Web Series Wednesday – We Kill ‘Em

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By: Krista Ann Freego


WHAT? We Kill ‘Em

BY: Creator/Director is Tyler Armentrout, Christopher Wheadon, Tyler Mitchell, Jerry Nash and Andrew Stevens


This series is created by Tyler Armentrout and Christopher Wheadon. After three episodes, they brought on an additional writer, Andrew Stevens. The two male leads are: Tyler Mitchell (Tyler) and Christopher Wheadon (Chris). This is a Seattle based, no budget horror-comedy.


Did you ever have a day that was filled with nonstop stress and agitation? Ever just want to sit down and watch something that was not going to give you an emotional breakdown or require you to use all of your mental faculties to keep up? I most certainly have. In fact, when choosing this week’s web series I had just had a never ending day with finicky clients and never ending night court that when I finally got home, all I wanted to do was wind down, sip a glass of blackberry merlot, relax, be entertained and hopefully laugh once or twice. As soon as I read the description for this series, I knew I had found my salvation for the evening.

“Two paranormal exterminators, a deviant alcoholic and an optimistic man-child, who work in a world where that job isn’t particularly respectable or exciting.” Now, immediately upon reading this description, I envisioned a Damon Salvatore-ish (“The Vampire Diaries”) character paired with a Dawson Leery (“Dawson’s Creek”). This, of course, just made me want to watch it even more.

In the first two episodes, we learn that the idea to start their own Paranormal extermination business came from a fondness for the movie Blade and a want to make money. At first, Tyler was skeptical because “we are not half vampire.”

In addition to their vastly differing personalities, the character have clearly oppositional views on Patrick Swayze, threesomes, the movie Roadhouse and whether they should keep holy water in an old milk container. I was not disappointed. The odd couple monster hunters did just the trick. One of my favorite moments was between a female victim and her vampire captor.


Vampire: What do you mean, that’s the vampire? Look at my fangs.

Female: You look like you got those at Party City.

Vampire: You look like a Party City.

Female: What is that even supposed to mean? At least I don’t go grocery shopping on Match.com


Need another reason to watch? This is a zero- budget venture. This is what the concept of web series is all about, having a vision and even though you don’t have money or a production company you can still share your passion with others. So, join me in taking a break from all the stresses of your everyday life and indulge in not taking the world too seriously. Follow along on the adventures of Chris and Tyler, the Paranormal Exterminator Guys who “do not look like the guys.”


WHERE CAN I WATCH?  We Kill ‘Em can currently be seen on YouTube where the first two episodes are available. Also, follow them on Twitter at @WeKillEm.

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