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By: Krista Ann Freego



WHAT?         Riley Parra

BY: Tello Films


This series is based on the popular e-books series written by Geonn Cannon and is executively produced and directed by Christin Baker.


Are you a sucker for the battle between good and evil? Do you root for the underdog? Do you believe that sometimes the most haunted and flawed people can be the greatest hope for redemption? Do you want to believe in something bigger than yourself? Do you believe in fate? Destiny? Maybe you just yearn for an action story where for once the female is the savior rather than the damsel in distress? If you answered yes to any of these, then you should subscribe to Tello Films and watch Riley Parra.


When asked to describe the main character, Riley Parra, that he created Geonn Cannon stated: “Riley Parra is a cop in a town gone to hell. Over the years certain parts of the city have gotten so crime-ridden that even the police refuse to go there anymore. Dubbed No Man’s Land, these fringe neighborhoods are where law-abiding citizens are only welcomed as victims even when the sun is up. Riley grew up in No Man’s Land, so she refuses to stand idly by while her city is eaten alive from the inside out.”


Another reason you should watch is because this web series is produced by Tello Films, a company whose mission is to bring more positive LGBTQ+ representation to everyone. Upon entering their homepage, you will be greeted by the following message: “We welcome and thank anyone who supports lesbian content. Lesbian visibility matters!”


Riley Parra (Marem Hassler) is a good cop that has had a tough life and has proven time and time again that she is a survivor. But there is world of difference between surviving and being a champion for good. When approached by an Angel and informed that she is the champion for good, destined to fight the battle between good and evil in No Man’s Land for the fate of humanity, Riley is less than overjoyed. “Angels and demons, I believe it’s real. I just don’t want to be a part of it.” The audience gets to witness Riley struggle with the decision of whether to accept her role as champion.


The entire cast is a joy to watch, but bartender Willa (Whitney Mixter) [who is one of the smaller parts in the series] was able to completely captivate me in just a few minutes and left me wanting to know more about her and her story. Hopefully, there will be more Willa in Season Two and hopefully there will be a Season Two so that many questions that are left unanswered will be addressed.


This series also further proves one of my own personal theories, that being if you are going to be a champion of good, fighting the forces of darkness, you need a good healer by your side. Riley Parra is no exception. Where Bo Dennis has the lovely Dr. Lauren Lewis, Riley Parra has the equally lovely Dr. Gillian Hunt (Liz Vassey).


The first episode of the series was just released on August 20, 2017 and can only be found at Tello Films.


“Demons are real and Riley Parra plans to give them hell.”




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