What To Watch This Week

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By: Jamie Steinberg


Victoria Secret Fashion Show – Get it, girl! Watch as the Victoria Secret “Angels” (a/k/a the hottest models in the business) walk the catwalk in the most expensive and extravagant lingerie! Oh and if that wasn’t reason enough to watch, the ladies strut their stuff while the likes of The Weeknd, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga perform their hottest hits. (CBS, 10pm ET/PT)

Conviction – Wallace has a heavy heart when the CIU takes on the case of a death-row inmate that is convicted of murdering one of his friends. (ABC, 10pm ET/PT)




Scream Queens – A blast from Dean Munsch’s past arrives at the C.U.R.E. institute seeking to win her back. With the arrival of this mystery guest it has a jealous Brock questioning his relationship with Chanel. Zayday and Chamberlin are surprised at the results of a plan they have concocted in order to discover the origins of The Green Meanie killer. Meanwhile, Cassidy is pushed into taking a psych test by Chanel #3 in hopes of finding out the root of his condition. If that wasn’t enough, Nurse Hoffel adds to the mayhem when she undertakes her own devious plan. (FOX, 9pm ET/PT)

NCIS: New Orleans – On a new episode of NCIS: New Orleans, the team investigates the death of a petty officer along with a member of the prestigious US Navy Band. During the inquiry Pride becomes the guardian of the victim’s nephew as he was the sole witness to the crime. (CBS, 10pm ET/PT)




The Goldbergs – Everyone knows how important it is to be Barry to be seen as “the man.” So, when Adam and his friends create a basketball video that makes it look like they beat Barry you know Big Tasty is going to throw a big fit! (ABC, 8pm ET/PT)

Hairspray Live – You can’t stop the beat! And you won’t want to with this wonderful live show starring a number of your favorite stars from movies, television and the music scene. Be ready to bust a movie and sing along with the cast as this performance of the Broadway musical will have you transported to 1962 that was a time in our history where America sought to integrate the music scene. (NBC, 8pm ET/PT)




Supernatural – If you thought Trump was bad, wait until the President of the United States makes a deal with the devil. With the fate of the country at risk, our heroes must reteam with Castiel, Crowley and Rowena to take on the Dark Lord to win our nation’s freedom. (The CW, 9pm ET/PT)

Pitch – In the season finale, Ross warns the Padres that star pitcher Ginny is close to reaching her pitching limit. Because she draws in the crowds, management is hardly interested in ending her season. Adding to the drama finds Amelia sitting Will down for a heart to heart when she notices that money has gone missing from the restaurant fund. (FOX, 9pm ET/PT)




The Vampire Diaries – Tis the season! Despite dealing with the aftermath of his run-in with Cade, Stefan is desperate to give Caroline the perfect Christmas Eve. (The CW, 8pm ET/PT)

Blue Bloods – Reverend Darnell Potter must put aside his distaste for the Reagan family when his son is killed. Erin and Anthony look into the death of a convicted felon when the cause is determined to be inconsistent with his injuries during his transport from the jail. Meanwhile, Jamie discovered that the mugger he shot happens to the son of an NYPD officer. (CBS, 10pm ET/PT)




The Last Man On Earth – In the Fall Finale, Carol is sad over Gail’s absence so Tandy does her best to cheer her up by taking her on the honeymoon they never got to have. In the meantime, Lewis has a little luck on his side when it comes to his pursuit in Melissa and in aviation! (FOX, 9:30pm ET/PT)

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