What to Watch This Week

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By: Jamie Steinberg



Bob’s Burgers – The Belchers are back and I’m in heaven! Bob continues his competitive spirit with Jimmy Pesto by offering brunch at the restaurant. Plus, the kids agree to lend a hand in helping Mr. Fishoeder’s brother avoid his sibling. (FOX, 7:30pm ET/PT)

Ghosted – Adam Scott. Craig Robinson. This dynamic duo comes together as a cynical detective former detective and a genius who are recruited to hunt the paranormal by a super secret government agency. Go on… (FOX, 8:30pm ET/PT)



Lucifer – You can’t keep a good devil down! Lucifer has returned and seeks Chloe’s help in order to figure out why he has awoken in the desert with his wings on. Could this be related to a crime scene? Plus, there is a new lieutenant in charge. Can Lucifer put them under his spell? (FOX, 8pm ET/PT)

The Gifted – Fans of the X-Men, this one is for you! In an alt-universe a simple suburban couple are shocked when they discover their teenage children possess mutant powers. Due to the government hostility towards mutants, the family is forced to go underground and enlist the help of others like them in order to survive. (FOX, 9pm ET/PT)



The Middle – Welcome back Heck family! We’re excited to see what the final season has in store for our favorite Midwestern family. To start things off, Axl is back from his trip to Europe and he’s got a brand new outlook on life! Plus, after working all summer, Sue tries to squish as much fun as possible into her last two days of freedom. (ABC, 8pm ET/PT)

The Mayor – Yo, listen up! An aspiring rapper sets his sights on becoming the town mayor. Let’s see if former “Glee” star Lea Michele can keep our attention as his guide to the world of politics. (ABC, 9:30pm ET/PT)



iHeartMusic Festival – Get your groove on! Coldplay, Harry Styles, Pink, The Weeknd, Chris Stapleton and many more hit the stage to rock out for the last concert of the summer. (CW, 8pm ET/PT)

Chicago P.D. – During a street festival a van explodes. Sound familiar? Somehow, an officer becomes the most likely suspect. (NBC, 10pm ET/P)T



The Good Place – Michael is fed up. He’s done hundreds of scenarios and each time our favorite hate to love gang ends up figuring out they are really in The Bad Place. This time, Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani and Jason must make a serious decision. (NBC, 8:30pm ET/PT)

Scandal – The bitch is back! It is now one hundred days into Mellie’s presidency. Hail to the Chief! Unfortunately, Olivia is still fighting battles and putting out fires – with tonight maybe proving to be her toughest call yet. (ABC, 9pm ET/PT



Once Upon A Time – After a struggling last season, Once returns to its fairytale roots. Adult Henry runs into Cinderella in a different realm and is then forced to make a difficult decision. (ABC, 8pm ET/PT)

Blue Bloods – Here’s hoping this season is much quieter after Danny has finally put away the Russian mob. Who are we kidding? The Reagans live in the “city that never sleeps!” Living in New York, there is never going to be a dull moment. (CBS, 10pm ET/PT)



Saturday Night Live – This is going to be a staple for you week after week. There will be national news that will make it into a sketch. There will be people who do something outstanding or stupid that inspire a sketch. There will even be amazing new hosts like Gal Gadot who saddles up tonight and musical guest Sam Smith! (NBC, 11:29pm ET/PT)

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