What To Watch This Week

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By: Jamie Steinberg




Real Housewives of Atlanta – Tonight’s episode brings the sweet and the salty. Watch as Cynthia returns to the dating scene as she goes out on some interesting new (younger) men! Plus, Porsha finds herself at odds with her friends, including current frenemy Shamea. Shamea would still like her pal to be involved in her wedding, but Porsha thinks her previous case of passing out has her exempt. (Bravo, 8pm ET/PT)

NCIS: Los Angeles – Tonight things get explosive! Air Force Captain Kensi heads to a missile launch facility hoping to prevent a takeover of their nuclear weapons. Baton down the hatches! (CBS, 9pm ET/PT)



Superior Donuts – We are family! Franco takes a shot at being a big brother! Things turn from sweet to sour when Franco’s new little buddy bonds more with Arthur than with him. (CBS, 9pm ET/PT)

The Good Doctor – Kindred spirits. Tonight Dr. Shaun Murphy treats an autistic patient. Unfortunately, he receives some backlash from an unlikely source. (ABC, 10pm ET/PT)



Fresh Off The Boat – Happy Thanksgiving! When Louis attempts to play matchmaker for Grandma she offers to make holiday dinner. Catch George Takei making another cameo! (ABC, 8:30pm ET/PT)

Law & Order: True Crime – This week the second trial for the Menendez brothers begins. This time, Barry Levin is a new addition to the defense team and a political collusion mounts. (NBC, 10pm ET/PT)



The Goldbergs – Uncle Marvin has yet another job! This time he’s a stockbroker and somehow manages to convince his nephew Barry to invest his money with him. Oy! (ABC, 8pm ET/PT)

Riverdale – Season two has come out the gate just as dark and deep as ever. Mayor McCoy, who is less than thrilled by The Red Circle and The Black hood behavior, leads a charge that may further divide the North and the Southside. Archie and Jughead spearhead an attempt to stop to a detrimental alliance.  (The CW, 8pm ET/PT)



The Eleven – For weeks now we’ve followed the investigation into the murderous journey of Edward Harold Bell in the 1970’s. Tonight is the final episode and with more witnesses coming forward the case against him is getting stronger. (A&E, 10pm ET/PT)

How To Get Away With Murder – It’s the Fall finale and it’s supposed to get so good…Annalise receives some disturbing news while we get greater insight into Wes’ murder. Plus, we find out the answer to the foreboding questions, “Where is my baby?!” (ABC, 10:01pm ET/PT)



Married to Medicine – Everything isn’t all roses in the land of Quad. Tonight we get a true glimpse into the ups and downs of her marriage. (Bravo, 8pm ET/PT)

The Exorcist – The fate of the foster home depends on the success of Marcus and Tomas’ exorcism. It won’t be easy, as they have never faced this strong a foe before. This means they’ll have to dive deep into madness in order to help save lives. (FOX, 9:01pm ET/PT)



Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency – We grow ever closer to getting answers about as to the true identity of “The Boy.” Unfortunately, our heroes may be thwarted when our villains align against them. (BBC America, 9:00pm ET/PT)

Saturday Night Live – It’s a big one. Tonight Chance the Rapper is actually hosting! Plus, he’s backed up by musical guest Eminem. I’m so ready for a mic drop moment! (NBC, 11:29pm ET/PT)


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