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By: Jamie Steinberg




Supergirl – Our fav female superheroine is back! After the winter break, Kara flies back into action taking Mon-El with her to search for Izzy. Suddenly, the duo finds themselves going through a portal to another planet, Slaver’s Moon where the less fortunate are sold into slavery. Catch this episode to see if Kara and Mon-El can find their way home. (The CW, 8pm ET/PT)

Quantico – Quantico is also back from their winter break and now Alex has to turn on the charm. Using her greatest weapon, Alex attempts to use her feminine charms as a way to get closer to Owen. Look forward to serious seduction! (ABC, 10pm ET/PT)




The Flash – Barry Allen is back from break and he is hitting the ground running (Yeah, I went there.). Tonight finds Barry tormented by visions of the future where he loses Iris at the hands of Savitar. Surely, our beloved speedster can get his mind right and figure out a way to avoid the inevitable heartbreak. Fingers crossed! (CW, 8pm ET/PT)

The Mick – The kids are finally adjusting to be sans parents as they begin to fight for the rights to the master bedroom. Meanwhile, Mickey attempts to woo a wealthy businessman. The plan goes awry when the man quickly figures out that she is not the prize she portrayed herself to be. (FOX, 8:30pm ET/PT)




Chicago PD – The squad turns somber when they are assigned a case involved the death of a witness to the rape and murder of a young man. The episode also teases the beginning of new spinoff series “Chicago Justice” when Antonio receives a new job offer. (NBC, 9pm ET/PT)

Code Black – It’s been a long day and it is about to get worse. Mario is coming off pulling a double shift when he is forced to risk his life after following Willis to a construction site where the two brothers become trapped on a crane that is dangling 300 feet above the ground. Leanne has her hands full as well as she must treat the wife of an orthopedist who comes to the ER with mysterious injuries. (CBS, 10pm ET/PT)




Grey’s Anatomy – TGIT is back and what a better way to start things off then with drama! Bailey, Jo and Arizona head to a maximum security women’s prison to treat an inmate and her unborn baby. (ABC, 8pm ET/PT)


Scandal – Next, we make our way to Washington, D.C. with the epic return of “Scandal!” Things get heated as Mellie Grant and Francisco Vargas find out who is going to be the next President of the United States. (ABC, 9pm ET/PT)


How To Get Away With Murder – Rounding out the evening we find Annalise reeling from the news of Wes’ death. She also finds herself under the watchful eye of the D.A.’s office as they work to build a case against her for arson and murder. (ABC, 10pm ET/PT)




Grimm – In the final season, Grimm’s Wesen presence continues to build. Tonight a new Wesen arrives in Portland and begins to terrorize a young family. Meanwhile, a shocking visitor shows up to see Captain Renard. (NBC, 8pm ET/PT)


Married To Medicine – The relationship conference is a week away and Heavenly and Lisa Nicole are still finding their friendship feet. Lisa Nicole hasn’t been completely honest about their collaboration though, causing Heavenly to question her participation and the group to pick sides. Meanwhile, it is Quad’s 35th birthday and she bares it all as she throws herself an unforgettable birthday event. Plus, Eugene and Toya help make a dent in their financial hardship by moving out of their mega mansion. (Bravo, 8pm ET/PT)




Saturday Night Live – Tonight’s host is Kristen Stewart so expect to see her infamous scowl (unless the writers can get her to magically turn that frown upside down). What you really want to tune in for is musical guest Alessia Cara who is sure to use her dulcet tones to get you dancing! (NBC, 11:29pm ET/PT)




Real Housewives of Atlanta – Last week had Porsha’s anger management in question yet Phaedra and Kenya still want to move forward with their plans to go “glamping” in hopes of bringing the girls back together. Phaedra and Kendra getting closer though has Porsha feeling on the outs with her best pal. Cynthia sticks her nose in Kenya’s business by meeting with Matt to discuss his anger issues, which backfires as this get together upsets Kenya. Kandi throws Shamea a surprise engagement party where Sheree let’s some secrets spill that will put Porsha in the line of fire. Porsha, who is on doctor’s orders to be stress free, sure seems to be the top target tonight. (Bravo, 8pm ET/PT)


Madam Secretary – A rabbi who has organized a symbolic Iran/Israel soccer game has been murdered, which puts Elizabeth and Jay’s peace treaty in jeopardy. Unfortunately, Jay’s efforts to mend the mayhem between the countries puts a strain on his marriage. Elizabeth’s week isn’t all mess as she learns her name is being floated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Plus, Daisy sees a spark between herself and a new work colleague (Justin Baldoni guest stars). (CBS, 9pm ET/PT)

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