What To Watch This Week

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By: Jamie Steinberg



Big Brother – Tonight is a big episode! With Cody having re-entered the house, it’s an all out brawl for the next Head of Household to see who can snag control over the house. Watch as the house guests compete and find out who gets nominated. (CBS, 8pm ET/PT)

Ballers – The boys are back! Dwayne Johnson and the “Ballers” team head to Las Vegas. Be ready to ball out with the best of them! (HBO, 10pm ET/PT)



Somewhere Between – In this new series, a twist of fate changes the future. A local news producer must now relive the week before a string of murders begins. Sounds intriguing… (ABC, 10pm ET/PT)

Midnight Texas – This sci-fi centered series premieres tonight! Watch as Manfred Bernardo, a powerful psychic, heads to small town in order to hide out. (NBC, 10pm ET/PT)



A Night With My Ex – What if you had one more night to clear the air with your ex? Former couples reunite for one evening just to talk about what went wrong and what went right. Watch as sparks fly – both good and bad. (Bravo, 10pm ET/PT)

Still The King – Tonight Vernon is honored by his hometown when they present a statue of his likeness. Not a fan of the interpretation, he enlists Walt, Charlotte and Dolly to lend a hand in “fixing” it. (CMT, 10pm ET/PT)



Black Ink Crew – Ryan attempts to assert his authority by making a controversial move. Ashely looks to the Lord to help Don take control of his anger. Danielle has a sit down with Kat about their friendship. Meanwhile, Van hits the roof when he finds out he’s been locked out of the shop – on purpose. (VH1, 8pm ET/PT)

Catfish – Nev and Max meet with Robin who has decides after three years to meet with her long-distance love. The two attempt to track him down yet discover something super surprising along the way. (MTV 10pm ET/PT)



Nashville – Gunnar heads to his hometown to dive back into his past. Juliette and Maddie are excited as both get nominated for the same American Music Award! Jessie begins recording with Deacon and Scarlett takes up self-defense classes. (CMT, 9pm ET/PT)

The Night Shift – Tonight Drew’s support group welcomes Kenny. Plus, Cain and Jordan have their hands full with victims of a hotel fire. (NBC, 10pm ET/PT)



Dark Matter – The sh** hits the fan when the Blink Drive self activates while the crew is performing a diagnostic. Thanks to this glitch, the Raza and crew are sent spinning through space and time. (Syfy, 9pm ET/PT)

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