What To Watch This Week

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By: Jamie Steinberg



The Fosters: Oh my gosh. Someone won’t make it out of this season premiere. Nick saw Mariana with Mat and we’re worried one of our closest characters won’t survive when a gun gets pulled. Our fingers are crossed that we won’t end up in a ball sobbing post episode. Who am I kidding? We’ll ALL be wiping away tears, no matter the outcome. (Freeform, 8pm ET/PT)

Real Housewives of Orange County: The OC housewives are back, but many of them are still reeling from the last season. Vicki must make a serious mea culpa for sticking up for Brooks last season when he faked cancer. Tamra has a new grandbaby and has taken on fitness body building. Plus, there is a new lady in the ranks that is sure to cause some chaos. Let the battle begin! (Bravo, 9pm ET/PT)


Pretty Little Liars: PLL is back and it is just as bad as ever. We find ourselves at the beginning of Season Seven (possibly the last of them) with the girls trying to rescue Hanna from her kidnapper. Plus, we find out that Allison’s hubby isn’t who he says he is and what that means for the liars. Plus, this season we are promised a romantic wedding. Does this mean one of our beloved beauties will finally walk down the aisle? We will just have to see… (Freeform, 8pm ET/PT)

Person of Interest: In the season five and series finale, Team Machine is working overtime. They unite for one last mission in hopes of bringing down Samaritan before they can destroy the Machine before it can forever take hold over mankind. Can the fab four finally save the world? This is a must see! (CBS, 10pm ET/PT)


Big Brother: Houseguests, you may now enter. It’s another season (15) of “Big Brother” and this time things have been kicked up a notch! Players will have mentors from previous seasons guiding them throughout their time in the house, helping them to make big and bold moves. Plus, one former houseguest has a sibling playing this season. Will he make himself known early or hide in the shadows until the time is right for a reveal? Watch with me and find out! (CBS, 8pm ET/PT)


Bones: The remains of a famous billionaire explorer are found in Antarctica and sent to the Jeffersonian for discovery. When the squints discover that the man was in fact killed when he went missing ten years ago, it puts one of their own in an awkward position. It seems their former colleague Dr. Clark Edison was on the expedition when the explorer disappeared, making him a suspect. On a lighter note, Cam’s sister comes to town to begin helping with wedding plans but old family friction returns to put a wedge in between. (FOX 8pm ET/PT)

Sunday: Ray Donovan is back and better than ever. Ray is trying to recovery post shootout and working to reconnect with his family – including his relationship with Bridget. This may be easier than imagined when Abby receives a startling medical diagnosis that may upend the family. Meanwhile, Bunchy and Teresa are eagerly awaiting being new parents and Mickey is up to his old schemes plotting a heist just as Detective Muncie is closing in fast and furious on the patriarch’s Nevada hideout. (Showtime, 9pm ET/PT)

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