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WHAT?  Haunters The Musical

BY: Fauxhemian Films in association with the Independent Production Fund and OMDC. Produced/directed/written by J. Adam Brown and Blain Watters.


Haunters is a twenty-part musical horror-comedy web series. The music is hauntingly beautiful and an excellent means of sharing exposition with the audience and keeping the episode going along at a quick pace.  For a horror-comedy, the themes of acceptance, identity, belonging, sacrifice, the consequences of our actions and our words to others are beautifully strewn throughout the entire twenty-episode arc.  Our main character, Iggy (Barbara Mamabolo), is recently deceased and now in “Jerk Purgatory. “ Apparently, if you were a jerk when you were alive then when you die you go to Jerk Purgatory where you are consigned to an eternity of haunting jerks that are still alive. I say an eternity, but in actuality there is a loop hole.

Once Iggy arrives in Purgatory she is met by another Haunter, Gent (J. Adam Brown), who has been haunting for two hundred years and is very over it.  Before she died, we learn that Iggy had plans to finally meet her father for the first time. In fact, this is her main motivation for wanting to escape Jerk Purgatory. What does meeting her father mean to Iggy? It means that she would finally find a place where she feels that she belongs.

Iggy, in life and also in death, is obsessed with her social media presence and is a “Social Media Monster” – someone well known on the web. We also see Iggy sing a beautiful ballet where she asks “who am I when you’re not here to see.” This line really encapsulates who Iggy was; someone who felt like she did not exist, like she was invisible if other people weren’t reacting or validating what she was doing.

Another aspect of this series that I love is that it really exhibits the effect that your words and actions can have on others. Penny (Natasha Negovanlis) when we first meet her is a kind and timid woman who barely has any social media presence and as the result of Iggy’s cruel words “your photos are who you are…social media is life. You’re practically invisible,” Penny also becomes a Social Media Monster.

The direction the story takes and the choices the characters make are surprising and refreshing. The music is beautiful and engaging and the themes are beautifully woven throughout the story.  I highly recommend you taking a break from your life and experience Haunters The Musical.


WHERE CAN I WATCH?  Haunters the Musical can be found on YouTube as well as at its website and on KindaTV_!



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FYI: Katherine @kleffnotes on Twitter and co-founder/editor/writer for NerdyGirlExpress has been doing reaction videos for the episode drops of Haunters The Musical! Watch at https://youtu.be/VLvqCSEd45s


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  1. Blain

    December 20, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Thanks for your review! Well written and in-depth! Thank you for watching and helping to spread the word! – Signed, Co-Creator of Haunters and reluctant Neanderthal

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