What To Watch This Week

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By: Jamie Steinberg




Dick Clark’s Primetime New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest: It’s time to ring in the new year and who better to do it with than the tried and true Dick Clark celebration? Jenny McCarthy and Ciara host from coast to coast as different performers help you rock your way into 2018. (ABC, 8pm ET/PT)



The Bachelor – Newest contestant Arie meets with Sean and Catherine Lowe before he faces his first meeting with the twenty-nine bachelorettes. (ABC, 8pm ET/PT)

The Gifted – Tensions run high at Mutant HQ since no one is sure of whom they can trust anymore, which gives Reed pause for concern for sticking around. For Jace, he faces a monumental decision when Campbell proposes a program that could lead to future repercussions. (FOX, 9pm ET/PT)



The Middle – Sue confesses to Frankie about her smooch with Sean during the Christmas party. I’m still so excited they finally kissed! (ABC, 8pm ET/PT)

LA To Vegas – You will definitely dig this series premiere! Watch this funny new comedy about an airline crew flying passengers weekly from LA to Vegas. (FOX, 9pm ET/PT)



Grown-ish – Fans of comedy series “Black-ish” will enjoy this spinoff as the Johnson’s daughter Zoey heads to college. This show is on a different network, but still brings the laughs you liked about watching the lives of the Johnsons on ABC. (Freeform, 8pm ET/PT)

The X-Files – It’s the premiere of another epic season of this supernatural series. Mulder and Scully return when they learn that they aren’t the only ones who are seeking to find their son William – he who could possibly hold the key to the fate of the world. (8pm ET/PT)



The Big Bang Theory – With the wedding approaching, it’s time for Sheldon and Amy to pick Best Man and Maid of Honor. Of course, this will mean a series (secret) of experiments done by the betrothed to determine who is best qualified. (CBS, 8pm ET/PT)

Nashville – And so begins the final season of this series. Post-meltdown, Juliette hopes to make a change in her life with the assistance of an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Maddie and Scarlett take a trip where Maddie meets up with Jonah Ford, an upcoming pop musician. Plus, Will coaches Gunnar and Deacon begins to confront his feelings of loneliness. (CMT, 9pm ET/PT)



Child Support – In this new competition, comedian Ricky Gervais will ask contestants ten questions in order to earn a prize. For those that answer incorrectly, Gervais will ask five kids the same questions – hoping they can save the competitor from elimination. (ABC, 8pm ET/PT)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Rebecca begins to wonder if history is repeating itself when Darryl finds himself embracing a new superpower. Plus, Paula returns to her scheming ways…but this time with good intentions! (The CW, 8pm ET/PT)


Falling Water – In the Season Two premiere, Tess, Taka and Burton attempt to move on. Unfortunately, they are drawn back to the worlds of dreams and dreamers. James has his hands full with Tess as he confesses his knowledge of a dangerous army. (USA, 10pm ET/PT)

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