What To Watch This Week

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By: Jamie Steinberg



America’s Got Talent: Tis the season! With the holidays here, some of America’s Got Talent favorite acts come together as Nick Cannon hosts this special event. Grab hold of your seats! (NBC, 8pm ET/PT)


Vanderpump Rules: The girls find themselves at odds after a night of drinking over Scheana not going all in for Team Katie and cutting off all contact with LaLa. At least Scheana has Ariana on her side! Meanwhile, Stassi has Jax on her podcast where she puts him through a test to determine if he’s a sociopath (Spoiler Alert: I’m guessing he is!). Plus, Lisa offers Brittany some advice on how to deal with jealousy.



Scream Queens: We have reached the season finale of “Scream Queens” and that means murder and mayhem. The Green Meanie makes a last attempt at a revenge plan while Hester plots to secure her future. Plus, Brock decides to undertake a dangerous surgery in order to help save Dean Munsch’s life. (FOX, 9pm ET/PT)

Terry Crews Saves Christmas: Actor Terry Crews puts families to the test this holiday season! Tonight the adventure begins as Crews puts one family through a hilarious crash-course in Christmas revelry. (The CW, 8pm ET/PT).



Vikings: As “Vikings” continues its incredible fifth season, we see Lagertha stepping up to take hold of long-held ambitions. Plus, Ragnar meets with King Ecbert and is able to negotiate an unexpected concession from the tricky tyrant. (History, 9pm ET/PT)



Great American Baking Show: While there may be nothing better than hearing Mary Berry say, “soggy bottom,” the bakers this week continue to hold their breath and make their way through their challenges. This week the bakers are tasked with creating a molten lava cake, tremendous truffles and layered mouse cake! YUM! (ABC, 9pm ET/PT)

Nightwatch: This new series gives a real life look into the lives of those who save the residents of New Orleans when the sun goes down. Watch as EMT and police officers patrol the streets and take on serious situations late into the night. (A&E, 10pm ET/PT)



Hoarders: There are two sides to Laura: one soft spoken and one volatile. The outbursts come though when her family tries to talk her into getting rid of her belongings. It has gotten so bad though that Laura refuses to get a job in order to protect her possessions. In fact, the family has gone to great lengths to protect themselves from Laura’s need to collect that if she doesn’t get her act together her partner plans to leave and sue for full custody of the kids. Time make like Emily Gilmore and decide what “brings you joy.” (A&E, 10pm ET/PT)

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