Web Series Wednesday – Misery Loves Company

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By: Krista Ann Freego



WHAT?         Misery Loves Company

BY: Written by: Emily C. Chang and Sara Amini. Produced by Barely Sober Media/The Pilsen Nation/ Café Y Chai Productions


This series is written by and stars Emily C. Chang and Sara Amini. Emily and Sara are the main characters who portray “two friends navigating being women of color in a post-election world, while trying and failing at a #blessed life in Los Angeles.”


The chemistry of the two writers and stars is hilarious, simple and highly entertaining. Sara has been living and working in LA for a while now. It is clear that she is struggling, as you do not see her with many friends of her own in LA. Emily is a wannabe actress who is a close friend of Sara and moves from NYC to LA to move in. The first episode is about Emily adjusting to LA living, which she manages to do so far sooner than Sara (granted she ends up joining a cult, but still).

The first episode starts with Sara and Emily in Sara’s car going to a park to hike in LA. While they are in the car waiting for a parking space Emily and Sara debate about whether hiking and walking are synonyms. Emily’s position is that “they are just synonyms for the same action, putting one foot in front of the other.” Sara believes “Different shoes; different gear; different activity.”


Hiking is walking.


Hiking is hiking. Walking is not a thing.


Same thing.


Different shoes; different gear; different activity.


They are just synonyms for the same action, putting one foot in front of the other.


I would say that walking and strolling are synonyms.


Let’s just agree to disagree.


While this web series has comedy in spades, it also has heart. There is a particularly touching moment between the two women on the beach, contemplating the successfulness of their existence.



Sometimes I’m afraid that I’m not good at anything.


Well. I guess I’m afraid that I’m not good at the one thing I want…I’m the Donald Trump of failures.


I’m just Donald Trump.


If you are looking for a web series that will comment on the ramifications of our post-election world and will deal with such serious issues as: sexual harassment; racism, xenophobia and unfulfilled dreams (to name a few), but will do it while pulling at your heartstrings and putting a smile on your face, then look no further. The stars have an authentic and engaging chemistry with one another. As individuals, each star is captivating and entertaining. Together, they form a dynamic duo that is not to be missed!



Emily C. Chang:

Ivy from “The Vampire Diaries”

Lauren from “The Bold Type”


Sara Amini:

Secretary from “Veep”

Female Staffer from “Scandal”

Lily’s Teacher from “Modern Family”


WHERE CAN I WATCH?  Misery Loves Company can currently be seen on YouTube. You can also find out more about the series by visiting their Facebook page and visiting their twitter page: @miserylovesTV

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