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By: Jamie Steinberg



Jane The Virgin: Derek, we knew you were a bad guy. We had a feeling ever since you arrived and when you started blackmailing your brother, we got the picture. Well, now you have really made it clear by capturing Mutter and holding her hostage while you run off with the big bucks you took from your brother. Don’t think we don’t see you too, Anezka. Your arrival has brought nothing, but trouble for Jane and Petra. Now, you’re teaming up with your mother to cause trouble? We’ve just go to see how this plays out… (The CW, 9pm ET/PT)



NCIS: Farewell, dear friend. Tonight, we say goodbye to beloved character Tony DiNozzo. We have loved him ever since his first snarky remark and tonight we bid him adieu. Through the midst of tears and bittersweet goodbyes, NCIS/FBI/M16 all continue their hunt for a rogue agent that has been targeting current and former agents. We all know that CIA Agent Trent Kort was responsible for blowing up Ziva David’s farmhouse in Israel so we’re left wondering if he’ll be stepping down once he takes revenge and kills the man who may have murdered the love of his life? We’re not crying. YOU ARE! (CBS, 8pm ET/PT)



Survivor: It’s the biggest night of the season – finale night! This marks a three hour event where we find out who finally gets crowned the ultimate survivor this season. It’s currently down to the top four and we have seen Tai make many moves so far. Can he hold on and take it all? Will one of the final three females take down this “chicken whisperer?” You’ll find out when the tribe has spoken. (CBS, 8pm ET/PT)

Empire: Lyon down! We heard from promos that “a Lyon will fall,” but none of us had Jamal in mind! Andre has spent all season dealing with his mental illness. Rhonda finally figured out it was Anika behind her push down the stairs. Hakeem is newly engaged. Cookie and Lucious were finally in a good place. Jamal was a star on the rise still, too! With Freda finding out though about her father, we knew things wouldn’t end well. Can Jamal hang on post gun shot to make his father eat his prophetic words? We just have to hold our breath and see. (FOX, 8pm ET/9pm PT)

Supernatural: Guess who’s back? Yep. God! Sure, he’s taken on the form of Chuck. Yeah, he’s seen some things in his long life so of course he’s written a book. Of course, he’s hanging out with Dean and Sam in the Men of Letters bunker. The man is clearly in retirement! But does that give him the right to give up on humanity and let Amara run the world? Things finally come to a head tonight on the season finale. (The CW, 9pm ET/PT)



Greys Anatomy: It’s the season finale of our favorite medical drama so you know there are going to be some major revelations and jaw dropping medical moments. To top things off, April has a baby on the way. Own and Amelia tie the knot. With Jo and Alex breaking up, where do things stand with them? Warren and Bailey have been at each other’s throats lately. Meredith got her groove back. There are still so many loose ends we have to tie up! Let’s see who rises to the occasion…

The 100: Ever heard the phrase, “when the chips are stacked against you?” Well, it seems we’re in that exact place with part two of the season finale of “The 100” because A.L.I.E. has chipped Jasper, Abby, Jaha and many more. Still, Clarke keeps seeking to save the world by finding the rightful heir to the Lexa chip. Ever the fighter, we all hold on to hope that all those we cherish on this deep drama will finally live and let live. Dare to dream, right? (The CW, 9pm ET/PT)



Grimm: Yes, we’ve reached the season finale of “Grimm,” as well. Here, we find Black Claw making a strategic move against Hank that will shock everyone! It also sends Nick, his partner and best friend, on the war path (naturally). Meanwhile, Captain Renard and Adalind attempt to come to terms with their new and quite unpredictable reality. Toping things off? Hadrian’s Wall search for a mystery man named Bonaparte. (NBC, 9pm ET/PT)



Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen: It’s a blast from the past when former contestants fight for a second chance at their future on the network. So far, there is no one in the lead as everyone in line has been fumbling and flailing to stay in the competition. Can we finally have someone learn from their mistakes and claim their as head of the pack? (Food Network, 8pm ET/PT)

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