Web Series Wednesday – Nasty Women Talk Back

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By: Kathryn Trammell


What? Nasty Women Talk Back


By: GO Magazine


Who? This series is created by K. Rocco Shields and produced by Erin Faith Wilson.  Thus far, it has featured two panels of nasty women: Panel One is hosted by Trish Bendix and features Lauren Bedford Russell, Laura Johnston-Wise and Amber’s Closet; Panel Two is hosted by Brittany Ashley and features Jen Richards, Fawzia Mirza and Robyn Exton.


Why Should I Watch?


Revolution is not an old white man who intends to rule his version of the world with fear and separatist rhetoric promising future change when in actuality it portends a regression of thought, equality and human rights.  Revolution is instead a DACA recipient who proves she pays the very taxes the nonrevolutionary doesn’t pay.  It’s servicemen and women who shout that they are not props for hate when the people who helped them survive war zones are banned from acquiring the freedom they were promised to receive.  It’s people who use their social media platforms to explain the importance and power of intersectionality among the groups most blamed for the dilution of the nonrevolutionary’s superior genes and affluence who are truly revolutionary. And while these may appear small in comparison to an act capable of securing the presidency, these small acts are no less effective and important.


This is especially true of GO Magazine’s webseries Nasty Women Talk Back, which achieves the latter by shining a light on the issues minorities now face in our current political climate.  At first glance, the web series is different from others in that it is more similar to observing a panel of experts at a convention instead of a story featuring a conventional plot or cast of characters.  It is no less entertaining; however, thanks to the variation in not only the topics being discussed but in the ways each topic is also approached.  While some episodes feature discussions, others may feature a reaction to a video like Trump’s inauguration or an insertion of facts and fact-checking while topics are being discussed.  These variations add to the already present intellectual and social chemistry between the show’s panelists making topics that risk being daunting more approachable and light.


Most stunning about this chemistry is that these women allow each other the space to talk, and while they talk, the speaker is heard by the others around her.  So often when we speak to each other, we listen only to be able to determine when it our turn to speak.  This is not the case; however, when the message you are trying to tell your audience is that the rights of one minority group should be the rights all minority groups because when rights for all is the message of your show, then you make sure that everyone gets the chance to speak and to be heard.  So, if the revolutionary power of intersectionality is a message in which you strongly believe, and you would like to see and hear a few brilliant, nasty women talk about the issues minorities face within our new political climate as well as ways to stay positive and informed so that you are ready to fight back, then check out Nasty Women Talk Back.  You won’t be disappointed.


Where Can I Watch?

Nasty Women Talk Back can currently be seen on GO Magzine’s YouTube channel or on there website at http://gomag.com/ – just type “Nasty Women Talk Back” in their search bar.

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