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By: Jamie Steinberg




Timber Creek Lodge – Tonight is an interesting episode centered around this upscale Canadian getaway. Mark shocks Jenna when he reveals some shocking moments from his past. Meanwhile, wealthy clients from Texas arrive and look for a “Lone Star” experience. It is hard to imagine wanting to get away from your everyday life and then seeking a home away from home experience…These guests add fuel to the already stoked fire by inserting themselves into the staff’s personal lives, which pushes Mark to cross the lines of professionalism. Thankfully, the episode is lightened when Colston has an unexpected connection with a guest and Cynthia goes into detective mode post Tinder date. Drama, thy name is Whistler! (Bravo, 8pm ET/PT)


Scorpion – For such smarties, tonight Team Scorpion finds themselves conned into creating counterfeit money for a foreign entity that is seeking to ruin the US economy. Plus, Paige has to swallow her pride and rely on her mother’s grafter abilities in order to save the team. (CBS, 10pm ET/PT)





Bones – The Jeffersonian staff discover the body of a man that was involved in the creation of artificial intelligence bots. It is up to them to decipher if the victim died at the hand of one of their own A.I. bots or by nefarious means. Easing the tension this week comes in the form of a birthday celebration when Bones actually plans a special surprise for the staff in honor of her 40th birthday. (FOX, 9pm ET/PT)


This Is Us – The Big 3 are back! After moving the episode to accommodate and respect President Obama’s final speech in office, fans of “This Is Us” will watch as Kate struggles with her feelings as Toby fights for his life. We also get to watch as the Pierson parents learn for the first time they’ll be expecting triplets. Plus, we watch as William reunites with former love of his life Jesse. Oh, how we have missed you… (NBC, 10pm ET/PT)





The Goldbergs – For someone living in cold climates, the family is surprised by Murray’s fear of snow. Beverly feels the frost in a different in a different way when she discovers Erica’s college application. (ABC, 8pm ET/PT)


Frequency – With only three episodes until the season finale, Frank and Raimy find themselves floundering when they get caught in the thick of things. Adding to the intensity arises when Frank learns the true meaning behind a betrayal. (The CW, 9pm ET/PT)





My Kitchen Rules – Things get hot in the kitchen when celebrity duos battle one another while cooking and critiquing one another’s food. The first team up tonight is Brandy and Ray J who will take on an appetizer they have never made before alongside preparing a challenging meal. The second event of the evening is a Southern fest prepared by Lance Bass and his mother. Judges for the evening include Curtis Stone and Cat Cora. They will join each party and help make the final decision on winners. (FOX, 9pm ET/PT)


The Blacklist – Liz finds danger on her doorstep when someone leaves her a diorama that depicts an upcoming crime and Red finds himself occupied with a new business opportunity. (NBC, 10pm ET/PT)





Emerald City – In this new spin on The Wizard of Oz, Lucas and Dorothy are still on the run when they find out the Wizard’s guards are hunting them. Plus, Tip and Jack and make their way to the City of Ev. (NBC, 9pm ET/PT)


Hawaii Five-0 – Max is getting ready to say goodbye to his Five-0 family when the team gets word of a murder that has taken place during a police convention on the island. Get ready to say aloha to Max and wish him safe travels. (CBS, 9pm ET/PT)





The Simpsons – Tonight is the first ever hour-long episode of “The Simpsons!” Mr. Burns attempts to relive his glory days when he crosses paths with a music mogul. When the music man takes Mr. Burns for all he is worth, the former billionaire seeks out revenge with the help of Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James (guest voice Keegan-Michael Key) and the musician’s ex-wife Praline (guest voice Taraji P. Henson). Not just a story of riches to rags, the episode finds Lisa being romanced by the richest kid in town while Marge opens a new boutique store in Springfield. (FOX, 8pm ET/PT)


Elementary – A new episode of “Elementary” kicks off with the upstate murder of a clown. Holmes and Watson investigate where they find a connection between the death and the creation of a virus that can be used as a weapon. Watson also lends Bell a hand when he is targeted by his girlfriend’s ex-husband in hopes of sabotaging her career. (CBS, 10pm ET/PT)

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