What To Watch This Week

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By: Jamie Steinberg




Bob’s Burgers – In hopes of adding so extra cheer to the neighborhood, Linda decides to throw a party at the restaurant. Unfortunately, when her prize ornaments go missing she decides to interrogate her guests. This mysterious disappearance though leads the kids to believe that this is the work of “The Bleaken.” (FOX, 8:30pm ET/PT)

Madam Secretary –Elizabeth is convinced to host a holiday party with the hope of convincing attending senators to pass a treaty, one that would require the destruction of landmines in various countries. Meanwhile, Henry is able to locate evidence that indicates the Senate Majority Leader has exchanged US information with the Russians. Sound familiar? (CBS, 10pm ET/PT)



Man With a Plan – Adam must hire a new project manager and Andi thinks he’s biased towards giving men the job. Plus, Andi helps daughter Kate get a spot on the boy’s soccer team. (CBS, 8:30pm ET/PT)

Teen Mom – Now that Ryan is back from rehab, Maci wants her ex-boyfriend to pass a drug test before she’ll let him see Bentley. Farrah leaves Sophia with her father while she heads overseas for work. Tyler and Catelynn launch their kids clothing line only to stumble into some issues. Plus, Amber and Matt make an effort to try and save their relationship. (MTV, 9pm ET/PT)



Fresh Off The Boat – Jessica isn’t feeling the holiday spirit. She attempts to end the annual neighborhood caroling tradition due to some sour notes the previous year. (ABC, 8:30pm ET/PT)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Now that we have learned Rosa is in a new relationship with a woman (Yeah Rosa!), she wants to tell her parents. Jake agrees to lend a hand, but only ends up making her parents think he and Rosa are a couple. Plus, Seamus Murphy comes back to cash in his favor owed by Captain Holt. (FOX, 9pm ET/P)T



Empire – It’s the Fall finale and it’s time to fight fire with fire. Cookie and Lucious come up with an elaborate plan in order to take Diana Dubois and family down once and for all. Andre, thankfully, starts feeling better post mental breakdown. Kindly, Shine agrees to keep Andre’s secret. Eddie Barker spends his last days working at Empire. (FOX, 8pm ET/PT)

Happy! – Sax inserts himself into a high-stakes poker game hoping to win the guns and cash he needs to get out of New York. Meanwhile, Happy does his best to convince Sax that he is a father. Merry and Amanda team up to take on rescuing Hailey. (Syfy, 10pm ET/PT)



Van Helsing – Someone in the group is recruited to assist an organization that has een fighting in order to create a cure for vampirism. This causes old loyalties to come into question that may lead to deadly results. (Syfy, 8pm ET/P)T

The Big Bang Theory – Wolowitz and Sheldon attempt to arrange birthday celebrations for Halley and Amy. Leonard gets a letter from his brother, which causes him to question his actual accomplishments. (CBS, 8pm ET/PT)



Hell’s Kitchen – Close your eyes and open your mouth. It’s a blind taste test challenge for the remaining chefs who must determine the spices they are given. Actor David Koechner (“Superior Donuts”) and actress Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers) sample the dinner services on behalf of two different charities. (FOX, 8pm ET/PT)

Z-Nation – It’s up to Warren and the group to stop Zona from setting off operation Black Rainbow, which is intended to free the world from zombies…and humans. (Syfy, 9pm ET/PT)



Saturday Night Live – Kevin Hart, the standup comic and star of upcoming film Jumanji, returns to host Saturday Night Live. Musical guests Foo Fighters will rock and roll you. (NBC, 11:29pm ET/PT)

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