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WHAT?  MONDAYS The Web Series

BY: Created by: Kelsey Bascom and Arnon Manor. Written and Starring: Kelsey Bascom. Produced and Directed by Arnon Manor.


Have you ever felt like every day of your week is Monday quality? If you answered yes, then you would definitely relate with Kelly, the lead character of the Comedy Web Series MONDAYS.  The series is described on MONDAY’s website, “For Kelly, everyday can feel like a Monday. MONDAYS follows a 20-something woman in Los Angeles, as the mundane and routine events of her life become awkward and funny.”

If you have ever had that acquaintance that shares far too much and loudly in public; or the mother who always calls at the worst possible times asking the most personal questions; or find yourself thinking about everything other than work at staff meetings, than this is the show for you. You will instantly relate to Kelly and the absurdity of her everyday life. Be it from taking a phone call from her mother on speaker while she had her date in the car; to answering her mother’s inquires of whether or not her new boyfriend has made her orgasm while she is serving as a receptionist at work; to having nightmares that her vagina literally fell off of her body…Each day with Kelly is an adventure of MONDAY proportions.


WHERE CAN I WATCH?  MONDAYS The Web Series can be found on YouTube as well as at its website.



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