Web Series Wednesday – Unfortunatly Ashly

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WHAT?  Unfortunatly Ashly

BY: Buzz Feed Violet Production


This series is created by Buzz Feed and stars Ashly Perez who plays the main character Ashly.


Ashly Perez is awkward and endearing in all of the best ways. If you feel like you have made a fool of yourself and no one could possibly be more awkward than you, all you have to do is watch this web series and you will instantly feel better about yourself. It will also most likely make you laugh louder than you have in quite some time.

Ashly is home from college for the Summer and is spending her time looking after her sixteen year old cousin Izzy, (played by Arianna Lemus) who does an excellent job of portraying the struggles of millennials in flirting face to face rather than just through social media. Ashly’s neighbor, referred to in episode titles as “the hot neighbor” a/k/a Avery (played Francesca Galassi), lives up to her name. Thankfully, she is still awkward and wonderful though, which plays wonderfully with Ashly’s incredibly random and awkward self.

If you have had a bad day or a good day and just want to make it even better, sit back and watch Unfortunatly Ashly where no topic is off limits. This series handles issues such as vent squatting possums, bird stalkers, synched cycles, awkward crushes and more.


WHERE CAN I WATCH?  Unfortunatly Ashly  can be found at Buzz Feed and on YouTube.


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