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WHAT?         Special Skills

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This series is created by Marina Squerciati, Patrick Webb and David Pasquesi about two friends Marina and Patrick who are aspiring actors. Each episode starts with Patrick and Marina attending a new audition. If you think Marina Squerciati looks familiar, you are not wrong. I was first introduced to Marina Squerciati in “Chicago P.D.” where she plays Kim Burgess. You’ll also recognize David Pasquesi as First Husband Andrew Meyer on the political comedy “Veep.”


Marina is amazing. I fell in love with her in “Chicago P.D.,” but in Special Skills she gets a chance to be a little less dramatic and let her comedy skills shine. As a result of her subtle yet hilarious comedy skills, I was drawn to her and her acting all over again.  Marina and Patrick have a great chemistry as purely platonic friends, as Marina likes to remind Patrick during the episodes. Also, if you are a fan of “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD,” you should absolutely watch because there is usually at least one (if not more cameos) by other stars of these hit shows. The episodes of Special Skills are filmed in Chicago around the filming schedules of “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Fire.”


WHERE CAN I WATCH?  Special Skills can currently only be seen on YouTube and at http://thespecialskillsshow.com/


Twitter:           https://twitter.com/_Special_Skills

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/thespecialskillsshow/

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