the new episode posts on Sunday nights I save it until after work on Monday to reward myself for getting through the start of my week.


BY: Girl Ship TV



Girl Ship TV is founded by Amanda Holland (who acted in a previous Web Series Wednesday pick for Unfortunatly Ashly). Amanda Holland left her job at in order to create her own YouTube channel of her own for queer women by queer women. Amanda Holland is also the host.



There is a saying in Torts Law – “Res Ipsa Loquitor.” Translated it means “the act speaks for itself.” I feel that is the best description of this series. Each week lesbians or queer women get together (depending if the guest is pansexual, bisexual, or lesbian), get drunk on tasty alcoholic beverages and watch a lesbian movie together. Sit back and listen to their commentary and laugh at and/or relate to their reactions to what is unfolding on the screen.

Some of the movies that have been already been featured are Imagine Me and You, D.E.B.S., Carol, But I’m a Cheerleader, Lost and Delirious and Jenny’s Wedding. Most recently they watched Carmilla: The Movie.

As I stated above, this is my reward to myself every Monday night. You can never go wrong with Drunk Lesbians Watch…



They have a Patreon account so if you want to continue to watch Drunk Lesbians Watch… then contribute to this cause and keep this channel, for queer women by queer women, alive.

Here is the link for the Patreon page:


Plus, ClexaCon! I just recently found out that Girl Ship TV will have a panel at ClexaCon and I am beyond excited! I look forward to meeting these amazingly genuine and hilarious ladies in Las Vegas. Perhaps they will film a new episode of Drunk Lesbians Watch… there. If they do and need a far lesser known lesbian to be a guest, I absolutely volunteer as tribute!



You can find Girl Ship TV and episodes of this show on their YouTube channel:


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