Web Series Wednesday – The Uncanny Upshurs

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WHAT?  The Uncanny Upshurs

PRODUCED BY?  ParaFable.

WRITTEN BY: Jules Pigott and Ingrid Nixie Greep


I first heard about this series from a friend, Katherine. If you are looking for a web series that has a wide array of LGBTQ+ representation, then look no further. This series has a transgender lesbian character as the female lead and supporting characters who identify as nonbinary, bisexual, asexual and aromantic asexual.

The premise of the series is that two eighteen-year-old twins, Agatha (Roxie Justice) and Wally (B. Mast), have up until now (their first year at University) spent every day of their lives together. Wally has chosen to move to NYC while Agatha has decided to go to University and stay in the UK. Agatha seems far more at a loss without her twin by her side than does Wally. To maintain their closeness, Agatha came up with the idea that she and Wally should film video blogs to send to each other as letters since Wally is allegedly awful at texting.

Each episode is one of the video blogs being sent back and forth amongst the twins. If you are looking for a little bit of fantasy (of the science fiction variety) in your entertainment, the series has you covered there, too. It turns out the twins are witches and there is magic abound as they both help each other from afar deal with their new abilities and the whole new world they are discovering.

The series just released it first episode of Season Two on December 4th and my friend Katherine has agreed to film a reaction video for every episode of Season Two. Once you have caught up on all of the first season then you can watch Katherine’s first reaction video of the season here: https://twitter.com/kleffnotes/status/939942144118218752?s=09


WHERE CAN I WATCH?  The Uncanny Upshurs can be found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYG-eSkbLN5y5CqoGqB98s7U0tcGfAbXb



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